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Climate scientists’ motivated reasoning  judithcurry 

Oracle Warns of New Actively-Exploited WebLogic Flaw   threatpost 

In OTT video, features are as important as content - Marketing Land   mrktngland 

Adopting new martech? You don't have to choose between agile and waterfall - Marketing Land   mrktngland 

Successful teams attend SMX East   mrktngland 

49% of all Google searches are no-click, study finds - Search Engine Land   searchengineland 

Google DV360 testing 3D and YouTube live stream display ad formats - Marketing Land   mrktngland 

New Critical Oracle WebLogic Flaw Under Active Attack — Patch Now   thehackernews 

"Big Bang Vanishes" --Quantum Theory Describes an Eternal Universe   dailygalaxy 

Feds: Cyberattack on NASA's JPL Threatened Mission-Control Data   threatpost 

Price extensions now supported in Microsoft Advertising Editor - Search Engine Land   searchengineland 

Pakistani Official Accidentally Uses Cat Filter During Live Press Conference   petapixel 

Bloor Research endorses Redgate’s data masking solution as the only choice for the mid-market - Virtual-Strategy Magazine   virtual-strategy 

The Turkish TF-X stealth fighter – a good idea? We ask a former British technical liaison   hushkit 

Visa Set to Join the Expanding Field of Blockchain-Based International Payment Providers   cointelegraph 

How secure is that .zip file? One senator is urging NIST to weigh in - CyberScoop   cyberscoop 

AMCA parent company files for bankruptcy amid data breach fallout - CyberScoop   cyberscoop 

Cambridge Analytica founder backs out of Cannes panel amid protest   adage 

Ethereum-Based Decentralized Video Streaming Startup Livepeer Raises $8M   cointelegraph 

⚠️If you've ever bought a used Nest Camera, you'll probably want to unplug it immediately   thewirecutter 

From Control to Curiosity: The Starting Point of Innovation   cmswire 

Facebook's digital wallet Calibra: What it could mean for marketers - Marketing Land   mrktngland 

Navy Explosives Expert Shows Off Evidence Of Iranian Involvement In Tanker Attacks - The Drive   thedrive 

Key witness in press-release hacking case is sentenced to time served - CyberScoop   cyberscoop 

Two Potentially Earth-Like Alien Planets Found Around Nearby Star   space 

Hasselblad's New 907X is Its Smallest Medium Format Body Ever   petapixel 

Philippine Government Tech Department Signs Deal With Blockchain Firm   cointelegraph 

Tips for Diagnosing Steep Drops in Organic Search Traffic   practicalecommerce 

CBDCs of the World: The Benefits and Drawbacks of National Cryptos, According to Different Jurisdictions   cointelegraph 

PowerPoint to start telling you that your presentation is bad and you should feel bad • The Register   register 

Regulators Debate Cryptocurrency Legislation Ahead of G20 Summit - CoinDesk   coindesk 

NBN Co wants to create a cut-price 100Mbps product - Telco/ISP - iTnews   itnews 

Harvard Study Reveals One Word is the Secret to Being Likable and Emotionally Intelligent – Innovation Excellence   innovexc 

How information is like snacks, money, and drugs—to your brain   medicalxpress 

Synthetic joint lubricant holds promise for osteoarthritis   eurekalert 

How to Shoot Concerts: Tips from a Pro Music Photographer   petapixel 

First look: Inside Microsoft’s plan to reboot its original Redmond campus – GeekWire   geekwire 

WWDC19: SwiftUI was the brightest star in a galaxy of new ideas   appleinsider 

A new view of slavery, via a letter from my great great grandfather   ted 

Kodi Add-On Developer Arrested On Same Day as Popular Repo Goes Down - TorrentFreak   torrentfrk 

Breakthrough Listen Releases 1 Million Gigabytes of Data from Its Search for E.T.   space 

Senator Hawley Proposes Law To Force Internet Companies To Beg The FTC For Permission To Host Content   techdirt 

'I Don’t Trust Facebook With Anything:' The World Reacts to Facebook's Libra - CoinDesk   coindesk 

New study highlights need for ethnic and ancestral diversity in genomic research   medicalxpress 

7 Worst UX Mistakes Limiting Your Growth SitePoint   sitepoint 

Nike wins big (again) scoring Cannes Grand Prix for Media   adage 

Marine One Has A Plush New Interior - The Drive   thedrive 

This is what the 2020 iPhones might look like   cultofmac 

Mark Penn says voter registration won't matter much in coming election   adage 

BoJo & Brexit Bother BT's Broadband Boss   lightrdng 

Permafrost In Canada Is Thawing 70 Years Earlier Than Expected   iflscience 

Making Personas Useful by Making Them Scenario-based — UX Articles by UIE   uie 

Flock Launches Insurance and Risk Management Product for Enterprise Drone Fleets - DRONELIFE   dronelife 

YouTube and Universal Music Group are remastering old music videos   engadget 

Hasselblad’s X1D II mirrorless camera is faster and more affordable   engadget 

Overcoming PTSD: Study reveals memory disruption drug target   eurekalert 

Study: How arousal impacts physiological synchrony in relationships   medicalxpress 

Donald Trump and Fed Chairman Distrust is Bullish for Bitcoin: Billionaire Investor   newsbtc 

Why every advertiser should be a technologist - Think with Google   thinkwithgoogle 

After remote-code test, DHS sounds the alarm on BlueKeep - CyberScoop   cyberscoop 

Phishing Attack Exposes Data of 645,000 Oregon DHS Clients   bleepingcomputer 

Researchers see around corners to detect object shapes   eurekalert 

Commissioning Editor, American English Publishing Team job with Springer Nature   mediabistro 

Next Sony smartphone will have lots of cameras, eight in total - Android Community   androidcommunity 

Optimizing customer experience is critical to surviving in the age of digital Darwinism - ClickZ   clickz 

Uber reportedly wants to acquire Seattle computer vision startup Mighty AI to bolster self-driving tech – GeekWire   geekwire 

Congress Now Creating A Moral Panic Around Deepfakes In Order To Change CDA 230   techdirt 

New Research Underlines the Ongoing Mobile Usage Shift, Highlights Audience-Specific Considerations   socmedtoday 

Hasselblad's 35-75mm f/3.5-4.5 is the First XCD Zoom and Its 'Best' Lens Ever   petapixel 

NASA Wants Robots to Sniff Out Moon Pits for Astronaut Homes   space 

This Is NASA's Best View Yet (and Closest, Too!) of Asteroid Bennu   space 

Altice USA Adds Cheddar Business on Optimum TV   lightrdng 

Google, Sanofi use technology to better understand diseases and treatments - MedCity News   medcitynews 

Omniverse to Shutter Operations, Cut Ties to HovSat   lightrdng 

New Gracenote Feature IDs Popular Content   lightrdng 

Procter & Gamble, Unilever help create 'digital safety' group   marketingdive 

Scaffold helps cells repair torn meniscus in lab tests   medicalxpress 

Vitamin D may not help your heart   medicalxpress 

Comparing Classifiers: Decision Trees, K-NN & Naive Bayes - Data Science Central   datasciencecentral 

Learn more about the Java Platform Module System @zraffai   dzone 

Amazon is selling two books supposedly authored by 'Satoshi Nakamoto'   nextweb 

'Whopper Detour' wins Direct Grand Prix at Cannes Lions   adage 

Remembering the Dead: Discovering Century-Old Dry Plate Photos   petapixel 

Cannesdemonium: Extinction Rebellion crashes Cannes Lions to rally ad industry   thedrum 

Top Shot: A Splash of Gold Top Shot features...   natgeo 

Serotonin linked to somatic awareness, a condition long thought to be imaginary   eurekalert 

Kickstarter Tabletop Alert: Discover New Species in 'Darwinauts' - GeekDad   geekdad 

Discussing Convention Safety with Voice Actor Gregg Berger - GeekDad   geekdad 

Twitter removes precise geo-tagging option from tweets   engadget 

This Is What 2 Dozen Satellites Look Like Packed for Launch on a SpaceX Falcon Heavy   space 

Globcoin GLX StableCoin and payments for the Daily Fintech SmartExpert service.   dailyfintech 

Roadmaps Relaunched — UIE’s All You Can Learn Library   uie 

Kano’s next computer kit is a $300 Windows convertible laptop for kids   nextweb 

Samsung exec says “most” of the Galaxy Fold’s display problems have been fixed   nextweb 

A New "Cat-Fox" Species, Long Believed To Be A Myth, Has Been Discovered In Corsica   iflscience 

A quick and easy guide to writing a good CV   nextweb 

Microsoft, you should look away now: Google's cloud second only to AWS in dev survey • The Register   register 

Microsoft Prepares to Autoupdate Windows 10 v1803 and Earlier Devices   bleepingcomputer 

Researchers learn dangerous brain parasite 'orders in' for dinner   medicalxpress 

Qualcomm, Intel and other U.S. chip makers could lose more than $11 billion due to Huawei ban   phandroid 

Stock Indexes Do Not Reflect Economic Reality, Will it Boost Bitcoin Sentiment?   newsbtc 

"NYSE says Slack's reference price for its direct listing has been set at $26 per share   techmeme 

VMware and Now Cisco SD-WAN Cybersecurity Issues – – Comm & Tech Blog   tmc 

Japanese regulators say 'engage' on Roche's Trk inhibitor - MedCity News   medcitynews 

Presentation explores questions of germ-line gene editing - MedCity News   medcitynews 

fuboTV Nets Discovery Deal   lightrdng 

Alaska’s GCI builds a 5G network with help from Ericsson   fiercewireless 

Quibi secures $100M in ad commitments from P&G, Walmart, Google and others   marketingdive 

Why personalized packaging works for CPG companies   marketingdive 

ViaSat-3 Broadband Satellite to Ride New Arianspace Launch Vehicle   lightrdng 

Russia Will Not Legalize Facebook’s Cryptocurrency, Official Says   cointelegraph 

Ad agency leaks data on US military veterans' combat injuries   zdnet 

25 Trending Technology Research Paper Topics in 2019   trendintech 

Starting a business from your phone: Where to start?   trendintech 

Two Issues I Had with the Leica Q2 in the 1st Month: Dust and Banding   petapixel 

VC Investor: Facebook Crypto Has 50% Chance of Ever Launching, Here's Why   newsbtc 

Lululemon menswear stores quietly close after short-lived runs   adage 

Black & Abroad, Volvo grab Grand Prix glory at Cannes   adage 

Isobar U.S. CEO on the challenges of demonstrating ROI for voice   adage 

In NYC? See 'Apollo 11' for Free with the Director at the Intrepid Museum Friday   space 

Ha! Releasing my first #LightningNetwork app into the wild. It's   space 

Duffel Funding Round Adds Fuel To Travel Industry Innovation   pymnts 

World’s Fastest Supercomputer Triples Performance to 445 PetaFLOPS –   nextbigfuture 

Data Science for Internet of Things - The Big Picture - Data Science Central   datasciencecentral 

Apple to Revise Mojave’s Catalyst Apps in macOS Catalina – MacStories   macstories 

API development environment startup Postman raises $50M - SiliconANGLE   siliconangle 

100-gallon drums labeled 'Weed Killer' found at bottom of scenic Oregon lake   healthnutnews 


A brief look at the state of influencer marketing - ClickZ   clickz 

5 ways a 'lazy' lawn makes pollinators happy - Futurity   futurity 

4 Proven Ways to Improve Customer Service Using Social Media   socmedtoday 

How to select rows and columns in Pandas using [ ], .loc, iloc, .at and .iat   kdnuggets 

Russia to Adopt Crypto Legislation Within Two Weeks: Deputy Finance Minister   cointelegraph 

Big Four Accountancy Firm Unveils New Crypto Auditing Tools   newsbtc 

Apple’s first apps ported from iOS get more ‘Mac-like’   cultofmac 

Apple Card testing expands to Apple retail workers ahead of launch   appleinsider 

Apple become world’s fourth-largest gaming company   cultofmac 

Mac page design app Affinity Publisher comes out of beta   appleinsider 

A Million Dollar Art Piece In The Making   newsbtc 

Best Buy can now service and repair your Apple products   cultofmac 


Scent and Sensibility: If women aren’t trophies, why do ads still treat them that way?   adage 

Two Earth-Sized Planets Discovered Just 12.5 Light-Years From Earth   iflscience 

Ridiculously Dumb And Potentially Fatal "Natural Birth Control" Advice Goes Viral   iflscience 

Starry aims to bring its $50, 200Mbps broadband to 25 more US states   ars 

Declassified satellite images show how Himalayan glaciers have shrunk   ars 

Physicists show novel Mott state in twisted graphene bilayers at 'magic angle'   physorg 

Verizon Adds LG's V50 to 5G Phone List   lightrdng 

From the X Files --"Project Mogul UFO Conspiracy & Nuclear War"   dailygalaxy 

Unilever CEO: 'Woke-washing' is infecting the ad industry   marketingdive 

Pantene updates 'Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful' to feature LGBTQ+ community   marketingdive 

'Neon Genesis Evangelion' comes to Netflix June 21st   engadget 

MIT is turning AI into a pizza chef   engadget 


OnePlus 7 review: The true 'flagship killer' - Android Authority   androidauth 

YouTube is remastering classic music videos, and they look totally rad   androidauth 

Smart speaker skill uses AI to detect heart emergency and call 911 - SlashGear   slashgear 

GAO questions NASA’s SLS moon rocket plan, but Boeing CEO stays the course – GeekWire   geekwire 

Was Mary Magdalene Destined To Be the First Pope?   ancient-origins 

The Emergence of Cooperative and Competitive AI Agents   kdnuggets 

Microsoft rolls out previews of Chromium-based Edge for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1   zdnet 

US Senate panel to examine Facebook digital currency project   itnews 

'Fear, uncertainty and doubt' in the security labor market   ciodive 

Meet the Cat-Fox, an Oddball Feline Roaming Around a French Island   livescience 

First step towards a better prosthetic leg? Trip people over and over   eurekalert 

7 'scary' and disruptive technologies to watch out for   ciodive 


Hackers exploit Mozilla Firefox bug reportedly affecting Coinbase users   nextweb 

NBN Co backs down on 12Mbps price crunch - Telco/ISP - iTnews   itnews 

FCAS is not pronounced F**KA*S   hushkit 

S3 as Input or Output for Hadoop MR jobs - Data Science Central   datasciencecentral 

Olimdal Features Fun, Movement-Based Puzzles   appadvice 

Advancing to Cheaper Extraction of Uranium from Seawater –   nextbigfuture 

Neural Networks: Crash Course On Multi-Layer Perceptron - Data Science Central   datasciencecentral 

Web Pages Can Rank For Image Alt Text Content In Google Web Search   seoround 

SEO Poll Shows Many SEOs Still Focusing On Desktop Page Analysis   seoround 

Memories form 'barrier' to letting go of objects for people who hoard   medicalxpress 

Scientists identify novel protrusions in blood vessels of the brain   medicalxpress 

Apple's watchOS 6 lets users delete first-party apps   appleinsider 


Oracle issues emergency update to patch actively exploited WebLogic flaw   ars 

YouTube is considering moving all videos for children to its separate YouTube Kids app   adage 

Hill Holliday President on lessons learned leading a legacy agency   adage 

The latest FCC plan to boost US broadband? Prevent competition in apartment blocks • The Register   register 

What’s coming to Netflix in July: ‘Stranger Things' and 'Queer Eye'   engadget 

New York is passing its own Green New Deal   popsci 

Adobe chomps down more fat subs revenue, points sucking straw at all your delicious customer data • The Register   register 

Two Earth-Like Alien Planets Spotted Orbiting Nearby Star - ExtremeTech   xtrmtech 

Joint hypermobility related to anxiety, also in animals   physorg 

LG V40 ThinQ Android Pie update rollout expands to Europe WEBLINK@   gsmarena 

Report: Tariffs Could Raise Laptop, Phone Prices 22 Percent - ExtremeTech   xtrmtech 

The 10 commandments of navigating code reviews   techbeacon 


Google updates its educational tools for teachers - SiliconANGLE   siliconangle 

Latest Healthcare #cyber Security Market Size Reflect Enormous Growth at a CAGR of 15.3% by   medgadget 

Siemens to Cut 2,700 Jobs at Energy Unit Due for Listing   industryweek 

Findings link gut bacteria and fibromyalgia   futurity 

When you buy and recommend the Pixel 3a, you get Play Store credit - Android Community   androidcommunity 

3DPI > Autodesk releases generative design addons for 3D modelling software Fusion 360 >   3dprintingindustry 

Tapestry names Abercrombie & Fitch exec new CFO   retaildive 

Outdoor Voices rolls out new tech   retaildive 

Banana Republic embraces waterless denim dyeing   retaildive 

From one brain scan, more information for medical artificial intelligence   mit 

ITIL 4 has finally arrived. Is it enough to bring the framework back to relevance?   itproportal 

Chrome's two features protect users from deceptive websites - Android Community   androidcommunity 

Web Server Security Firm Cloudflare Announces Launch of Ethereum Gateway   cointelegraph 

Renders of the upcoming Motorola One Pro leak - Android Authority   androidauth 

Here are 12 features OnePlus promises are coming to Oxygen OS   androidauth 

'Hard Core Fund' Collects 50 BTC to Support Bitcoin Developers - CoinDesk   coindesk 

At Cannes Lions, Verizon CMO Discusses Efforts to Foster Inclusivity   adweek 

IPVanish review: VPN delivers a wealth of options and browsing controls: Whether you're looking for an easy-to-use   zdnet 

React Form Validation with Formik and Yup   hackernoon 

Listen to Booker T. & the MG's perform "Green Onions" on this day in 1977:   pastemagazine 

Tech news roundup: HPE Discover 2019, Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency, and Google Cloud's debacle: This week's Tech   techrepublic 

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