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Google Pixel 3 international giveaway! - Android Authority  androidauth 

Global Spending on AI Systems to Hit $98 Billion by 2023 – IDC   adtmag 

How to protect your hearing with iOS 13 and watchOS 6 - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Groovy! Vinyl records will soon outsell CDs for first time since 1986 - CNET   cnet 

Hurricane Dorian passes offshore east of Cape Canaveral   domainmondo 

How science may help us smell the past   acs 

Palo Alto Networks Builds Out IoT Security Portfolio – Channelnomics   channelnomics 

Russia accuses Facebook, Google of violating political ad laws   engadget 

Energy Companies Are Missing Out on Bitcoin Mining * * * * * Liked? Encourage my job with t   bitcoinmagazine 

The biggest insights and trends in digital transformation for 2019 - Enterprise Irregulars   enterpriseirregulars 

Apple Hint, XRP Dump, Mystery $1 Billion Transfer: Hodler’s Digest, Sept. 2–8   cointelegraph 

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How IoT & AI are Impacting Business Centres in India? - CIOL   ciol 

Mainframe Modernization on Platform - Here's How It's Done - Compuware   compuware 

Altcoins See Slight Uptick While Bitcoin Is Stuck Around $10,400   cointelegraph 

Monthly Macro Support Tested With Impulsive Move * * * * * Liked? Encourage my job with tip   bitcoinmagazine 

Wikipedia taken offline by massive DDoS attack   betanews 

Evonik leads funding round for Chinese 3D printing medical startup - 3D Printing Industry   3dprintingindustry 

Hybrid Manufacturing: Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing and CNC Companies - 

10 artificial intelligence terms you need to know   enterprisersproject 

The Top Apps for Architects   archdaily 

Google Pixel 4 colors leak, including new Coral-like hue - 9to5Google   9to5google 

What iPhone 11 event announcements are you excited for? - 9to5Mac   9to5mac 

Six Reasons COBOL Has Survived to Age 60   week 

Crypto and the Latency Arms Race: Towards Speed Bumps and OTC Trading - CoinDesk   coindesk 

Scientists Analyze Well-Preserved Dead Sea Scroll - Archaeology Magazine   archaeology 

AI System Passed an Eighth-Grade Science Test   acm 

US Researchers Create 3D Printing Filament from Recycled Cellulose Polypropylene - 

Review: Adam Lambert releases inspirational 'Superpower' music video (Includes first-hand account)   digitaljournal 

Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Software   datam 

How IT departments can upskill in the new economy   computerweekly 

"It's Just Not Possible" --Cassini Mission to Saturn Discovers Something Astonishing   dailygalaxy 

Swedish scientist advocates eating humans to combat climate change - Big Think   bigthink 

Best GAMES of the WEEK   appadvice 

Apollo’s Worst Day | History   airspacemag 

How NVIDIA, VMware Are Bringing GPUs to the Masses - eWEEK   week 

US Stocks in Rally Mode, Record US Employment   domainmondo 

"Mars was once a lush, ocean-covered planet with a thick atmosphere like Earth's   digitaltrends 

How did a Chinese APT get a U.S. hacking tool before it was leaked? Check Point has a theory.   cyberscoop 

Next-gen Siri may be able to have ‘back and forth’ conversations about health issues – BGR   bgr 

Design Director - Amsterdam - Netherlands   awwwards 

Dragon Sculptures Uncovered in Western Han Dynasty Tomb - Archaeology Magazine   archaeology 

18 Cyber Security Startups to Watch in 2019   secplanet 

Errata Security: Thread on network input parsers   erratasec 

World's Largest FPGA Has 35 Billion Transistors #fpga   eetimes 

Drones In Construction: Inside the Approval of a Waiver for Flight Over Humans with Hensel Phelps and ParaZero - DRONELIFE   dronelife 

Gas at 20 Million Degrees Glows Brightly in Colorful Supernova Remnant   digitaltrends 

The Human Brain Has been Getting Smaller Since the Stone Age - The Crux   disc 

The Telegraph is using Snapchat and Instagram to find subscribers - Digiday   digiday 

How Apple will spark an AR boom [Cult of Mac Magazine 313]   cultofmac 

Algorithms should have made courts more fair. What went wrong?   ars 

Apple to launch 'iPhone 11' on Sept. 20, celebrate with reopening of Fifth Avenue store in NYC   appleinsider 

Meet Australopithecus anamensis, one of humankind's oldest ancestors   ancient-code 

2,800 year old stone altar found in Jordan provides evidence of biblical warfare   ancient-code 

How Small Businesses Will Benefit from 5G - eWEEK   week 

Best Cheap Phones for 2019   digitaltrends 

Attacks & Breaches News, Analysis, Discussion, & ...   darkrdng 

Fintech's need to watch their digital backs - short-term lending banned by Google - Daily Fintech   dailyfintech 

Micro Focus Sales Slump Deepens – Channelnomics   channelnomics 

IT Science Case Study: A New-Gen Data Platform for Industrial IoT - eWEEK   week 

Google Assistant on Pixel 4 may handle calls while you're on hold   engadget 

NBA2K20 Draws Flak for How Denver Nuggets' Nikola Jokic Looks   digitaltrends 

DARPA is Sending Robots Underground to Teach Them to Save Lives   digitaltrends 

Cube World to Finally Launch on Steam After 6-Year Wait   digitaltrends 

Scientists Issue Warning To Humanity: Climate Change Depends On Microbes - D-brief   disc 

LEAP Awards deadline extended to September 16th   designworldonline 

"The Black Hole Larger Than Our Solar System" --The EHT Sequel   dailygalaxy 

Mainframe DevOps A to Z Webcast Series - Compuware   compuware 

VMwares latest acquisitions point to emerging platform war   computerweekly 

Review: Mophie's new multi-device chargers help you cut the cords   appleinsider 

Remains of Possible Holocaust Victim Found in Czech Republic - Archaeology Magazine   archaeology 

How to use Digital Wellbeing Focus Mode on Android 10   androidcentral 

Interview with Gavin Leggott on 3D Printing in Africa - 

3D Printing Polymer-Bonded Magnets Rival Conventional Counterparts - 

How Kaltura Will Enable Oracle Video Cloud - eWEEK   week 

The best MIDI keyboard controller for beginners   engadget 

7 Startups Applying #AI To Drug Discovery |   disruptionhub 

Remembering ENIAC, and the Women Who Programmed It   digitaltrends 

Your favorite financial app has now arrived! Here are the five reasons why it's the best. https   digitaltrends 

Nuclear Technology Abandoned Decades Ago Might Give Us Safer, Smaller Reactors - The Crux   disc 

PinkNews has tripled revenue over the last year, driven by Snapchat - Digiday   digiday 

How Reuters is training reporters to spot 'deepfakes' - Digiday   digiday 

US Wargames to Try Out Concepts for Fighting China, Russia - Defense One   defenseone 

Approximating the Sine Function   datagenetics 

Job-Seeker Data Exposed in Monster File Leak   darkrdng 

U.S. ramping up offensive cyber measures to stop economic attacks, Bolton says - CyberScoop   cyberscoop 

On the tides of insurance innovation - Daily Fintech   dailyfintech 

The best music, notes and knob-twisting apps this week   cultofmac 

Last chance! Slope stand is sleek, magical and 20% off   cultofmac 

Microsoft Uses Deep Learning For Malicious PowerShell Detection   bleepingcomputer 

Critical Exim TLS Flaw Lets Attackers Remotely Execute Commands as Root Cover page article   bleepingcomputer 

Report shows exponential growth in EU biogas production   biomassmagazine 

10 deals you don’t want to miss on Sunday: $20 Bluetooth headphones, $16 Wi-Fi extender, $30 off AirPods, more – BGR   bgr 

ICYMI: All the best accessories for Apple users announced at IFA   appleinsider 

ICYMI: The best headphones announced during IFA 2019   appleinsider 

Best RPGs for Android in 2019   androidcentral 

NVIDIA Shield TV vs. Apple TV 4K: Which should you buy in 2019?   androidcentral 

Facebook Dating is now official in the U.S., Tinder beware (not really) - Android Community   androidcommunity 

Obama Wins! ... Ad Age's Marketer of the Year   adage 

Assistant on Pixel 4 can take over calls while you're on hold - 9to5Google   9to5google 

A closer look at accelerating digital process automation   fcw 

Errata Security: Thread on the OSI model is a lie   erratasec 

Use Unlabeled #Data to See If AI Is Just Faking It  EE Times Data is everything in many respects, it's the only t   eetimes 

Drones Doing Good: AOPA Assists in Organizing Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts. - DRONELIFE   dronelife 

Speed result of 28/1.38 Mbps   dslreports 

The King Netflix review - Is it the next Oscar contender?   digitalspy 

Knives Out reviews - Chris Evans' post-Avengers movie is a hit   digitalspy 

Linear Motion Design for Washdown Applications – From PBC Linear   designworldonline 

Post-Restructuring Sungard AS Has All-New Board; Finance, Sales Chiefs   datacenterknowledge 

Paul Vixie on the spike in DNS hijacking - CyberScoop   cyberscoop 

Ransomware - How “Fileless” Ransomware Works   crowdstrike 

Research: Blockchain Technology to Be Standardized by 2021   cointelegraph 

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to deploying martech - ClickZ   clickz 

Some Tory MPs Are Urging Boris Johnson To Break The Law To Deliver Brexit   buzzfeed 

12 Industries That Will Thrive Thanks To Millennials - CB Insights Research   cbinsights 

The next clean energy source? Snow! - Big Think   bigthink 

If you have a Fire TV, you need this $25 accessory – BGR   bgr 

Violence is not my culture - Awwwards SOTD   awwwards 

Apple criticized for insensitively downplaying Google's iOS vulnerability revelations   betanews 

Minimalist House / 85 Design   archdaily 

Official NAVY images of UFO encounter in the Arctic   ancient-code 

We are not edging up to a mass extinction   aeon 

Why meaning is more sunken into words than we realise   aeon 

How the U.S. Open became a branded juggernaut   adage 

NSA: Just say no to hacking back   fcw 

Lemonade Uses AI To Get You Insurance Claims Paid Out Faster - ExtremeTech   xtrmtech 

Sur Ron electric motorcycle beats gas motorcycles to win 1st place in race   electrek 


Tesla has now 2 levels of 'Early Access', Elon Musk comments on state of V10 software - Electrek   electrek 

How Psychological Triggers Impact Marketing Decisions   dmnews 

Corrie star films Sinead Tinker's tragic exit   digitalspy 

Neighbours' Ben Hall on cast exits and his future as Ned Willis   digitalspy 

From DevOps to DevSecOps: Owning Cloud Security -   devops 

A complete list of Morse Code palindromes.   datagenetics 

"Black Hole Relics?" --Mystery of Enormous Bubbles Towering Over the Milky Way   dailygalaxy 

It's Not Healthy to Confuse Compliance with Security   darkrdng 

Hybrid Security Tokens - What are they and What are they not? - Daily Fintech   dailyfintech 

This week in Fintech - Daily Fintech   dailyfintech 

18 More Girls Claim Adverse Reactions To HPV Vaccine: Important Info On Gardasil Parents Don’t Hear About – Collective Evolution   collective-evolution 

Why Employee Experience Is Crucial to Successful Digital Transformation   cmswire 


Bots, Automation and Workflow Are Primed to Advance Workplace Collaboration   cmswire 

Elements of an Effective Marketing Newsletter   cmswire 

A Quick Tour of Tulsa's Incredible New Public Park - CityLab   citylab 

Seasonal Giveaway - Chi-Squared Innovations   chi2innovations 

Offchain Labs pushes forward with Ethereum scaling solution #cryptocurrency   bravenewcoin 

Apple observing crypto assets #cryptocurrency   bravenewcoin 

GootKit #Malware Bypasses Windows Defender by Setting Path Exclusions   bleepingcomputer 

Watch Apple's iPhone 11 launch on YouTube   betanews 

Weekly releases vs. the binge model: Here’s why Netflix’s approach is better – BGR   bgr 

Purple, Rock, Scissors! - Awwwards SOTD   awwwards 

Denim - a data deep dive - Awwwards SOTD   awwwards 

NETGEAR Orbi Wi-Fi 6 Mesh System AX6000 (RBK852) is both impressive and expensive   betanews 


Samsung Galaxy Fold finally relaunched, available tom in Korea - Android Community   androidcommunity 

NBA 2K20 Shoots Into the App Store With a Number of Game Modes   appadvice 

New sound bars, new Fire TVs, fixed(?) Galaxy Fold [#acpodcast]   androidcentral 

Let's bring back the Sabbath as a radical act against ‘total work’   aeon 

Google Podcasts preps Material Theme redesign [Gallery] - 9to5Google   9to5google 

Top Stories: Many Pixel 4 leaks, Android 10 release, more - 9to5Google   9to5google 

DOD releases unified cybersecurity standard for contractors   fcw 

At a Glance: MSI GE65 Raider Review - ExtremeTech   xtrmtech 

Somewhere on earth, this grey seal has found its long lost brother.   eurekalert 

High-Performance Computing 101: HPC and How Engineers Can Use It >   engineering 

"Smart Grid for Electric Vehicles: Electric mobility provides ample challenges for engineers of next generation EV   eetimes 

Telsa Pickup Truck Release Date - Unveiling in November 2019 - Electrek   electrek 


Yellowstone's Steamboat geyser breaks record   earthsky 

India's moon mission: "95% of mission objectives accomplished"   earthsky 

British #Technology Sector is Facing Hard #Brexit Debacle   eetimes 

Apache #Kafka, KSQL, and Apache PLC4X for Industrial #IoT and Automation   dzone 

Auterion, Open Source Operating System for Drones, Announces New MAVSDK: Software Development Kit for Drone Communications - DRONELIFE   dronelife 

Innovating For Sustainability - Disruption Hub via @Disruptionhub   disruptionhub 

5 Artificial Intelligence Use Cases Marketers Must Know for High-Performing Content   dmnews 

Refresh 2019 - Can Freshworks change the CX market with better customer success metrics?   diginomica 

Facing rapid expansion, renewables pioneer Vattenfall goes agile   diginomica 

This video workshop takes a closer look at the LED quality indicator on groov EPIC I/O modules   designworldonline 

New video shows you how to use the Ignition Edge® MQTT Transmission module in groov EPIC to publish tag data from A   designworldonline 

New to groov EPIC or want to know what those multi-colored LEDs on the groov EPIC system indicate? You'll want to w   designworldonline 


DevOps Chat: DevOps and the Programmable Network with Cisco DevNet   devops 

I would suggest using "shift left" to move things to a better place, not just to frontline fix.   devops 

The State of DevOps Report 2019 Is Out #Devops   devops 

and #DevOps Success Needs Continuous Testing   devops 

Welcome to the New Phase of US-China Tech Competition Commentary by @afeng79 and @lorandlaskai http   defenseone 

How to Choose a Servo Controller for Your Application   designworldonline 

Common Errors in #MachineLearning due to Poor #Statistics Knowledge: by @granvilleDSC   datasciencecentral 

What the Apollo 11 Computer Can Teach Today's #Data Center Architects  Data Center Knowledge I first encountered Fr   datacenterknowledge 

Palo Alto Networks Gains With Analysts Reassured on Strategy  Data Center Knowledge Ryan Vlastelica   datacenterknowledge 

Official Worldwide Box Office estimates for Sunday, September 1 are in! See what's topping the charts   comscore 

'HPE Gains Server Market Share In Heated Battle With Dell'   crn 

Did you know Italian Grand Prix is the fifth oldest national Grand Prix, having been held since 1921?   crowdstrike 


Take a deep-dive into the today's #threat landscape of Download now.   crowdstrike 

Why hybrid blockchains will dominate ecommerce reported by   compworld 

TSB works with Silicon Valley tech firm to help SME customers take card payments   bank   computerweekly 

XMR, EOS, BCH, BTC, DASH   cointelegraph 

Payments Processor Stripe Launches Lending Service for Online Companies   cointelegraph 

What Aloe Vera Does In Your Body: Why Egyptians Called It The Plant Of Immortality   collective-evolution 

What Polio Vaccine Injury Looks Like, Decades Later: When touting the merits of vaccination, public health official   collective-evolution 

Joe Pulizzi Shares His 7 Laws of Content Marketing at CMWorld 2019 #digitalmarketing   cmswire 

How to Drive Sales with Messenger, SMS, Conversational Ads, and Email   chatbotsmagazine 

Google Calendar Spam Got You Down? A Fix Is on The Way   bleepingcomputer 

Check it. #Startup Continent: The Most Well-Funded Tech Startups In Asia & The Pacific   cbinsights 

Amazon AWS Outage Shows Data in the Cloud is Not Always Safe A recent power outage at an   bleepingcomputer 

Best 25 mobile #games for #Android to play before you die   bgr-in 

A disgruntled mechanic has been charged with sabotaging an American Airlines flight   bgr 

Debian-based MX Linux 19 Beta 2.1 now available for download   betanews 

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