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Stunning new 2021 iMac leak reveals new design in five colors  imore 

A few pointers from the pros during SMX Report; Wednesday's daily brief   searchengineland 

The Panda anniversary and what we desperately must remember about search   searchenginewatch 

Today Marks Steve Jobs' 66th Birthday as MacRumors Turns 21 - MacRumors   macrumors 

Heavily used Node.js package has a code injection vulnerability   bleepingcomputer 

Prosser: 2021 iMac to Come in Five Colors, Apple Silicon Mac Pro to Resemble 'Stacked' Mac Minis - MacRumors   macrumors 

Google set to deprecate Showcase Shopping ads on April 1   searchengineland 

How to Nail Virtual and Digital Communication   mprofs 

Twelve-Year-Old Vulnerability Found in Windows Defender   schneier 

Google Search may be showing featured snippets less often   searchengineland 

Apple Music free tier not going to happen, says company- 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Band of AI startups launch 'rebel alliance' for interoperability   venbeat 

Nvidia’s Anti-Cryptomining GPU Chip May Not Discourage Attacks   threatpost 

Bill Gates all but admits that he was shorting Tesla (TSLA) - Electrek   electrek 

The next Spider-Man movie will be titled Spider-Man: No Way Home - The Verge   verge 

HP is buying gaming accessory brand HyperX for $425 million - The Verge   verge 

Stratasys heated build chamber for 3D printer patent US6722872B1 set to expire this week - 3D Printing Industry   3dprintingindustry 

Canadian bank plans to launch dollar-backed digital currency 'in the coming months'   cointelegraph 

Online Trackers Increasingly Switching to Invasive CNAME Cloaking Technique   thehackernews 

Freedom is learning to like what it’s rational to like: Spinoza’s ‘abominable heresies’   aeon 

BigCommerce customers can now sell on Walmart’s online marketplace – TechCrunch   crunch 

Xbox classic 'Star Wars: Republic Commando' is coming to PS4 and Switch   engadget 

Universities Face Double Threat of Ransomware, Data ...   darkrdng 

Twitter’s new hacking label has already been hacked - The Verge   verge 

NASA wants to play a big part in the development of electric aircraft   engadget 

Lawrence Jones Is Hosting Fox News Primetime Next Week   adweek 

VMWare Patches Critical RCE Flaw in vCenter Server   threatpost 

iPhone 13 Lineup Expected to Use Qualcomm's Snapdragon X60 Modem With Several 5G Improvements - MacRumors   macrumors 

Apple Executive Rules Out Possibility of Free Apple Music Tier With Ads - MacRumors   macrumors 

SpaceX’s floating oil rig spaceship launch pad could be operating later this year according to Elon Musk – TechCrunch   crunch 

Scientists Grow Microbes on Actual Mars Rocks   futurism 

Experts Warns of Notable Increase in QuickBooks Data Files Theft Attacks   thehackernews 

LazyScripter hackers target airlines with remote access trojans   bleepingcomputer 

Fry’s Electronics is officially going out of business after 36 years - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

TikTok Launches its Self-Serve Ad Platform in Canada   socmedtoday 

Microsoft to Talk About the Future of XR in Ignite 2021 Keynote Hosted in 'AltspaceVR' – Road to VR   roadtovr 

Material Design Text Fields Are Badly Designed — Smashing Magazine   smashing 

Is there a more environmentally friendly way to train AI?   nextweb 

Stinger SAM-Armed Marines Riding In Rubber Rafts Were Featured In Recent Pacific Exercise   thedrive 

The Realities of Extended Detection and Response ...   darkrdng 

Russian hackers linked to attack targeting Ukrainian government   bleepingcomputer 

Where to find the latest Mars photos from NASA's Perseverance rover   space 

Protons' antimatter is even more lopsided than we thought   sciencenews 

Free Market Approach to Energy Has Cost Texans $28 Billion   gizmodo 

Google Said Title Tags Longer Than What Is Displayed Has Benefit   seoround 

Ardi may have been more chimplike than initially thought — or not   sciencenews 

B2B Tech Marketing Channels: 2021 Strategies & Plans   mprofs 

VCs are chasing Hopin upwards of $5-6B valuation – TechCrunch   crunch 

The Infamous "Great Moon Hoax" of 1835 Is As Weird As It Sounds   iflscience 

Botnet Uses Blockchain to Obfuscate Backup Command ...   darkrdng 

Tim Cook remembers Steve Jobs on what would have been his 66th birthday - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

How to hire and retain Black tech pros — for real   compworld 

Biden will review tech supply chains to reduce dependence on China   engadget 

AI militarization will be ‘force multiplier’ for UAE, Saudi Arabia   c4isrnet 

TikTok took down more than 300k videos for spreading election misinformation   engadget 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Arcserve and StorageCraft merger aims for single pane of glass   computerweekly 

Finally Yields Clues to How Brains Learn   quantamagazine 

YouTube will expand parental controls for tweens and teens   engadget 

Tesla cofounder JB Straubel will recycle Nissan Leaf battery at Redwood Materials - Electrek   electrek 

"Five Eyes warns of Accellion FTA attacks leading to extortion"   bleepingcomputer 

Microsoft hopes its cloud expertise can modernize nonprofits   engadget 

Google Lets Agencies Dismiss Some Partner Program Requirements   seoround 

Stablecoin News for the week ending Wednesday 24th February. - Daily Fintech   dailyfintech 

The Silence From Brands Not Taking a Stand During Black History Month Is Deafening   adweek 

Iran’s Latest Indigenous Drone Is A Predator Lookalike   thedrive 

Hands-On With Bose's 'Tenor' Audio Sunglasses - MacRumors   macrumors 

Denuvo Cracker EMPRESS "Arrested", Blames Repacker FitGirl & Reddit For Witch-Hunt * TorrentFreak   torrentfrk 

Understanding LOT=True Vs. LOT=False – Bitcoin Magazine   bitcoinmagazine 

Understanding Eisenhower's Warning Of Technological Elite Takeover   technocracynews 

Learn to market to Pinterest's 400 plus million monthly active users with the help of these courses   nextweb 

We’ve lost almost 3 billion birds in the U.S. and Canada since 1970   popsci 

Final Cut Pro Trademark Update Suggests Apple Eyeing Future Subscription Model - MacRumors   macrumors 

Oak HC/FT closes on $1.4 billion to invest in fintech and healthcare startups – TechCrunch   crunch 

Asteroid dust found in crater closes case of dinosaur extinction   physorg 

OKEx Announces Support for USDT and USDC Stablecoins on the Algorand Blockchain   newsbtc 

NASA Spots Deep, Strange Hole on Mars   futurism 

Airbnb's flexible search focuses on where you're travelling, not when   engadget 

Using Technology to Reimagine Work Post Covid-19   datam 

These Photos of Fireflies in Japan are Magical   petapixel 

Eufy's two-cam baby monitor kit is cheaper than ever on Amazon   engadget 

MicroStrategy Buys $1.026 Billion Of Bitcoin – Bitcoin Magazine   bitcoinmagazine 

First universal coronavirus vaccine will start human trials this year   newscientist 

Apple Pay Launch Appears Imminent in Israel - MacRumors   macrumors 

Airline Pilot Reports Contact With “Fast Moving, Cylindrical” Object   futurism 

3 Security Flaws in Smart Devices & IoT That Need ...   darkrdng 

When a brain thinks a sentence, this AI can decode it - Big Think   bigthink 

Hyundai will recall 82,000 Kona EVs to replace batteries   ars 

Mac instances on Amazon Web Services now support macOS Big Sur and Elastic File System - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Flying Taxis Will Hit LA Skies by 2024, According to a California Startup's Plan   singularity 

Nothing announces partnership with Teenage Engineering - news   gsmarena 

Fisker is working with Foxconn on a 'breakthrough' EV   engadget 

Playing HTML5 games on Chrome for Android is gonna get a lot easier   nextweb 

BioWare cans Anthem Next, focuses on Dragon Age and Mass Effect   venbeat 

Here's even more evidence that plant protein is better for you than animal protein   popsci 

EastEnders' Ben Mitchell to discover Phil's romance with Kat   digitalspy 

There was a Secret Code in the Perseverance Parachute - Universe Today   universetoday 

Researchers produce beams of entangled atoms   physorg 

Poll: How important is the camera to you when buying a new phone?   androidauth 

2021 Ford Explorer gets fresh King Ranch duds - Roadshow   cnet 

Amazon Prime Video Direct and the Dystopian Decision To Stop Accepting Documentaries - Slashdot   slashdot 

Tom Holland Is Obsessed With WandaVision Like All Of Us   buzzfeed 

As Bitcoin Surges, Investors Find Invictus Capital’s C10 – Bitcoin Magazine   bitcoinmagazine 

Apple Pay could be coming soon to Israel according to Pepper bank - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Privacy issues and security risks in Alexa Skills   techxplore 

Who Should Own Photos of Slaves?   petapixel 

The social media opportunity with the death of third-party cookies   marketingdive 

FDA Confirms Johnson & Johnson Single-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine Safe And Effective   iflscience 

Rumor: Redesigned Apple Silicon iMac might be available in iPad Air-style colors - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Butterflies are showing us how wildlife will cope with climate change   newscientist 

Hundreds of skeletons fill this remote Himalayan lake. How did they get there?   livescience 

Why Do Machine Learning Projects Fail? - KDnuggets   kdnuggets 

Rapidly-Spreading COVID Strain More Transmissible, Less Susceptible to Vaccines   futurism 

Formula E season 7 starts Friday with a Saudi doubleheader - Electrek   electrek 

HP is buying HyperX to boost its gaming accessory business   engadget 

Twitter removes accounts of Russian government-backed actors   bleepingcomputer 

Android users now have an easy way to check the security of their passwords   ars 

Australian patent troll goes after Apple for Face ID and Touch ID - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

A geomagnetic curveball 42,000 years ago changed our planet forever   popsci 

Scientists begin building highly accurate digital twin of our planet   physorg 

He, She & It / Davidson Rafailidis   archdaily 

Solar Opposites review: Clever, silly and bound to be an instant hit   newscientist 

10K Microsoft Email Users Hit in FedEx Phishing Attack   threatpost 

Even Small Companies Use AI, Machine Learning   practicalecommerce 

New Leak Claims Apple's 2021 iMacs Will Come in Five Colors   petapixel 

Researchers identify mechanism by which exercise strengthens bones and immunity   medicalxpress 

Hair loss May Be A Long-Term Health Consequence For People Who Had Severe COVID-19   iflscience 

Is Clubhouse safe, and should CISOs stop its use?   computerweekly 


Researchers communicate with dreamers in novel new study - Big Think   bigthink 

Ukraine reports cyber-attack on government document management system   zdnet 

Microsoft Lures Populate Half of Credential-Swiping Phishing Emails   threatpost 

New study suggests supermassive black holes could form from dark matter   physorg 

What Is the Best Parenting Advice You Ever Received?   lifehacker 

Whistleblowers: Flawed Software Held Hundreds of Prisoners Past Release Dates   futurism 

Amazon switches on macOS Big Sur for AWS   compworld 

'Cryptocurrency is not legitimate money,' says Nigeria's central bank governor   cointelegraph 

Spotify HiFi – are your ears good enough to make it worthwhile? - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Cloud observability startup OpsCruise emerges from stealth   venbeat 

Fintech startup Finix closes on $3M in Black and Latinx investor-led SPV – TechCrunch   crunch 

Google Won't Talk About Spam Prevention For Page Experience Update Core Web Vitals   seoround 


Researchers identify 'violent' processes that cause wheezing in the lungs   medicalxpress 

30 FPS Flip-Dot Display Uses Cool Capacitor Trick   hackaday 

Bombardier is latest victim of Accellion supply chain attack   computerweekly 

Jim Belushi’s Really Stinky Weed; A Chicken… Sandwich?: Wednesday’s First Things First   adweek 

How Staples is preparing for the back-to-office shift   adage 

iPad production in India a step closer as incentives approved - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Jumia narrows losses, as its payment service grows in financial results – TechCrunch   crunch 

Study uncovers inhibitory role of 'Ter cells' in cancer therapies   medicalxpress 

SKZ ANTI ACCOUNTS TO REPORT - Google Docs   google 

Vaccine passports prove an ethical minefield   computerweekly 

YouTube Music now lets you repeat songs while Casting - 9to5Google   9to5google 

The Space Court Foundation Presents: "Women of Color in Space" - Universe Today   universetoday 


Canvas vs SVG: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job by   sitepoint 

Photographer Paints Pastels with Her Camera   petapixel 

Profoto's Pro-11 Unveiled: AirX Support for Smartphones in $16K Pack   petapixel 

How to Customize Netflix's New Automatic Downloads   lifehacker 

Nothing Is Teaming Up with Teenage Engineering for Future Product Design   gizmodo 

Xos Trucks to be publicly listed on Nasdaq - Electrek   electrek 

Cartoon Caption Winner: Be Careful Who You Trust   darkrdng 

Tesla Model 3 rival from Lucid may take shape in 2025 - Roadshow   cnet 

Stacktrace Podcast 124: “All of that Macness” - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Angela Mahecha Adrar: The people who caused the climate crisis aren't the ones who will solve it   ted 

Fry's Electronics permanently closes all stores by @BradChacos   pcworld 

New M1 iMac and Mac Pro Mini Designs Leaked? [Video] - iClarified   iclarified 


Increasing The Resolution Of The Electrical Grid   hackaday 

The 3D Printing Service Bureau is Dead, Long Live the 3D Printing Service Bureau - 

Silver, Copper, & Tungsten Combined to Make Antiviral "COVID-Killing" 3D Printing Material - 

Help! Everyone Is Judging My Messy Bedroom   wired 

8 Best Trail Running Shoes: Hiking, Barefoot, and More   wired 

I wrote a song with the first audio from the Red Planet   space 

Groundbreaking research: White-rot fungi can use carbon captured from lignin as carbon source   physorg 

The Grim Consequences of a Misleading Study on Disinformation   wired 

The toxins of our past still threaten the future of killer whales   popsci 

Perseverance rover gives high-definition panoramic view of landing site   physorg 

DALL·E: Creating Images from Text   openai 

Open Source vs. Ready-Made Payment Gateways: Which Crypto Processing Option Is Easier to Implement   newsbtc 


Real-Time OS Basics: Picking The Right RTOS When You Need One   hackaday 

Microsoft's Latest Product Goes Toe-to-Toe With Squarespace   gizmodo 

Scientists Start Work on Simulation of Entire Earth   futurism 

Tesla prepares cloud-based driver profile ahead of 'Tesla Network' ride-hailing app launch - Electrek   electrek 

Spider-Man 3 Officially Has A Title And A Release Date   buzzfeed 

Report: TSMC and UMC Are Trucking in Water to Prevent Further Chip Shortages   tomshardware 

Wendy De La Rosa: Why talking to your friends can help you save money   ted 

Rethinking microchips' design pushes computing to the edge   techxplore 

Scientists May Have Just Solved The Long-Standing Mystery of Earth's 'Missing Ice'   sciencealert 

Fukushima's Legacy: Japan's Hard Turn Toward Renewables   ieee 

Deleting The Camshafts From A Miata Engine   hackaday 

American-made electric powersports company expands into Latin America   electrek 


Zorroa launches Boon AI; no-code machine learning for media-driven organizations -   devops 

Veeam v11 adds continuous data protection and cloud archive   computerweekly 

moving off the OCR system upgrade news below...   cointelegraph 

New Samsung Galaxy Labs module brings CPU control - Android Authority   androidauth 

Supervised YouTube for older kids and teens coming soon - 9to5Google   9to5google 

RIZE Introduces "Safe at Home" Initiative to Make 3D Printing Supply Chains More Resilient - 

Off-chain reporting: Toward a new general purpose secure compute framework by Chainlink   zdnet 

A Digital Firewall in Myanmar, Built With Guns and Wire Cutters - Slashdot   slashdot 

Negative calorie foods don't exist, and these biologists have the flaming lizard poop to prove it   popsci 

World's first video of a space-time crystal   physorg 

Bitcoin Hopes to Retest Record Highs After Powell's Testimony; Here's Why   newsbtc 

Rest Your Stews, Soups, and Chili Overnight   lifehacker 

Mars Perseverance Rover's Parachute Has Two Hidden Messages   interestingengineering 

Fry's Electronics shuts down permanently - CNET   cnet 

Why Mobile Digital Workplaces Can Be Effective   cmswire 

Understanding the Differences Between a CRM and a CDP   cmswire 

Skyy Vodka appoints Mono as first global agency of record   adage 

Microsoft unveils three more 'industry clouds' for financial, manufacturing and nonprofit   zdnet 

Hubilo raises $23.5 million to power virtual events with real-time data and analytics   venbeat 

Watch NASA's rover land in HD, and its first 360 view of Mars surface   tweaktown 

Fractal Design Meshify 2 Compact Review: Understated Excellence   tomshardware 

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