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US SEC Approves BTC Futures Fund to Offer Shares to Institutional Investors  cointelegraph 

TripAdvisor buys SinglePlatform to enhance services for restaurants - Search Engine Land   searchengineland 

Improving personalization with machine learning - Search Engine Watch Search Engine Watch   searchenginewatch 

Tesla becomes world's largest EV automaker, surpasses China's BYD - Electrek   electrek 

These Coca-Cola bottles use OLEDs to light up Rey and Kylo Ren’s lightsabers   engadget 

iPhone SE 2 Might Actually Be Called the iPhone 9 - MacRumors   macrumors 

How to level up from a Google My Business apprentice to a GMB master - Search Engine Land   searchengineland 

Facebook Alleges Company Infiltrated Thousands for Ad Fraud   threatpost 

Privacy-focused, rewarded ads browser Brave tops 10M monthly active users - Marketing Land   mrktngland 

How Attackers Used Look-Alike Domains to Steal $1 ...   darkrdng 

Apple Investigating 16-Inch MacBook Pro Popping Sound Issue, Fix Planned in Future Software Updates - MacRumors   macrumors 

Trump’s cell phone use is security “nightmare” waiting to happen, lawmakers say   ars 

iPhone 9 could be the new ‘SE 2’ in 2020, source claims - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Canva introduces video editing, has big plans for 2020 – TechCrunch   crunch 

Feds Crack Down on Money Mules, Warn of BEC Scams   threatpost 

AAPL cruises to all-time high as overall US stock market sees gains - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Email Voted a Weak Link for Election Security, with DMARC Lagging   threatpost 

Fake VPN Site Pushes CryptBot and Vidar Info-Stealing Trojans   bleepingcomputer 

First-Ever Artificial Neuron Could Let Us Repair Brain Injuries with Silicon   singularity 

China fires up 'Great Cannon' denial-of-service blaster, points it toward Hong Kong • The Register   register 

Russia Built A NATO Spec Identification Friend Or Foe System For Turkey's S-400 Batteries - The Drive   thedrive 

BMW Infiltrated by Hackers Hunting for Automotive Trade Secrets #cybersecurity   bleepingcomputer 

Reassessment of Alzheimer's Drug Raises Hope--and Concerns - Scientific American   sciam 

Law Firm Sues Apple and Samsung, Claiming Phones Exceed Radiofrequency Radiation Safety Levels - MacRumors   macrumors 

Scientists May Have Just Found Evidence For Previous Universes That Existed Before Our Own   iflscience 

Photos: Australia Bushfires Turned New Zealand Glaciers Pink   gizmodo 

Beijing shifts from EV subsidies to setting quotas for automakers - Electrek   electrek 

A collection of the best #Java tutorials   dzone 

State Street: 38% of Clients Will Put More Money into Digital Assets in 2020 - CoinDesk   coindesk 

Linux Bug Opens Most VPNs to Hijacking   threatpost 

Zalemark Holding Co. Inc., Provides a Shareholder Update and Introduction to its New Management Member - Press Release - Digital Journal   digitaljournal 

News Wrap: Authorities Target Evil Corp., Imminent Monitor, Money Mules   threatpost 

Success Enablers or Silent Killers?   darkrdng 

Valarie Kaur: 3 lessons of revolutionary love in a time of rage   ted 

'Cosmos' with Neil deGrasse Tyson Returns in March 2020 on Fox, NatGeo Channel   space 

Apple Holding Apple Park Open House for Cupertino Residents, Collecting Toys for Kids - MacRumors   macrumors 

Bank of China Issues $2.8B in Bonds to Small Businesses Using Blockchain Tech - CoinDesk   coindesk 

‘Reno 911!’ is coming back as a Quibi exclusive   engadget 

Neuroscience and beauty: Why visually appealing marketing assets matter - Marketing Land   mrktngland 

Apple's Most Devoted Fans Once Again Take Center Stage in a New Edition of 'The Cult of Mac' - MacRumors   macrumors 

Invest in Crypto Stocks Instead of Actual Cryptocurrency   lifehacker 

What will marketing look like in 2030 - Think with Google   thinkwithgoogle 

Senators Call for End to Controversial NSA Program   darkrdng 

All about the latest iPhone location privacy scare by Jonny Evans   compworld 

How to sell more premium products by thinking smaller   adage 

Will the 2020s be online advertising’s holistic decade? – TechCrunch   crunch 

NVIDIA Patches Severe Flaws in Mercedes Infotainment System Chips   bleepingcomputer 

You can try Google's Flutter SDK in your browser w/ DartPad - 9to5Google   9to5google 

Number of Plus Balance Bitcoin Addresses Hits All-Time High, is the Bottom in?   newsbtc 

Dutch startup Meatable is developing lab-grown pork and has $10 million in new financing to do it – TechCrunch   crunch 

3D Printing Stalwarts: 3D Systems - 

BMW and Hyundai hacked by Vietnamese hackers, report claims   zdnet 

2019 Audi A7 Wireless CarPlay Review - MacRumors   macrumors 

Microsoft to Make Office 365 Encrypted Emails Look Less Spammy   bleepingcomputer 

Leo Burnett Chicago President Emma Montgomery leaves Publicis Groupe shop   adage 

Canon, Sony, and Panasonic 'Confirm Their Commitment' to Photokina in Odd Press Release   petapixel 

Watch Yesterday's Falcon 9 Launch from 850 Feet and 4.7 Miles Away   petapixel 

Essential tools for today’s digital nomad – TechCrunch   crunch 

President Trump Has Toilet Problems, Wants to Deregulate Them   gizmodo 

Blockchain and 3D Printing Are Reinventing Aerospace Supply Chains   cointelegraph 

Epic Games Store gets support for external payment processors   venbeat 

We are giving away a new Tesla Roadster...1:18 diecast model - Electrek   electrek 

In Photos: NASA Practices Emergency Astronaut Recovery with SpaceX, Boeing   space 

Mega Breaches Are Forcing Us to a Passwordless ...   darkrdng 

Surprise! Millennials Embrace Bitcoin While Boomers, Gen-Xers Hold Traditional Wealth   bitcoinmagazine 

Tesla (TSLA) gets $500 bull case from Morgan Stanley, but even huge hedge could be wrong - Electrek   electrek 

Samsung to take on iPhone’s popularity with major camera overhaul   adage 

18,000-yr-old Prehistoric Puppy Found Perfectly Preserved in Permafrost   thevintagenews 

Facebook Adds More Reporting Options in Time for the Holiday Shopping Season – Adweek   adweek 

Event marketing tech reveals what attendees actually care about (VB Live)   venbeat 

'Death Stranding' update will fix tiny, hard-to-read text   engadget 

'Hidden' Android apps pose big problem for developers - Android Authority   androidauth 

Bernie Sanders' internet plan would break up providers - Android Authority   androidauth 

Apple Park holding special ‘Neighborhood Open House’ with Toys for Tots drive in California - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Tuning Up The ThinkGeek Star Trek Intercom Panel   hackaday 

Senior FBI cyber official Amy Hess to take security position at City of Louisville - CyberScoop   cyberscoop 

Buying the 16-inch MacBook Pro, mostly for the wrong reasons - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

MIT CSAIL's AI can reconstruct hidden movement from video footage alone   venbeat 

Apple TV+ Show 'Dickinson' Gains New Cast Members for Season 2 - MacRumors   macrumors 

Report: Samsung Galaxy S11 Could Get 5x Zoom and 108-MP Sensor   gizmodo 

Bitcoin Mining in North America: A New Gold Rush in the New World   bitcoinmagazine 

For NFL rights-holders, the clock on the wall reads ‘Miller Time’   adage 

The inevitable takedown of the female CEO – TechCrunch   crunch 

Researcher: Bitcoin is Alive and Well, Price Still in Macro Uptrend   newsbtc 

Here’s the leaked memo in which Away tells employees not to fave The Verge’s investigation - The Verge   verge 

50 years ago, income inequality was severe in the U.S. It still is   sciencenews 

Empowering mucosal healing with an engineered probiotic   medicalxpress 

The Girl Suspended For Wearing Pants - New York City, 1942 - Flashbak   flashbak 

Spotify: Here’s How to Change Your Volume Level Setting – Adweek   adweek 

Peloton ad controversy has experts in debate over long-term effects for the brand   adage 

Move over Slack — Space is a new project management platform for developers – TechCrunch   crunch 

Blockchain-based lending startup Figure secures $103M Series C funding - SiliconANGLE   siliconangle 

‘A Polar Affair’ delves into a centurylong cover-up of penguin sex   sciencenews 

Exclusive: Two pigs engineered to have monkey cells born in China   newscientist 

Blade Runner's 2019 vs. Today: Which Is the Dystopia?   cmswire 

xkcd: AI Hiring Algorithm   xkcd 

Want to start 2020 as an in-demand coder? Check out these online courses.   nextweb 

Scientists Just Identified an Organism That Thrives on Eating Meteorites   sciencealert 

This Startup Made a Nose Spray for Microdosing Psilocybin   futurism 

Facebook's plan to label state media is taking longer than expected   engadget 

Magic Leap reportedly only sold 6,000 AR headsets in six months   engadget 

EastEnders' Sharon Mitchell reveals her bombshell to Lisa Fowler   digitalspy 

AI Weekly: Amazon plays the long game in health care AI   venbeat 

Daily Crunch: Uber reveals sexual assault numbers – TechCrunch   crunch 

A year in, the Epic Games Store's fight against Steam has made PC gaming better for everyone   pcworld 

Canon Unveils Aquilion ONE / PRISM Edition Spectral CT Scanner   medgadget 

InfoQ's 2019, and Software Predictions for 2020   infoq 

28 keyboard shortcuts Mac users need to know #tech   compworld 

New study reveals how your cell phone could cause you physical injury   androidauth 

Tufts University to remove Sackler name from its medical school   adage 

Qualcomm's Snapdragon Summit underlined the risks of relying on partners   venbeat 

Anti-Virus Vendors Flag uTorrent and BitTorrent as a "Threat" Again - TorrentFreak   torrentfrk 

The Cybertruck looks right at home in this Goldeneye mod   nextweb 

Amazon Echo Buds review   pcworld 

National Geographic - Customer Service   natgeo 

Google Assistant will place your Dunkin' orders, finally   engadget 

Heatherwick Studio Releases Renders of the Lobby Pavilion at Lantern House   archdaily 

Google Chrome to add a built-in QR code generator - 9to5Google   9to5google 

Zenia is using computer vision to build an AI-driven fitness trainer   venbeat 

'Swords of Gargantua' Gets Rogue-lite Adventure Mode in New Update – Road to VR   roadtovr 

US Marshals Warn of Resurgence of Bitcoin ATM Fraud   newsbtc 

This Brainless, Single-Celled Blob Can Make Complex 'Decisions'   livescience 

How to Watch Picture-in-Picture Videos in Firefox and Chrome   lifehacker 

On the day of a key test, Russia trolls Boeing’s Starliner mission   ars 

How are payers advancing innovation? - MedCity News   medcitynews 

Plants 'Scream' in the Face of Stress   livescience 

Swapping The ROMs In Mini Arcade Cabinets   hackaday 


'Hypocrites:' Teens Roast UN Climate Talks, Take to the Streets   gizmodo 

EastEnders brings back legendary scriptwriter for NYE episodes   digitalspy 

Here’s what the Marines’ information command centers will do   c4isrnet 

Culturist Coffee House / SVOYA Studio   archdaily 

Inside Showtime’s Huge Marketing Push for The L Word Reboot – Adweek   adweek 

Why out-of-home is the future of video advertising   adage 

Decision Time For Future Of Bitcoin As Crypto Teeters On Bear-Bull Edge   newsbtc 

Leukemia, lymphoma squarely in sights of new class of drugs   medicalxpress 

Study debunks notion that C-section would increase risk of obesity in the child   medicalxpress 

Why Your Budget Needs 'Sinking Funds'   lifehacker 

Honewell's color smart thermostat hits one of its best prices at $119, more - Electrek   electrek 

Bitcoin Price Showing Hidden Signs of Reversing — Next Target $8.2K   cointelegraph 


Dive into Terraforming Mars, an award-winning board game now available on mobile [Android Game of the Week]   androidcentral 

​How to differentiate between AI, machine learning, and deep learning - TechRepublic   techrepublic 

Try These Flexibility Benchmarks   lifehacker 

Bernie Sanders promises ‘high-speed internet for all’ through publicly-owned broadband service – GeekWire   geekwire 

Coinbase Card Rolls out DAI as First Supported Stablecoin: Official   cointelegraph 

New vulnerability lets attackers sniff or hijack VPN connections   zdnet 

Data Privacy Event Disclosed by Sunrise Community Health   tripwire 

Baby Yoda is key to the Disney+ takeover - The Verge   verge 

Dented Reality: Magic Leap Sees Slow Sales, Steep Losses — The Information   theinformation 

Microsoft inks $5B cloud partnership deal with KPMG - SiliconANGLE   siliconangle 

Big Tech Faces Data Collection Scrutiny, but Big Insurance Might be Next - ReadWrite   readwrite 

Hands on with the Snapdragon 8c and 7c, Qualcomm's value-PC play #softwares   pcworld 


Less than 40% of customer data execs confident they know where company's data is stored - Marketing Land   mrktngland 

Volvo says Tesla influenced bigger battery size for XC40 Recharge - Electrek   electrek 

Hulu is finally offering 4K and 5.1 audio on Roku devices   ars 

How to see and download Family Purchases on iPhone, iPad - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

You Need a Telephoto Lens in Your Landscape Kit, Here’s Why   petapixel 

Is Dental Insurance Worth It?   lifehacker 

Organism That Eats Meteorites Could Help Us Find Alien Life   futurism 

Readers weigh in on what makes the OnePlus 7 Pro a worthy contender   engadget 

AI-powered Lego sorter knows the shape of every brick   engadget 

How to fix the new 16-inch MacBook Pro's clicking speakers   cultofmac 

Bitcoin Briefly Breaks Above $7,500 After SEC Approves BTC Fund   cointelegraph 

Cannes Lions achieves gender parity in jury president lineup for 2020   adage 


Bowflex campaign highlighting real-people workouts makes Peloton's ad seem even more insane   adage 

Gift Guide: VR gear you won’t feel stupid for buying – TechCrunch   crunch 

Report: Magic Leap’s early device sales aren’t looking good – TechCrunch   crunch 

What Is a Lunar Eclipse? When and Why Blood Moons Occur   space 

GM And LG Chem Plan $2.3 Billion Electric Battery Venture In Ohio - Slashdot   slashdot 

Google Ads Explanations Beta Shows You Why There Were Performance Changes   seoround 

Microsoft research finds 44 million reused passwords| SC Media   scmagazine 

Chile compared to the Canadian-American border.   reddit 

BitMEX Open Interest Continues To Dictate Crypto Volatility   newsbtc 

Linux Today - SSH to remote hosts though a proxy or bastion with ProxyJump   linuxtoday 

Chandrayaan-2 Found By Citizen Scientist; Reminds Us Of Pluto Discovery   hackaday 

Technology optimization: Elevating cloud performance   healthcareitnews 


Elon Musk Keeps Buying Mansions in a Particular Neighborhood   futurism 

Boss wants to replace your practice amp with wireless headphones   engadget 

Orbiting Robots Could Soon Repair Satellites in Space #Sicence   disc 

Bitcoin's energy footprint less than expected finds new study #cryptocurrency   bravenewcoin 

ORCA Blog - ORCA   archaeology 

AdventHealth Nicholson Center establishes medical additive manufacturing lab - 3D Printing Industry   3dprintingindustry 

Cougar's Latest Conquer 2 Chassis Is Wild, Extravagant, and Weird   tomshardware 

Still in preview, but look! You can now develop Azure Sphere apps in Linux – if you dare • The Register   register 

AWS re:Invent 2019 with Corey Quinn: The biggest announcements from the conference - TechRepublic   techrepublic 

3,000 affected by Fort Worth water utility data breach   scmagazine 

Reduced soil tilling helps both soils and yields   physorg 

Lack of Liquidity Near Current Bitcoin Price Hints at Targets Of $6900, $7900   newsbtc 


Bullets That Killed JFK to Be Released as 3D Scans   gizmodo 

CrowdScore Dramatically Reduces Alert Fatigue   crowdstrike 

How commodities firm ED&F Man solved its threat detection challenges   computerweekly 

Asset Manager Secures SEC Approval to Create Novel Bitcoin Futures Fund - CoinDesk   coindesk 

Serving tech from all angles at the Association of Tennis Professionals   computerweekly 

Netflix’s The Irishman Racks Up 13.2M US Views in 5 Days – Adweek   adweek 

Keep calm and stop worrying about the NBA’s ratings—and the NFL’s little gambling problem   adage 

Google Maps may show which streets have good lighting - 9to5Google   9to5google 

Alpha Mining Project Set To Become Largest Crypto Mine In North America   themerkle 

New York-based used car marketplace Vroom raises $254M Series H, bringing its total raised to $721M   techmeme 

Life Through A Bee's Eyes: New Software Replicates Animal Vision: Discover #wildlife   disc 

Sir Kensington’s Makes a Magazine All About Condiments – Adweek   adweek 

Where to Find the Full List of Apps and Games Included With Google Play Pass   lifehacker 

InfoQ Editors' Recommended Talks from 2019 authored by   infoq 

GitHub - Lombiq/Hastlayer-SDK: Turning .NET assemblies into FPGA hardware. See the Readme and   github 

Hollyoaks viewers thrilled as John Paul McQueen returns   digitalspy 

Genetic Engineering Could Keep Our Beer Fresh for Longer   digitaltrends 

Social media platforms leave 95% of reported fake accounts up, study finds   ars 

B&H cuts MacBook Airs to $899, MacBook Pros to $1,099, Mac mini just $699, plus $300 off iMacs   appleinsider 

Women in China paying to text with 'virtual boyfriends' - Android Authority   androidauth 

Jeff Scheduling Test 2 |   adage 

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