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TurkeyBombing Puts New Twist on Zoom Abuse  threatpost 

Is Your Machine Learning Model Likely to Fail?   kdnuggets 

ARM Windows M1 Mac virtualization demonstrated - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Why Canon is Winning Full-Frame Mirrorless   petapixel 

Google shows off 'Cyberpunk 2077' running on Stadia at 4K   engadget 

Using artificial intelligence to help drones find people lost in the woods   techxplore 

CME overtakes OKEx as largest Bitcoin futures market   cointelegraph 

This 98-inch Samsung TV is $50,000 off for Black Friday and yes that’s a comma not a period - The Verge   verge 

Everything VPN is New Again - ACM Queue   acm 

A Beaver Full Moon lunar eclipse occurs Monday. Here's what to expect.   space 

Shazam offering up to five months free Apple Music subscription for new users - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

How to help an injured bird   popsci 

Genetic research reveals Neanderthals could tolerate smoke, plant toxins   physorg 

First AH-64E Apaches Arrive In UK, Will Serve As New Carriers’ Other Strike Capability   thedrive 

Looking for ways to prevent price collusion with AI systems   techxplore 

EastEnders spoilers - Ian Beale attack aftermath revealed   digitalspy 

World's largest offshore wind farm secures $8bn investment - Electrek   electrek 

If you still won’t wear a coronavirus face mask after seeing this, you’re insane – BGR   bgr 

Use 2FA to Stop This New WhatsApp Account Attack   lifehacker 

Facebook's Libra currency could debut in a limited form early next year   engadget 

Office 365 phishing abuses Oracle and Amazon cloud services #Security   bleepingcomputer 

Facebook’s Libra currency to launch next year in limited format   ars 

America's COVID-19 Restrictions Go Full Authoritarian   technocracynews 

China Rises as World's Data Superpower as Internet Fractures - Slashdot   slashdot 

Immune responses during embryo development could increase risk of schizophrenia   medicalxpress 

Ripple Is Cashing Out a Third of Its Stake in MoneyGram - CoinDesk   coindesk 

Hitting Record Highs, Americans Spent Over $5 Billion on Thanksgiving This Year   adweek 

This awesome USS Enterprise Star Trek drone is 30% off for Black Friday   space 

European Parliament Votes to Support Right to Repair - MacRumors   macrumors 

Friday Squid Blogging: Diplomoceras Maximum   schneier 

A Scientific Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Process Model for Metabolomics - IEEE Journals & Magazine   ieee 

Lunar eclipses: What are they & when is the next one?   space 

4 Tips to Manage Your Mindset Through the Pandemic   psychologytoday 

Galaxy survives black hole's feast—for now   physorg 

Why are we so attached to our things? - Christian Jarrett   ted 

Scientists Show How Statistical Physics Can Reveal Art Trends Across Time and Culture   scitechdaily 

A Biden Win Would Mean The Return of The CFR And Trilateral Commission   technocracynews 

Fujifilm’s new infrared camera can see things your eyes can’t   popsci 

Coronation Street spoilers - Peter makes shock Carla accusation   digitalspy 

Pizza Hut aceptará criptomonedas como forma de pago en Venezuela   cointelegraph 

WHO Says Would be 'Highly Speculative' To Say COVID Did Not Emerge in China: #slashdot The   slashdot 

Bitcoin's Carnivore Cult Is Both Stupid and Correct - CoinDesk   coindesk 

Intel's Core i9-10900F Now $365, An All-Time Low   tomshardware 

You look but do not find: why the absence of evidence can be a useful thing   theconversation 

Facebook’s Libra could launch in January – TechCrunch   crunch 

November's Beaver Full Moon 2020: See a lunar eclipse and a near-minimoon   space 

Protein regulating inflammation in atherosclerosis identified   medicalxpress 

Singha D’luck Cinematic Theatre / Architects 49   archdaily 

Scientists Detect Hints of Strange New Physics in The Universe's Background Radiation   sciencealert 

Google trade-in values for old Pixels skyrocket w/ Pixel 4a 5G - 9to5Google   9to5google 

This Bitcoin Whale Trend Suggests a Serious Selloff Could be Imminent   newsbtc 

Fast-Paced Racing Game 'Warp Drive' With Teleporting Feature Now Available on Apple Arcade - MacRumors   macrumors 

Video Friday: These Giant Robots Are Made of Air, Fabric   ieee 

Mask defiance remains strong in Montana as the pandemic rages - STAT   statnews 

Artificial intelligence model detects asymptomatic Covid-19 infections through cellphone-recorded coughs   mit 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Alex Gendler: What is a gift economy?   ted 

Programming Languages widely used in Data Science and Machine Learning ? - Data Science Central   datasciencecentral 

Ukrainian government sponsors educational web show about cryptocurrencies   cointelegraph 

Follow Thrive Global on Facebook   thriveglobal 

‘I was told I don’t have the right brain’: Read the NYT’s damning report on Coinbase - The Verge   verge 

A Day-by-Day Breakdown of Coronavirus Symptoms Shows How The Disease Progresses   sciencealert 

MacRumors Giveaway: Win a 9-in-1 USB-C Adapter From Choetech - MacRumors   macrumors 

The best gifts for science nerds and geeks   livescience 

Curve Finance Votes to Disperse $3M in Fees to Governance Token Holders - CoinDesk   coindesk 

EU Commission Calls For Substantial Law Enforcement Boost to Fight Piracy * TorrentFreak   torrentfrk 

AI system finds, moves items in constricted regions   techxplore 

Google's Project Guideline allows blind joggers to run without assistance   techxplore 

Top story: AI Technology | Stress & Anxiety Management | ReadWrite see more   readwrite 

Melting ice patch in Norway reveals large collection of ancient arrows   physorg 

Consider Starting and Ending Your Day With a Fake Commute   lifehacker 

Google Will Stop Tying Search Ranking To Accelerated Mobile Pages In 2021   hackernoon 

30 Years Later, the Space Camp Movie Is Still Fantastic   gizmodo 

Why must you hurt me this way   reddit 

OKEx Sees Massive Bitcoin Outflows as BTC Weakness Mounts   newsbtc 

Microsoft's 'Project Latte' Aims To Bring Android Apps To Windows 10: #slashdot Windows Cen   slashdot 

Semiretirement is treating me well—and it made room for a younger scientist   science 

A Quieting Response: A Quick Way to Calm Down   psychologytoday 

Podcast: Tesla Model S/X refresh rumors, TSLA to the moon, new electric pickup, and more - Electrek   electrek 

DJI’s Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal kit with tripod drops to $89 for Black Friday   engadget 

Spotify taps big-name musicians to help test Instagram-like stories   engadget 

Drone Privacy Laws Around the World - DRONELIFE   dronelife 

Walton Goggins steals show as assassin trying to take out Santa in Fatman   ars 

Do People Everywhere Feel Blue and Turn Green with Envy?   psychologytoday 

The best science podcasts to make you smarter   popsci 

'Turncoat' macrophages in the tumor 'micro-environment' underlie breast cancer progression   medicalxpress 

iOS 14 widgets changed the way I use my iPhone   cultofmac 

Week in review – science edition   judithcurry 

Review- ′Wanderer′s Road #1′- The Tower   geekdad 

Hollyoaks spoilers - Edward to panic as his secrets unravel   digitalspy 

Coronation Street isolates cast for 60th anniversary stunt scenes   digitalspy 

“I Wish I Hadn’t Said That”   psychologytoday 

David Lynch's Dune: 7 Things We Liked (and 8 We Didn't)   gizmodo 

Tether's market cap is growing at a near-record pace   cointelegraph 

Alto’s Adventure and Odyssey quietly arrive on Nintendo Switch, on sale for $7.49 - The Verge   verge 

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda Onesie Hands On: Child's Play   gizmodo 

Aldo Beach House / Wittman Estes   archdaily 

Aspirin Misuse May Have Made 1918 Flu Pandemic Worse   sciencedaily 

Best webcams: Reviews and buying advice   pcworld 

RTX 3080 20GB or RTX 3080 Ti Could Be Coming in 2021   tomshardware 

Controversial Fossil May Not Have Been An Upright Human Ancestor After All   iflscience 

How to Check if Your Android Smartphone Has RCS   howtogeek 

Hollyoaks spoilers - Ollie Morgan makes upsetting revelation   digitalspy 

Data shows Bitcoin price drops days after BTC futures open interest hits $1B   cointelegraph 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Earth Is a Whole Lot Closer to Our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole Than We Thought   sciencealert 

Valve Index Black Friday Stock Check and Countries Sold – Road to VR   roadtovr 

House Democrats Voted for a Natural Gas Future, and Nobody Noticed - Paste   pastemagazine 

Learning to Summarize with Human Feedback   openai 

Topic Modeling with BERT   kdnuggets 

Atreus Gets A TrackPoint And Layer LEDs   hackaday 

Portraits of London At War by Toni Frissell - January 1942 - Flashbak   flashbak 

Electronic skin has a strong future stretching ahead   techxplore 

Pacific Rim's Excellent Costume Design Explored in Youtube Essay   gizmodo 

Black Friday 2020 smart home deals: The best robot vacuums and more   engadget 

Pre-Crime Claim: Student Grades Can Predict Future Life Of Crime   technocracynews 

A Bot Made Frank Sinatra Cover Britney Spears. YouTube Removed It Over Copyright Claims.   futurism 

Get a five-month Apple Music subscription for free with Shazam   appleinsider 

The algorithms are watching us, but who is watching the algorithms?   zdnet 

F-15 Eagle Pilot Explains Exactly How He Downed Three Migs During Two Wars   thedrive 

On Monday You'll Be Able to See The Full Moon Pass Through Earth's Shadow   sciencealert 

We could also play the battle of Stalingrad   reddit 

Bitcoin's Recent $3,000 Correction Actually Formed a Bullish Candle   newsbtc 

Narcolepsy fiasco spurs Covid vaccine fears in Sweden   medicalxpress 

Sweet Or Savory Breakfast Poll Quiz   buzzfeed 

A look inside ByteDance's legal strategy against the US TikTok ban, which sources say included orchestrating parall   techmeme 

Amazon and Apple 'Not Playing Their Part' in Tackling Electronic Waste - Slashdot   slashdot 

Good backups are not a cure-all for ransomware attacks, say infosec pros   scmagazine 

Britan, France, Japan, Croatia, and Russia have left that chat   reddit 


Researchers call Microsoft productivity score feature a workplace surveillance tool   mobilesyrup 

AI Papers to Read in 2020   kdnuggets 

604.gif - Google Drive   google 

Kamua's AI-powered editor helps marketers embrace vertical video   venbeat 

DIY Smart Doorbell Uses Raspberry Pi, IR Camera and Motion Detection   tomshardware 

Das Keyboard 4C TKL With MX Brown Hits New $111 Low   tomshardware 

We talked to Jake Paul, who is currently going Super Saiyan - The Verge   verge 

javascript - get a path of deeply nested object by key - Stack Overflow   stack 

Are 3D Nerfies the Future of 2D Selfies?   gizmodo 

Get a lifetime of Rosetta Stone on sale for Black Friday   engadget 

Decred co-founder explains rationale behind Bitcoin bull and bear cycles   cointelegraph 

32 Best Black Friday TV Deals 2020: Samsung, LG, TCL, Vizio   ars 


Android apps on Windows 10 could come in 2021 - Android Authority   androidauth 

No Waiting: Alienware's RTX 3080 PCs are on Sale and Shipping   tomshardware 

The Best Holiday Gift Deals for Space Fans   space 

PsBattle: Trump sitting at his school table   reddit 

Comet 2019 LD2 (ATLAS) found to be actively transitioning   physorg 

The World's Largest Iceberg Might Miss a Wildlife-Rich Island   gizmodo 

A Parent's Guide to 'Marvel Champions.'   geekdad 

Top takeaways from R Studio conf 2019 - Data Science Central   datasciencecentral 

Plan A Festive Holiday And We'll Tell You What Characteristic You Share With A Disney Princess   buzzfeed 

Data from 45 countries show containing COVID vs saving the economy is a false dichotomy   theconversation 

javascript - Wordpress using AJAX to Pass JS Variables to PHP - Stack Overflow   stack 

Pushed by Pandemic, Amazon Goes on a Hiring Spree Without Equal #business   slashdot 


Nearly 6000-year-old chewing gum reveals life of ancient girl   science 

Nutrition science is notoriously tricky, and falling in love with a single macronutrient isn't healthy   qz 

Mosquitoes learn not to mess with you when you swat them   popsci 

ERROR: The request could not be satisfied   health 

Negative Bitcoin headlines affect speculators, not HODLers says Morgan Creek CEO   cointelegraph 

Pegasus House / Dalman Architects   archdaily 

Today only: Buy a OnePlus 8 Pro and get a OnePlus 7T for $1!   androidauth 

How to Buy a Home Virtually   lifehacker 

Eco Sock Collection by Denim Star® UK by Emma Brown Kickstarter   kickstarter 

Black Friday 2020: The best deals on computer and phone accessories   engadget 

Scratching Away: The Complexities of Chronic Itch   disc 

EastEnders' Kat and Kush flee after vicious attack   digitalspy 


Review: Apple's leather sleeve for iPhone 12 is expensive, but without equal   appleinsider 

Pre-order the 'AirPods Pro' of hearing aids at up to 50% off for Black Friday   androidcentral 

Google Drive alternative pCloud is 75% off for Black Friday - 9to5Google   9to5google 

Password leak exposes millions of Covid-19 patients in Brazil   zdnet 

Gravitrax Marble Run defies gravity with 30% off Black Friday sale   space 

The Swiss Alps continue to rise: Evidence from cosmic rays show lift outpaces erosion   physorg 

Bitcoin And Crypto Black Friday 2020 Deals And Discounts   newsbtc 

Frank Soltis Discusses A Possible Future for Single-Level Storage - IT Jungle   itjungle 

Learn How To Use Webhooks By Connecting NodeJS, IFTTT and Twitter   hackernoon 

Physicist discovers the explosions that will end our universe - Big Think   bigthink 

AstraZeneca needs a new coronavirus vaccine trial after a mystery left questions unanswered – BGR   bgr 

Apple news: iOS 15 rumors, Mini-LED iPad news, more! - Android Authority   androidauth 


Top 5 industries hardest hit by the pandemic - TechRepublic   techrepublic 

You can beam up 'Star Trek Catan' for 23% off this Black Friday   space 

I wrote about why a story like Maradona's could have only happened in Napoli to Napoli   qz 

Earth faster, closer to black hole in new map of galaxy   physorg 

Covid-19 news: UK R number below 1.0 for the first time since August   newscientist 

CrateDB: Purpose-built to scale modern applications in a machine data world   newsycom 

New method quickly detects bee-killing pesticides in honey   newatlas 

Adorable monkeys caught commiting grisly act of cannibalism   livescience 

The Mandalorian Chapter 13 Recap: Ahsoka Tano Returns, Baby Yoda   gizmodo 

10 Great Places to Start Watching Mobile Suit Gundam   gizmodo 

Liverpool in the 1980s - Poignant Photos by Dave Sinclair - Flashbak   flashbak 

What is the Y-Factor?   deepai 


How to modernise identity governance and administration   computerweekly 

[2010.00578] Understanding Self-supervised Learning with Dual Deep Networks   arxiv 

EPA Finds Rolling Coal Is Making Pollution Worse in America   thedrive 

r - Add column taking difference of values in one column grouped by other column - Stack Overflow   stack 

r - ggplot2 both axis labels inside plot area - Stack Overflow   stack 

r - Mutate a subset of a variable based on a condition - Stack Overflow   stack 

r - Creating a Time to Treatment Variable - Stack Overflow   stack 

r - How to plot frequencies of a categorical 0-1 variable with ggplot - Stack Overflow   stack 

How do I dinamically change the action atribute of an HTML form with php? [Votes: 1]   stack 

True Color of 99 Million Year Old Insects.   scitechdaily 

less emissions already.. end the lies.. go secular. go science education , start w   sciencedaily 

Schneier: Friday Squid Blogging: Diplomoceras Maximum: Diplomoceras maximum is an ancient squid-like creature. It l   schneier 

`Tokenized': Black Workers' Struggles at Coinbase   newsycom 

Reveal.js Create Stunning Presentations on the Web: Comments:   newsycom 

Apple CPU tricks: memory reordering, JavaScript support, ref counting: Comments:   newsycom 

The finding helps explain why frequent sleep disturbances make people more prone to anxiety and PTSD   medicalnewstoday 

Got this thought piece out on when/why to move to start considering DNNs. Thanks @avatria   kdnuggets 

Finally! The ROM You Wished Your Sinclair Spectrum Had! #IoT   hackaday 

One of my favorite tricks to cache the result of a generic method #dotnet   github 

The Cutest, Weirdest Toy of the Week Is a Spider-Drone From the Unopened Avengers Disney Park https://   gizmodo 

Black Friday #crypto & #Bitcoin deals, ya'll, check it out! thnx @Bit   cointelegraph 

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