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Betelgeuse is Continuing to Dim! It's Down to 1.506 Magnitude - Universe Today  universetoday 

Sex Education: Everyone's Calling The Bus Scene The Best TV Moment, And Here's Why   buzzfeed 

BREAKING: The Twitter app is broken on Android right now   digitaltrends 

Marketers respond to Google Chrome cookie decision with mixture of hope and fear - Marketing Land   mrktngland 

Big Microsoft data breach – 250 million records exposed – Naked Security   sophos 

6 outstanding search marketing workshops. Which will you choose?   searchengineland 

Video: Josef Sperzel talks technical SEO and using Python to pull data - Search Engine Land   searchengineland 

The Secretive Inventor Of The Navy's Bizarre 'UFO Patents' Finally Talks - The Drive   thedrive 

Adam Lambert launches the 'Feel Something' Foundation   digitaljournal 

Stop paying for clicks when you’ve hit conversion capacity with this script - Search Engine Land   searchengineland 

Seattle is the first area in the US where residents can vote via smartphones - The Verge   verge 

The Amazon ad juggernaut: What's your experience been? - Marketing Land   mrktngland 

Cybersecurity Lessons Learned from 'The Rise of ...   darkrdng 

250 Million Microsoft Customer Support Records Exposed Online   thehackernews 

Google publishes largest ever high-resolution map of brain connectivity - The Verge   verge 

How It Was Shot: Capturing a 'Ring of Fire' Eclipse Portrait in the Desert   petapixel 

Apple Begins Selling OtterBox's Stackable Wireless Charging System and Other Latest Accessories - MacRumors   macrumors 

Startup Privafy Raises $22M with New Approach to ...   darkrdng 

How AI Training Scales   openai 

Greta Thunberg: The disarming case to act right now on climate change   ted 

Google’s mobile-first indexing guide update emphasizes the same content across site versions - Search Engine Land   searchengineland 

Apple Seeds Third Beta of watchOS 6.1.2 to Developers - MacRumors   macrumors 

Apple releasing third developer beta of iOS 13.3.1 today [U] - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Microsoft accidently exposed 250 million customer service records   engadget 

Maths says you need coarser coffee grounds to make a perfect espresso   newscientist 

Microsoft Leaves 250M Customer Service Records Open to the Web   threatpost 

sLoad Malware Revamped as Powerful 'StarsLord' Loader   threatpost 

Researchers trace coronavirus outbreak in China to snakes   eurekalert 

I endorse this revised solar system!   xkcd 

The Witcher Anime Movie in Development at Netflix   gizmodo 

Microsoft Exposes 250M Customer Support Records on Leaky Servers   bleepingcomputer 

Here are the six startups in Betaworks’ new Audiocamp – TechCrunch   crunch 

NASA Has Broken Down All The Disturbing Ways 2019 Smashed Records   sciencealert 

Flaws in Apple's Intelligent Tracking Prevention Safari Feature Let People Be Tracked - MacRumors   macrumors 

Thousands of WordPress Sites Hacked to Fuel Scam Campaign   bleepingcomputer 

The Mount Vesuvius eruption was so hot, one man’s brain turned to glass.   ars 

Severed nerves repaired in monkeys thanks to tubes of growth protein   newscientist 

China Quarantines Entire City Where Mystery Virus Outbreak Began   futurism 

Google researchers disclose multiple privacy flaws in Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

New Nerve-Growing Method Could Help Injured Soldiers and Others - Scientific American   sciam 

Current Bitcoin Trend is Repeating the Bull Run to $20k in 2017, And It's Mega Bullish   newsbtc 

Webinar: Emerging Elements for Email Marketing in 2020 - Marketing Land   mrktngland 

Pro Tip: Manage writers the way they want to be managed – with structure - Marketing Land   mrktngland 

The math of brewing a better espresso   ars 

A timeline of events surrounding the Bezos phone hack   zdnet 

Twitter Ad System Borked as It Tries to Fix Its Nazi-Targeting Problem   gizmodo 

DNA from ancient skeletons reveals a lost branch of modern humans   newscientist 

Apple Seeds Third Betas of iOS 13.3.1 and iPadOS 13.3.1 to Developers [Update: Public Beta Available] - MacRumors   macrumors 

Emmerdale spoilers - Emma Atkins teases new Charity/Vanessa drama   digitalspy 

Largest Brain Wiring Diagram to Date Is Published - Scientific American   sciam 

Tesla (TSLA) market cap surges past $100 billion — triggering Musk's compensation plan - Electrek   electrek 

Emperor penguins could go extinct by 2100 if we fail on climate change   newscientist 

A 'The Witcher' anime film is coming to Netflix   engadget 

Who's Accumulating Bitcoin? 784,000 Addresses Now Hold 1+BTC   newsbtc 

Looking forward to teaching a new course this spring, Fixing Social Media   mit 

Eight Flaws in MSP Software Highlight Potential ...   darkrdng 

Learn more about watching files with #Java NIO.   dzone 

Hybrid 3D Printing, Part 1: Introduction - 

Plastic surgery patients at risk after ransomware attack   grahamcluley 

Reports of audio cutouts and other glitches on iPhone 11 with wireless CarPlay - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Telegram CEO: Apple’s iCloud Is “Now Officially a Surveillance Tool”   cointelegraph 

Why High-Profile Defections Aren’t Libra’s Biggest Challenge - CoinDesk   coindesk 

Closing the Ozone Hole Helped Slow Arctic Warming - Scientific American   sciam 

Grayscale to Fund Ethereum Classic Developers for 2 More Years - CoinDesk   coindesk 

Hey Apple, now would be a great time to ditch Lightning and get with USB-C - Android Authority   androidauth 

Priscilla Pemu: A personal health coach for those living with chronic diseases   ted 

Federal Judge Orders Kik Technical Advisor to Sit for Deposition With SEC - CoinDesk   coindesk 

DEA, TSA Sued For Stealing 79-Year-Old Man's Life Savings From His Daughter At An Airport   techdirt 

Skin cream applied to mosquito bites stops viruses infecting mice   newscientist 

Google Collections will save and organize your searches   engadget 

Plastic giant Coca-Cola says people want its plastic - The Verge   verge 

DynaLite Shuts Down: 50-Year-Old Lighting Company Files for Bankruptcy   petapixel 

Jack Dorsey's Square Wins Patent for Fiat-to-Crypto Payments Network - CoinDesk   coindesk 

Microsoft to Force Bing Search in Chrome for Office 365 ProPlus Users   bleepingcomputer 

These camera-equipped dog goggles keep special-forces canines connected to their handlers   popsci 

Hands on: Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite review   techrad 

Google helps publish the largest high-res map of brain connectivity   engadget 

Sarcos offers fully mobile, insanely strong industrial exoskeletons   ars 

Fed by human-caused erosion, many river deltas are growing   sciencenews 

Bringing a Giant 160-Year-Old Petzval Lens Back to Life   petapixel 

Why Do Over 100,000 Photographers Use Picfair to Sell Their Images?   petapixel 

Bitcoin Indicator that Crashed Price to $3.1K Returns: The Dreaded Death Cross   newsbtc 

iPhone 12 Lineup Rumored to Feature All-New Navy Blue Color Option - MacRumors   macrumors 

Planters really has killed off Mr. Peanut, with a funeral planned for the Super Bowl   adage 

Dating apps share personal data with advertisers, study says   welivesecurity 

Scientists working with Google just published the most detailed brain scans ever created   nextweb 

Svalt Launches New Lineup of Cooling Stands and Docks for Macs - MacRumors   macrumors 

Some Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics cards are much faster than others   pcworld 

Bitcoin SV (BSV) Forms Bullish Pattern That Has 60-64% Success Rate   newsbtc 

Prince Charles launches Sustainable Markets Initiative at Davos - Electrek   electrek 

How I smart-homed my tiny studio apartment   engadget 

EastEnders' Callum intervenes in clash between Phil and Sharon   digitalspy 

Why DPOs and CISOs Must Work Closely Together   darkrdng 

GitHub now uses AI to recommend open issues in project repositories   venbeat 

Earth's most important rivers are in the sky – and they're drying up   newscientist 

Google’s 3D Map of a Fruit Fly Brain Will Blow Your Mind   futurism 

The Half-Life Series is Free to Play Until March 2020   bleepingcomputer 

The 5 Most Useful Techniques to Handle Imbalanced Datasets   kdnuggets 

Jeff Bezos’ WhatsApp hack is a stark reminder of how anyone can be hacked   nextweb 

Report: Hack of Amazon's CEO Phone Tied to Saudi Prince   pcmag 

Jack Dorsey’s Square Awarded Patent for Real-Time Crypto-to-Fiat Swaps   cointelegraph 

2019 Saw Most Exchange Attacks Ever, With Hackers Becoming More Savvy   bitcoinmagazine 

Valve: Half-Life: Alyx Dev Team is the 'single largest we've ever had'   roadtovr 

This Milky Way Calendar Will Help You Plan Your Next Astro Shoot   petapixel 

These Simple Factors Could Lead Bitcoin to Rally to Fresh Multi-Year Highs   newsbtc 

Configuration Error Reveals 250 Million Microsoft ...   darkrdng 

Shell-shocked brands mourn the death of Mr. Peanut   adage 

Infectious Disease Expert Discusses What We Know about the New Chinese Virus - Scientific American   sciam 

Tesla Model X Cut in Half in Accident with Nissan GT-R While Driver Walks Away Untouched   interestingengineering 

'We Only Have Two of the Blinky Boxes Left to Go' - ...   darkrdng 

Leaked images show Xbox Series X is missing Xbox One’s HDMI input   ars 

Super Bowl alert: a funeral and space exploration   adage 

US Cops Have Wide Access To Phone Cracking Software, New Documents Reveal - Slashdot   slashdot 

3 Ways That Pseudoscientific Therapies Can Be Harmful   psychologytoday 

Q&A on Okteto: A Tool to Develop Applications in Kubernetes   infoq 

EGEB: 67% of US mayors want to improve EV infrastructure - Electrek   electrek 

Bitcoin's Lighting 'Torch' Reignites, Blazes Through 38 Countries in 3 Days - CoinDesk   coindesk 

Twitter: Here’s How to Reduce Motion on Mobile – Adweek   adweek 

Niantic drove $249 million in tourism revenue with its walking events in 2019   venbeat 

5G cellular could bring about the end of Wi-Fi as we know it   ieee 

Hallmark Channel Chief Exits After Same-Sex Ad Controversy – Adweek   adweek 

Daniel Streicker: What vaccinating vampire bats can teach us about pandemics   ted 

Corrie schedules hour-long special for 10,000th episode   digitalspy 

One immune cell type appears to attack any type of cancer   ars 

Netflix has been looking for franchises, and The Witcher may be its answer - The Verge   verge 

These photos of SpaceX's Crew Dragon abort launch are just stunning   space 

DNA from child burials reveals ‘profoundly different’ human landscape in ancient Africa   science 


I Don’t Want to Photograph Models   petapixel 

GitHub - specterops/at-ps: Adversary Tactics - PowerShell Training   github 

Sharks Are Evolving to Walk on Land   futurism 

Venezuelans Selling Petro on LocalBitcoins at Half the Official Price   cointelegraph 

Citrix Releases Scanner to Detect Hacked Citrix ADC Appliances   bleepingcomputer 

The Foot of Cupid emits final burst of flatulence in honour of fallen Python Terry Jones • The Register   register 

Here Is the Technical Report Suggesting Saudi Arabia's Prince Hacked Jeff Bezos's Phone - Slashdot   slashdot 

AWS Outposts hybrid cloud service now available in 7 new regions - SiliconANGLE   siliconangle 

Which AA Rechargeable Battery Gives You the Best Bang for Your Buck?   petapixel 

Deals: B&H Photo Offers 1TB 16-Inch MacBook Pro Custom Configuration for $2,399 ($300 Off) - MacRumors   macrumors 

Lucid opens European pre-orders for its currently unfinished EV   engadget 

Driving adoption: Are high costs putting public cloud out of reach to non-profits?   computerweekly 


Gap CMO exits after just 11 months, as role gets 'redefined'   adage 

Google’s new experimental apps focus on reducing screen time — including one that uses a paper envelope – TechCrunch   crunch 

My 3 Favorite Google Ads' Filters   practicalecommerce 

The oldest fungi fossils have been identified in a Belgian museum   newscientist 

New coronavirus may have 'jumped' to humans from snakes, study finds   livescience 

India will launch a humanoid robot ahead of its first crewed space mission   engadget 

Surprise discovery shakes up our understanding of gene expression   physorg 

Bringing The Blockchain To Network Monitoring   hackaday 

New Technique Turns Nuclear Waste Into “Diamond Batteries”   futurism 

Japan Is Launching Its Own Space Defense Unit   futurism 

India Central Bank Says It Hasn’t Banned Crypto   cointelegraph 

The Air Force tested its Advanced Battle Management System. Here’s what worked, and what didn’t.   c4isrnet 


New York City's StreetEasy awards lead duties to Austin-based Preacher   adage 

Sea level rise could reshape the United States, trigger migration inland   physorg 

Your online activity is now effectively a social ‘credit score’   engadget 

Mr. Peanut Is Killed in Teaser for Planters Super Bowl Ad – Adweek   adweek 

The $100M ARR club welcomes four new members – TechCrunch   crunch 

Pregnancy and breastfeeding linked to lower risk of early menopause   newscientist 

Locomotor engine in the spinal cord revealed   medicalxpress 

One man now holds the cards in T-Mobile/Sprint deal   fiercewireless 

Hack of Jeff Bezos' phone likely happened through Saudi crown prince, analysts tell UN - CyberScoop   cyberscoop 

Customer Trust: Are We Experiencing an Existential Crisis?   cmswire 

Industrial technologies get a big backer with Anzu Partners’ new $190 million fund – TechCrunch   crunch 

UN Calls For Investigation Into Saudi Crown Prince's Alleged Involvement in Bezos Phone Hack - Slashdot   slashdot 


Stratolaunch confirms it’s still working on hypersonic vehicles – GeekWire   geekwire 

Scientists Discover Ancient Viruses Inside Glacier   futurism 

Is Samsung About To Partner With This Crypto Startup?   cointelegraph 

Vivin Nets Thousands of Dollars Using Cryptomining Malware   threatpost 

What do you think of the jungle mountaintop I'm building right now? It's still very much a work in progress, suggestions please!   reddit 

No One-Click Edits: Why Presets Don't Work for Landscape Photography   petapixel 

Star Trek Picard S2: Whoopi Goldberg Asked to Reprise Guinan   gizmodo 

America's most widely consumed oil causes genetic changes in the brain   eurekalert 

Valve opens up about Half-Life: Alyx, Source 2 engine on Reddit   ars 

Unito raises $10.5M to help workplace collaboration tools speak to each other – TechCrunch   crunch 

SIM swapping and poor web security may put millions of people at risk   newscientist 

Medtronic's Tiny New Micra AV Pacemaker for AV Block FDA Approved   medgadget 


Startup Privafy Scores $22M for Cloud-Native Data Security   lightrdng 

How to Turn On WhatsApp's New Dark Mode   lifehacker 

Today is Your Last Chance to File an Equifax Breach Settlement Claim   lifehacker 

P-51 Cockpit Recreated With Help Of Local Makerspace   hackaday 

The Wazo Home Security System Can Detect Weapons and Falls   digitaltrends 

Ninja Theory announces 'mental terror' experimental title Project: Mara   venbeat 

How to Avoid Buying a Fake CPU   tomshardware 

Analysts question whether FBI election cybersecurity changes are robust enough - TechRepublic   techrepublic 

GM's Cruise reveals its driverless shuttle to replace the car My latest at Quartz   qz 

Atoms Bonding, Splitting - Video of Atoms - How Do Atoms Bond   popmech 

Astronomers find a way to form 'fast and furious' planets around tiny stars   physorg 

Brewing a better espresso, with a shot of math   physorg 


Earth's oldest known meteor crash site found in Australian Outback   livescience 

Lovebox Gives Infinite Treats Sweeter Than Chocolate   hackaday 

Scientists Discover Immune Cell That Kills Most Cancers   futurism 

EA is ditching all Tetris games for iOS in April   cultofmac 

Will Apple's iPhone 9 be `Made in India'? #tech   compworld 

January new moon 2020: Catch Venus, Jupiter and more in the 'moonless' night sky   space 

WhatsApp Dark Mode for Android is finally coming!   phandroid 

'Ghost' population of humans discovered in ancient Africa   livescience 

This Biohacker Conference Sounds Absolutely Outrageous   futurism 

Saudi Arabia’s Phone Hacking Shows We Need Better Encryption — Not Backdoors - Defense One   defenseone 

For Mismanaged SOCs, The Price Is Not Right   darkrdng 

Gboard 9.0 preps image clipboard, tweaked voice typing - 9to5Google   9to5google 

Gboard's clipboard manager adding support for images - 9to5Google   9to5google 

Star Trek: Picard Is The Long Overdue Show We Desperately Need Right Now - The Drive   thedrive 

• Chart: The Best And Worst Countries For Democracy   statista 

Kaggle   kaggle 

Lego Releases International Space Station Set and Sends It up to Space   interestingengineering 

A Battery Sipping Cellular Mailbox Notifier   hackaday 

Netflix viewership stats just got more meaningless - CNET   cnet 

Google Drive can now be used as a Progressive Web App - 9to5Google   9to5google 

Battery Powered Self-Moisturizing Contact Lenses   medgadget 

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