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Half of organisations breached via a third party in 12 months
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Defying COVID-19: Blockchain events make an in-person return   cointelegraph 

Beautiful but deadly, Italy's Stromboli offers more than just a fiery peak   natgeo 

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Vintage HP-25 Calculator Gets Wireless Charging   hackaday 

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How hot peppers and marijuana could help cure gut problems   popsci 

Bauhaus Campus 2021. Architecture Competition for Students   archdaily 

Understanding the differences between biological and computer vision   venbeat 

Humans need bumble bees—and they are disappearing faster than we thought   popsci 

Heart study: Low- and regular-dose aspirin safe, effective   medicalxpress 

Want to help the bees? Keep these out of your garden.   popsci 

Upcoming Speaking Engagements   schneier 

New project: Banking and Data Science. A deep dive into bank church.   kaggle 

How To Predict Customer Churn From Your Website Logs?   towardsdatascience 

House of No Bricks / Urban Design Collaborative   archdaily 

Twitter is Working on New Folders Within Bookmarks to Categorize Your Saved Tweets   socmedtoday 

Modi's Unwillingness To Listen To Criticism Has Knocked The Halo Off His Head   buzzfeed 

Robotic Bartender Built With Industrial-Grade Hardware   hackaday 

NSA reportedly installing spyware on US-made hardware - CNET   cnet 

It’s a “High Probability” That Cell Phone Radiation Causes Brain Tumors: Renowned Scientist Explains – Collective Evolution   collective-evolution 

The Femtech Market Map: 95+ Companies Shaping The Future of Women's Health & Wellness   cbinsights 

Facebook Shares New Research into Emerging Consumer Behaviors in New Zealand [Infographic]   socmedtoday 

The World's Fastest Dog Vs. The World's Fastest Cat [Video]   popsci 

What is Vernacular Architecture?   archdaily 

Brain size and neuron numbers drive differences in yawn duration across mammals and birds   nature 

Facebook Publishes New Guide to Running Effective Live-Stream Events   socmedtoday 

100daysofchallenge/Rdbms/SQL Function at main · Aj7t/100daysofchallenge · GitHub   github 

5 Reasons Open Source Is Critical To Going Cloud Native - InformationWeek   infowk 

What is AI? Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence   zdnet 

In Nigeria, about $649 million is lost annually to internet fraud   qz 

Misunderstood Movie Villains That Deserved Better   buzzfeed 

Scratch is down for maintenance!   mit 

Simulate Real-life Events in Python Using SimPy   towardsdatascience 

Hot take: Asus Zenfone 8 Flip and Zenfone 8 - news   gsmarena 

Porn Site Sells NFT, so Of Course the Winner’s Username Is NSFW   gizmodo 

How Holding Onto Negativity Threatens Psychological Well-Being   psychologytoday 

Samsung's affordable Galaxy A52 5G is on sale at its first decent discount ever - PhoneArena   phonearena 

GitHub Actions Down   newsycom 

Amazon Open Sources DeepRacer Device Software by Renato Losio   infoq 

Best PC gaming headset for 2021 - CNET   cnet 

How to use your smartphone without leaving a trace   popsci 

Weekly poll results: the Redmi K40 Gaming looks like a winner - news   gsmarena 

Energy Observer: On board the world's first hydrogen-powered boat - CNET   cnet 

build tool abused to deliver password-stealing malware   bleepingcomputer 

Six solar system oddities and why they're important - Big Think   bigthink 

How to train your deep learning models in a distributed fashion. #distributedsystems   towardsdatascience 

Ghost Tree 'Farts' Are a Silent Contributor to Greenhouse Gas Emissions   sciencealert 

New Spaceport Announced In Nova Scotia - Operational In 2023 - Slashdot   slashdot 

Hoskins says Gensler's offices have become laboratories for the latest ideas in workplace design   qz 

Kaskada data scientist Charna Parkey likes to work in areas that can ‘dramatically change the world’ - GeekWire   geekwire 

Dr. Marie-Claude Morice to receive the 2021 Andreas Gruntzig Ethica Award   eurekalert 

GitHub - klezVirus/chameleon: PowerShell Script Obfuscator   github 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

Checklists: System is Hacked (Part 1) Confirming a Compromise - DZone Security   dzone 

The Witcher boss shares promising season 2 update   digitalspy 

Ripple House / FMD Architects   archdaily 

A minheight lala got hit with shrink right next to me and I just about lost it   reddit 

Pivot tables are the quickest and most powerful way for the average person to analyze large datasets   qz 

525 Origin SSL Handshake Error   newsbtc 

Check it. Apple brass discussed disclosing 128-million iPhone hack, then decided not to   ars 

Thinking About Switching Career to Data Science? Pick the Right Strategy!   towardsdatascience 

You Need to Stop Reading Sensationalist Articles About Becoming a Data Scientist   towardsdatascience 

U.S. Charges 3 North Korean Hackers Over $1.3 Billion Cryptocurrency Heist   thehackernews 

House LN / HO+HOU studio architects   archdaily 

Free course on #JavaScript   udacity 

Crossing the Atlantic (Return Home)   si 

CVE-2021-27651-PoC/ at main · samwcyo/CVE-2021-27651-PoC · GitHub   github 

How an NGO helped 10,000 Covid-19 patients survive India's oxygen shortage   qz 

Is your family 'CO safe' when big storms hit?   physorg 

How to Turn Your Phone Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot   pcmag 

UPDATE: Giant Portland Tree Has Been Poisoned, After Thousands of People Rallied to Save It   disc 

TMD will 100% fair launch at 15:00 UTC May 16, 2021! Welcome to enjoy the adventure!   medium 

Instagram to soon allow for posting via its web version   bgr-in 

Dave Troy: How Vulnerable Is Our Society to Manipulation   ted 

How to watch the NRL: live stream every 2021 round online from anywhere   techrad 

Apple AirTag hacked again – free internet with no mobile data plan! – Naked Security   sophos 

[Meme] Hesitating Ame   reddit 

Skyborg combat drone's "brain" flies for the first time   newatlas 

Question Answering with a fine-tuned BERT   towardsdatascience 

SQL Interview Prep: The Next Level.   towardsdatascience 

Thriving As A Remote Data Scientist. Kurtis Pykes experience of Working Remotely.   towardsdatascience 

In the US, combustion engines will be phased out in California and Massachusetts by 2035   qz 

IRL Encounters With Celebs Shared On Instagram   buzzfeed 

Neural implant lets paralyzed person type by imagining writing   ars 

Gaetz associate admits to paying 17-year-old for sex - Alltop Viral   alltop 

Foundations of NLP Explained   Bleu Score and WER Metrics by Ketan Doshi   towardsdatascience 

Make instant slushies with supercooling   popsci 

You need to watch the most underrated superhero show of the decade before it leaves HBO Max next week   inverse 

Reduce mathjax3 overbrace width in Introduction section of docs · Issue #1458 · scikit-hep/pyhf · GitHub   github 

You’re too addicted to your phone to quit cold turkey—here’s what to do instead   popsci 

The Soviet Laser Space Pistol, Revealed   popmech 

Boom times for organic cocoa in Ivory Coast   physorg 

Show HN: BornAtXCO2 – What CO2 PPM were you born at, how much has it increased   newsycom 

We are excited to announce Iodone, the first elastic supply stablecoin on Fantom! @FantomFDN   medium 

Grease fan spots NSFW blunder in the sequel   digitalspy 

68 Air Fryer Recipes That Only Taste Decadent   buzzfeed 

The Weekly Authority: Zenfone zags to offer a small flagship, Pixel 6, and more - Android Authority   androidauth 

Out of Memory Error – The RAM Shortage of 1988 (2016)   newsycom 

China Railway Map   newsycom 

The Memex Method   newsycom 

Indian state orders lockdown after 'super-spreader' election   medicalxpress 

Boycott the New York Times -- Read the Real News at Larwyn's Linx

CoreWCF Reached Its First GA Release   infoq 

Getting started with Java Serverless Functions using Quarkus and AWS Lambda - DZone Java   dzone 

EastEnders' Brian Conley reveals role he turned down on the soap   digitalspy 

[2007.02925] Reducing unitary and spectator errors in cross resonance with optimized rotary echoes   arxiv 

Best cheap processor sales and prices for May 2021   techrad 

Russia has tested an anti-satellite weapon in space, US Space Command says   space 

Analyzing 30 Years of Brain Research Finds No Meaningful Differences Between Male and Female Brains - Slashdot   slashdot 

Quantum Entanglement Has Now Been Directly Observed at a Larger Macroscopic Scale   sciencealert 

A Surprising Way That Exercise Improves Your Mind   psychologytoday 

Dynamic thinking about management problems   mit 

Update. Toshiba hit by ransomware in suspected DarkSide attack   itpro-uk 

French MotoGP 2021 live stream: How to watch the Grand Prix online from anywhere   androidcentral 

How to Become Fluent in Multiple Programming Languages.   towardsdatascience 

How to Boost Pandas Functions with Python Dictionaries.   towardsdatascience 

Marketer Technologies AS Jobs & Careers - Stack Overflow   stack 

TileDB, Inc. Jobs & Careers - Stack Overflow   stack 

Best. Fennec. Expressions. Ever.   natgeo 

The future is analog: startup InfinityQ pushes novel quantum computer   zdnet 

Twitter may be working on Twitter Blue, a subscription service that would cost $2.99 per month - The Verge   verge 

Microsoft: Python programming in Visual Studio Code is now faster and smarter than ever - TechRepublic   techrepublic 

Space Elevator Advocates Take Lofty Look at Innovative Concepts   space 

Yes, I enjoy all 9 Star Wars films. Hard to believe, I know.   reddit 

Sniper didgeridooing it up   reddit 

Molecular evolution and the decline of purifying selection with age   nature 


What Makes Work Meaningful — Or Meaningless   mit 

- Game Of Doge is LIVE now.   medium 

COVID-19 vaccination status in Japan   kaggle 

Antarctic Ice Sheet Retreat Could Trigger Chain Reaction – Possibly Came Close to Collapse in the Past   scitechdaily 

'Safe System' approach could dramatically reduce road deaths while improving equity   sciencedaily 

The 'Special Relationship' has nothing on this   reddit 

Dr. Manmohan Singh's prophetic words in 1999   reddit 

Utopia is a dangerous ideal. We should aim for protopia   qz 

We've Been Talking About Climate Change for a Hundred Years   popmech 

Recommendations for regional action to combat marine plastic pollution   physorg 

Rocket Lab's satellite launch from New Zealand site fails   physorg 

Packet Fence 10.3.0 ≈ Packet Storm   packetstormsecurity 


Sparsely-connected autoencoder (SCA) for single cell RNAseq data mining   nature 

Microsoft at Work to Bring eBPF to Windows   infoq 

GitHub - koalaman/shellcheck: ShellCheck, a static analysis tool for shell scripts   github 

Deploy Website · Issue #19 · devoverid/forum · GitHub   github 

GitHub - gsscoder/CSharpx: Functional programming and other utilities for C#   github 

Change lowest PHP version to 7 by spinsch · Pull Request #1255 · OpenMage/magento-lts · GitHub   github 

Researchers develop new way to help machine-generated language systems reduce toxic language - GeekWire   geekwire 

Tiger King's Joe Exotic reveals prostate cancer diagnosis   digitalspy 

HyperHyperNetworks for the Design of Antenna Arrays   deepai 

It really doesn't take much effort to fact check this stuff   coindesk 

iPhone 13 to get a really small Face ID chip, reason behind the small notch   bgr-in 

What I learnt pulling a straw out of a turtle's nose #sdgs   nature 


CRT - What the Law Could Not Do   minds 

Success story Taiwan faces its worst outbreak in pandemic   medicalxpress 

France closing in on 20 million target in Covid vaccination drive   medicalxpress 

UK races to test, vaccinate as virus variant threatens plans   medicalxpress 

AI in Healthcare: A review of innovative startups - KDnuggets   kdnuggets 

TERRITORY Issue 1 by Blake McCarthy Kickstarter   kickstarter 

Cypher Team i02 (on-going) by SoveReign Comics LLC Kickstarter   kickstarter 

How to Approach Your Mission-Critical Big Data Strategy - InformationWeek   infowk 

Technology's Role in Safety of Construction Workers   hackernoon 

The Python version plays an important role! · Issue #18 · cryinkfly/Fusion-360---Linux-Wine-Version- · GitHub   github 

GitHub - gonzalezreal/MarkdownUI: Render Markdown text in SwiftUI   github 

GitHub - go-kratos/kratos: A Go framework for microservices.   github 


Drone Security: 5 Points for Manufacturers and Developers - DRONELIFE   dronelife 

A Well Known CIA Pilot Claims That The Moon Has 250 Million Citizens – Collective Evolution   collective-evolution 

iPhone 13's juiciest rumors so far: What's going on with Apple's notch design? - CNET   cnet 

Improve Your Marketing Video Literacy in 5 Steps   cmswire 

23 Underrated Costco Groceries That You're Seriously Missing Out On   buzzfeed 

Celebrities With Hollywood Names   buzzfeed 

People Are Sharing Things They Learned Way Too Late In Life   buzzfeed 

Walmart partners with telehealth startup Ro: 4 things to know    beckershospitalreview 

The Hopi Star Children Here to Restore a World Out of Balance   ancient-code 

Facebook-Led Diem Association Cryptocurrency Project Pivots Again – Adweek   adweek 

Huawei Just Copied the iPhone—Down to the Last Screw   wired 

Detecting deforestation from satellite images   towardsdatascience 


Dan Ariely: How to change your behavior for the better   ted 

Scammers are using a network of fake apps to steal funds from crypto newbies   techrad 

Banned crime reporting app Vigilante returns as Citizen, says its ‘report incident’ feature will be pulled – TechCrunch   crunch 

twitter - Rscript / gadenbuie/tweetrmd: message: 'Inspector.enable' wasn't found - Stack Overflow   stack 

Finsera Jobs & Careers - Stack Overflow   stack 

Collection box of the Rhode Island Anti-Slavery Society owned by Garrison family   si 

Program for The Women at Forest Neighborhood House   si 

First Images of the Cosmic Web Reveal Unsuspected Presence of Billions of Dwarf Galaxies   scitechdaily 

Quantum Leap for Quantum Computing: Ion Beams Create Chains of Closely Coupled Qubits   scitechdaily 

Neanderthals carb loaded, helping grow their big brains   science 

The Best iPhone Games for 2021   pcmag 

AI lets man with paralysis type by just thinking about handwriting   newscientist 


Open access pdf here   nature 

End-to-End BI Project: Strategy, Steps, Processes, and Tools [Part-01]   medium 

Mari Selvaraj's counter mythology and critique to Mani Ratnam through `Karnan'   medium 

Five Internet Marketing Strategies Proven To Work   medium 

DB MR Grid test   medicalnewstoday 

Into the Motherlands - An Original Afrofuturist TTRPG by Tanya DePass Kickstarter   kickstarter 

Legendary Lands Wonderland and Neverland Jigsaw Puzzles by Torch Knight Games Kickstarter   kickstarter 

NutritionixList no longer paginates · Issue #14 · W2NJL/ffhe · GitHub   github 

GitHub - ahmtglrr/helfsteal: Simple Data Stealer   github 

NVIDIA's new lab aims to develop robotic breakthroughs   engadget 

Water crisis on the California-Oregon border has gone from dire to catastrophic - Digital Journal   digitaljournal 

Op-Ed: Gaza – Yet another obscenity to achieve nothing - Digital Journal   digitaljournal 

On risk-based active learning for structural health monitoring   deepai 

An Empirical Analysis of Privacy in the Lightning Network   deepai 

The Security Trilemma and the Future of Bitcoin - Consensus   coindesk 

It's Time To Decide If Phoebe, Monica, Or Rachel Had Better Style In "Friends"   buzzfeed 

17 People Share The Worst Thing Their Parents Caught Them Doing As A Kid And I'm Laughing So Hard   buzzfeed 

Slavery charges against Canadian mining company settled on the sly   theconversation 

Seti: how microbes could communicate with alien species   theconversation 

Leveling the playing field – TechCrunch   crunch 

Atom Tickets raises $60M Series C for its movie booking app – TechCrunch   crunch