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When Bankwest's female tech staff are told "girls don't hack", this is what they do... - Strategy - Security - iTnews  itnews 

Tim Cook demands a way for users to delete their personal data – Naked Security   sophos 

Amazon shareholders demand halt in sales of image recognition tech to US government   reddit 

Moonday Mornings: Dark Web Bitcoin transactions doubled in 2018   nextweb 

Is the Ten Year Challenge a Facebook scam??? – Naked Security   sophos 

Funding Hate: The Far-Right’s Pivot to Crypto   cointelegraph 

Who will be the first Netflix for video games?   engadget 

Africa's tech start-ups urge access to funding - ITWeb Africa   itwebafrica 

Massive Storms Swirl on Jupiter in This Awesome NASA Photo   space 

Facebook now lets you create petitions for social causes   nextweb 

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – A Response to Automated Calling   tripwire 

The Imperative to Address Security Concerns of the Rapidly Evolving Internet of Things   tripwire 

Elastronics—hydrogel-based microelectronics for localized low-voltage neuromodulation   medicalxpress 

Apple hardware priced so high that no one wants to buy it? It's 1983 all over again • The Register   register 

Uber is now working on self-driving scooters and bicycles   nextweb 

Scientists find genes with large effects on head and brain size   eurekalert 

*For example, sometimes I would take a medicament mechanically while doing somet...   newsycom 

The Greatest Computer Ever Now Gets A New, Injection Molded Clear Case   hackaday 

Alistair Milne: Bitcoin Is Only Public Blockchain Certain to Last for Next 100 Years   cointelegraph 

Zimbabweans switch to telegram as social media remains down - ITWeb Africa   itwebafrica 

Prosecco production takes a toll on northeast Italy’s environment   sciencenews 

How gut bacteria affect the treatment of Parkinson's disease   medicalxpress 

Big Tech Weighs in on Faster Payments   pymnts 

BitTorrent Announces BTT Airdrops for Tron TRX Holders   newsbtc 

The Morning After: The iPhone SE returns   engadget 

German climate proposals could put an end to no-limit Autobahns   engadget 

Why 'right to erasure' is stopping companies from complying with GDPR   nextweb 

Google Posts Allows Anchor Text Links For Some   seoround 

UK hit with 30m cyberattacks in just three months   itproportal 

Europe Start-up 100: 25 e-commerce and fintech start-ups to watch in 2019   siliconrepublic 

Take A Digital Tour Of The Apollo 11 Command Module   popsci 

No Planet Nine? Distant Objects' Odd Orbits May Have Different Explanation   space 

Front Door Camera Sends Automatic Alerts By Text @hackaday   hackaday 

TRON Records 2x Increase in Price Since November, What Caused it?   newsbtc 

Women won’t ask a man for more pay – but they will ask a woman   aeon 

'Safe' herbicide in Australian water affects male fertility   medicalxpress 

2019 Martin Luther King Jr. Day From Google & Bing   seoround 

Google Has Learning Materials While Your On The Toilet   seoround 

Fixing Blockchain: Startup to Clamp Down on Illicit Activities and Welcome Consumers   cointelegraph 

Quantum sensors providing magnetic resonance with unprecedented sensitivity   physorg 

Education industry not making the grade for cybersecurity   itproportal 

SF Summit Shows BitTorrent Is Boosting Tron's Appeal - CoinDesk   coindesk 

Linux Today - Linux 5.0 rc3   linuxtoday 

Fuel cell system converts atmospheric CO2 into usable electric current The Engineer   theengineer 

Huawei Founder Warns of Job Cuts - Report   lightrdng 

Planet Nine might not actually be a planet   popsci 

Big problems? How could AI and machine learning help? • The Register   register 

Scientists Discover Freaky Fish Thriving in Waters We Thought Were Deadly to Life   sciencealert 

How to improve the readability of your Spring web applications   dzone 

Auditor lashes junked national biometrics project after significant failures - Strategy - Software - iTnews   itnews 

GDPR - forcing organizations to wake up to data protection basics   diginomica 

Google Says Image Schema Or Noscript Tags Are Good For Images   seoround 

Risk of suicide—as well as depression—found in the genome   medicalxpress 

Genetic study provides novel insights into the evolution of skin color   eurekalert 

Swiss ‘Smart Card’ Crypto Wallet Tangem Gets $15 Million From Japan’s SBI Group   cointelegraph 

Samsung's latest Exynos 7904 chipset is tailored for the Indian market   androidcentral 

Denmark Investigating Bitcoin Exchanges to Find Tax Defaulters is Troubling   newsbtc 

Total lunar eclipse woos sky watchers   physorg 

European tech super-fund Draper Esprit to raise £100m   siliconrepublic 

This patent possibly reveals the design of Motorola's foldable RAZR phone   androidcentral 

IBM Releases Open Liberty with Support for MicroProfile 2.1 and Reactive Extensions   infoq 

WEX snaps up Discovery Benefits for $425 million - MedCity News   medcitynews 

Telstra Deploys Infinera's ICE4 in Subsea Network   lightrdng 

Advanced Machine Learning with Basic Excel - Data Science Central   datasciencecentral 

Study finds unique form of chronic sinusitis in older patients   medicalxpress 

Inefficient B2B Systems Hobble Business Growth   pymnts 

It's 2019 — do you still turn your phone off at night?   androidcentral 

Japan’s SBI Invests $15 Million In Crypto Card Wallet Maker Tangem - CoinDesk   coindesk 

Linux Virus Removes Security Software to Mine Monero   softpedia 

Why Do Narcissists Make Positive First Impressions?   psychologytoday 

Skyrim multiplayer mod will let pals dungeon-crawl together   techrad 

Secret Soviet Bunkers in Poland Hid Nuclear Weapons   livescience 

DarkHydrus abuses Google Drive to spread RogueRobin Trojan   zdnet 

Voluntary Live Sports Piracy Blocking Implemented in Portugal - TorrentFreak   torrentfrk 

If you wanted an iPhone SE new from Apple, you've probably missed your chance   appleinsider 

Attackers used a LinkedIn job ad and Skype call to breach bank’s defences – Naked Security   sophos 

Microsoft's Master Chief calls time on Cortana as a standalone AI platform • The Register   register 

Samsung announces the Exynos 7 Series 7904 SoC - news   gsmarena 

UK tech sector growth slows as Brexit worries increase   itproportal 

My name is Anneke Lucas and I was a sex slave to Europe's elite at age 6   healthnutnews 

When will data driven “TV” be available at scale?   itproportal 

A Shift from Cybersecurity to Cyber Resilience: 6 Steps   darkrdng 

Uber e-bikes could drive, park, and charge themselves   techrad 

Soviets Hid Nuclear Bunkers in Poland's Forests (Photos)   livescience 

The Green New Deal episode of @RadioOpenSource: three blog posts that take a look and a listen. https   scripting 

Termites Help Forests Weather Drought   asianscientist 

Jobs To Be Done: An Occasionally Useful UX Gimmick — UX Articles by UIE   uie 

Alexa, Remind Me Of The First Time Your Product Category Failed   hackaday 

MySQL Design Flaw Allows Malicious Servers to Steal Files from Clients A design flaw in the   bleepingcomputer 

The lighter side of HMRC: We want your money, but we also want to make you laugh • The Register   register 

Unraveling of 58-year-old corn gene mystery may have plant-breeding implications   eurekalert 

Lime, Bird Raise Money At Lower Valuations   pymnts 

Hackers Steal Discount Vouchers From Pinduoduo   pymnts 

Apple translates 'Everyone Can Create' curriculum to new European languages   appleinsider 

Latest 'Shot on iPhone' uses iPhone XS to highlight football in American Samoa   appleinsider 

Blowback suggests Gillette is no Nike   adage 

How to turn young adults into customers   adage 

Five Things We Learned About Our Human Origins in 2018   ancient-origins 

32% of brands have a marketing skills gap but most struggle to find 'quality talent'   thedrum 

Galaxy S10 fingerprint on display confirmed by Samsung Pay - SlashGear   slashgear 

Charted: The 50 Best Jobs in America   howmuch 

Which HP Chromebook should you buy?   androidcentral 

Security Exploit in iOS 12.1.2 on iPhone XS Discovered   softpedia 

Machinery - Brandauer to showcase lamination expertise at Southern Manufacturing   machinery 

Ooh, my machine is SO much faster than yours... Oh, wait, that might be a bit of a problem... • The Register   register 

Drone giant DJI will take a huge loss due to employee fraud   engadget 

Apple signs deal to get first crack at future documentaries by Ron Howard's Imagine   appleinsider 

Homebrew 1.9 Adds Linux Support, Auto-Cleanup, and More   infoq 

Legal tips for managing your influencer relationships   adage 

200+ Banks & Financial Organizations will use RippleNet in 2019 by @minad21   hackernoon 

The surprising reason why some Latin Americans have light skin   science 

Venezuela military group arrested after call to disavow Maduro    digitaljournal 

Will Tesla and Elon Musk Win in 2019? –   nextbigfuture 

Genes affect where fat is stored   medicalxpress 

Fortnite's In-Game Currency Laundering Money   pymnts 

Signs of memory problems could be symptoms of hearing loss instead   medicalxpress 

Researchers conduct first population-based study of suicide risk in people with autism   eurekalert 

Cloud migration costs holding back many businesses   itproportal 

Data centres vs mother nature: Tackling winter crises   itproportal 

Fossil Shark Teeth Found With Sue The T. Rex Are Clues To Ecosystem - Dead Things   disc 

If there’s a recession in 2019, here’s what marketers should do   thedrum 

Big Red's big pay gap: $13,000 gulf between male and female Oracle staffers – reports • The Register   register 

Just Eat marketer Peter Duffy named interim CEO following Peter Plumb departure   thedrum 

Microsoft by the Numbers - Awwwards SOTD   awwwards 

One weird thing about eclipses you’ve probably never noticed   popsci 

Get Lost in the World’s Largest Snow Labyrinth in Poland   interestingengineering 

Holy crappuccino. There's a latte trouble brewing... Bio-boffins reckon 60%+ of coffee species may be doomed • The Register   register 


Shaping 'GDPR-US' - it's a long way from Davos to Washington in more ways than one   diginomica 

Government’s EU Settlement Scheme app goes live - lessons shared from private beta   diginomica 

Peek-a-boo! CAST helps you look inside software to find what might kill your business   diginomica 

Make dumb appliances smarter with a $23 Wemo Mini Smart Plug   androidcentral 

Amazon's waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is on sale for its best ever price today only   androidcentral 

Goodbye PlayMemories, hello Imaging Edge Mobile   techrad 

Blockchain Survey: Momentum Shifts Toward Actionable Exploration   hackernoon 

Huge Supercomputers Still Exist. Here’s What They’re Being Used for Today   howtogeek 

Researchers capture an image of negative capacitance in action   physorg 

We Just Got Lab-Made Evidence of Stephen Hawking's Greatest Prediction About Black Holes   sciencealert 

2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid review: An electrified crossover champ - Roadshow   cnet 

Helios well placed to exploit SA market demand - ITWeb Africa   itwebafrica 


2019 - The tipping point - ITWeb Africa   itwebafrica 

African tech start-ups get nod for aerospace accelerator - ITWeb Africa   itwebafrica 

Eurobites: Regulator Rejects TIM's Fixed-Line Spin-Off Proposal   lightrdng 

Motorola patent teases a RAZR-like phone with a foldable display   engadget 

How Super Smash Bros. 64 became king of the crossovers   techrad 

Two-thirds of DDoS attacks target communications service providers   betanews 

Three Ways to Improve Your Smarthome   howtogeek 

Stairway to Heaven: The story of Jacob's Ladder   ancient-origins 

Was Tiahuanaco the Seat of the Mightiest Ancient Civilization in the Americas?   ancient-origins 

Smaller, cheaper: How these tiny satellites are spinning off new space data movement   zdnet 

Prospective Job Hunt and Interview Tips for IT Professionals in 2019   hackernoon 

Learning Binary Classification by Simulations - Data Science Central   datasciencecentral 


Facebook's Sandberg Focuses On Data Security   pymnts 

What's it like to get investment through the Coutts Investment Club?   techworld 

Antilock Brakes And Instant Payments Similar?   pymnts 

Bitcoin Transactional Volume Crossed $3 Trillion in 2018: Research   newsbtc 

Cool Marshall JCM800 Jack Rack 2.0 Comes With 4 Keychains - Tuvie   tuvie 

Teenage Engineering goes modular with build it yourself synth kits   newatlas 

TCL TV catalog 2019: every TCL TV series coming in 2019   techrad 

Scientists discover new 'architecture' in corn   physorg 

Best headphones under Rs 2,000 in India for January 2019   techrad 

Bad moods might be a sign of health trouble - Futurity   futurity 

Sheryl Sandberg announces 1,000 new jobs for Facebook   siliconrepublic 

Web development trends 2019 - Ponder on them to make a difference   itproportal 


Over a third of businesses have some kind of AI   itproportal 

Digital Workplace Challenges for 2019   cmswire 

How will artificial intelligence ultimately benefit the financial services sector?   itproportal 

To Unlock the Secrets of Prehistoric Hand Paintings, Experts Catalog Them in 3D - Seeker   seeker 

report | Digital Divide: women in tech   kurzweilai 

UFO Drive’s vision for electric car rental is out of this world   siliconrepublic 

Motorola patent filing hints at Razr phone's folding display design   androidauth 

EAT-Lancet's Plant-based Planet: 10 Things You Need to Know   psychologytoday 

Why does APT not use HTTPS?   newsycom 

Scientists Are Losing It At Trump's Latest Tweet   iflscience 

The Secret About Birth Control Pills That Every Woman Needs To Know   iflscience 

Russia: We're suing Facebook, Twitter for snubbing law on storing users' data locally   zdnet 


'Star Trek: Discovery' Tried Out Over 400 Spock Actors Before Casting Ethan Peck   space 

Amazing Photos of the Super Blood Wolf Moon of 2019!   space 

This 55-inch 4K Roku TV is just $300 - CNET   cnet 

The Skills Needed for a Blockchain Developer   interestingengineering 

‘Game changing’ iPad Pro app will feed NHL coaches real-time data   cultofmac 

Western Digital deploys heatsink on remodelled M.2 to tempt gamers • The Register   register 

Apple inks deal with Ron Howard’s documentary company   cultofmac 

Airtel Rs 1,699 prepaid plan debuts with 1GB daily data, 365 days validity   bgr-in 

Michael C. Hall is the celebrity in the Skittles musical   adage 

Every frame of this ‘Shot on iPhone’ video is a stunner   cultofmac 

After the end of Moore's Law, what next ?   cbinsights 

WhatsApp imposes five-recipient limit on forwarded messages to limit 'misinformation and rumors'   betanews 


Creative Works EMEA: featuring 180 Kingsday, Leo Burnett, Knas and more   thedrum 

Your private browsing isn’t as incognito as you want it to be   popsci 

How The Sun built an 800,000 reader database through its integrated promotions strategy   thedrum 

How to add new smart devices to your SmartThings Hub @slideme   androidcentral 

Intro to hacking MicroSD cards: Comments:   newsycom 

Latest 2TB Seagate hard drive plummets to just over £50: Never delete a game again with a Seagate expansion drive,   eurogamer 

Melissa is correct, you need to understand every aspect of what the migration can entail!   nojitter 

Growing Pains - The New Atlantis   thenewatlantis 

How to Stop Windows 10 Apps From Launching at Startup   pcmag 

Common Food Additives Have Been Linked To Anxiety And Behavior Changes   iflscience 

Hacked enough: why your business needs a bug bounty program   hackernoon 

Amazon's running a rare sale on its new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite, today only   bgr 

The "10 Year Challenge" may be an elaborate data collection plan to train facial recognition algorithms - TechSpot   techspot 

Is Only-Child Syndrome Real? - Scientific American   sciam 

Get a refurbished unlocked iPhone 6s for just $200 today only   imore 

SEO for Developers: Reaching the Front Page of Google without being Spammy   hackernoon 

Samsung's new Galaxy S10: These are the three models tipped to take on iPhone   zdnet 

Versioning in The World of Containers   dzone 

Implications of IoT for IT Professionals   dzone 

Learn about the four new rules of digital business backed by research   forrester 

VDOO's New Agent For IoT Devices Provides Tailored Endpoint Security.   crn 

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