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No, the Israeli Air Force Won’t Race to Iraqi Kurdistan’s Rescue
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7 Tips for New #Women Shooters From Women Shooters @GirlswthGuns   nrablog 

Japanese F-4EJ Kai Phantom II Heavily Damaged in Runway Accident, Crew Escapes Fire aircraft   aviationist 

A Wider War: Army Revises Multi-Domain Battle With Air Force Help   breakingdefense 

Clinton Corruption Update for October 17, 2017   battleswarmblog 

No Forfeiture-Database Backup With Millions on the Line, NYPD Admits   courthousenews 

Letter from another victim of restorative justice. - White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, black on white crime.   whitegirlbleedalot 

Washington Post Busts Chris Murphy's Gun Control Claims   bearingarms 

Mirage pilot interview, Part 2: Flying & fighting   hushkit 

Trump to call families of slain soldiers, questions Obama - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Is Colombia Underestimating the Scale of FARC Dissidence?   insightcrime 

All Active Combat Brigades Trained Vs. New Russian Tactics: FORSCOM   breakingdefense 

‘Modest Proposal’ Eviscerates Founding Intent on Second Amendment   oathkeepers 

El Salvador Fugitive Tycoon Hiding Out in Switzerland: Report   insightcrime 

The Racist Roots of Gun Control   firearmsandliberty 

Let's Make a Political Party out of Software - Global Guerrillas   globalguerrillas 

Breaking: Shooting At Maryland Office Park Leaves At Several Injured   bearingarms 

California Revokes Mechanism For Concealed Carry On School Campuses   bearingarms 

Breaking News: John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” Propaganda Recording Released Showing he WAS a Traitor who Turned Against His Own Count   oathkeepers 

The Las Vegas Security Guard Credited With Finding Shooter, Mysteriously Vanished Into Thin Air   shtfplan 

Tips from @sheriffjim: The Handy   americanrifleman 

America’s Opportunity in Iraq is Ready to Be Seized   warontherocks 

Belling The Cat. Bear looks at the cost of gun confiscation   zelmanpartisans 

Folding Knife Review - - Conceal and Carry   usconcealedcarry 

Llama Micro Max #Pistol Now Shipping Stateside   americanrifleman 

New Orleans Officer Used Stun Gun Before Being Fatally Shot   policemag 

He Body Slammed Her At A Pool Party - Watch What She Did To Him In Court!   clashdaily 

Iraq’s Shia Militia Problem Always Felt a Lot Like 2007   warisboring 

Madagascar Plague Outbreak Has Already Killed 57 And Infected Over 600   shtfplan 

Remember Those Cops Who Beat A Guy On A United Airlines Plane? They've Been Fired!   shtfplan 

Body of missing NY police diver found   policeone 

Prepper News and Notes For October 18, 2017   thesurvivalistblog 

Three Laser Sight Systems Added to @Bushnell AR Optics Line   americanrifleman 

The WASHBEAR 3D Printed .22LR Revolver - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

CA Governor Vetoes Bill Proposed in Wake of Officer's Shooting Death   policemag 

Colts of exotic craftsmanship... and mysterious ownership:   nrablog 

Boy Passes By Our FLAG - What He Did Needs To Be Shown At All NFL Games   clashdaily 

Embracing Our Warrior-Ethos in an Age of Guardians - Law Officer   lawofficer 

ADEX 2017: Rafael offers South Korea laser from Drone Dome counter-UAV system   janes 

Video captures shootout between cops, mentally ill man armed with AR-15   policeone 

Because gun control is working so well in Chicago.   heyjackass 

Video: Los Angeles Deputy Shot in Vegas Massacre Shares Her Story   policemag 

The War on Guns: About That 'Single Issue'   waronguns 

Urge President Trump to Rein in the ATF!   gunowners 

The War on Guns: Nope,This Doesn't Make Me Wish I Wasn't Alive Either...   waronguns 

ATF Group Fires Back Over Criticism Of Bump Stock Decision   bearingarms 

How to Get Started With Fly Fishing   artofmanliness 

In Tweetstorm, Trump Slams Comey Who "Lied And Leaked And Protected Hillary Clinton", Rips NFL, Democrats   shtfplan 

Okinawa Marines resume Super Stallion flights following accident   stripes 

5 Cheerleaders Take Knee During Anthem - The College's Response Is FREAKING Many Out   clashdaily 

BREAKING: Armed and Dangerous Killer on the Run   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

WATCH: John McCain Refers to Trump as "Half-baked." "Spurious nationalism." "Tired dogma."   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Raffling Off Bump Stock   bearingarms 

Vegas Survivor Who Died Suddenly Had Planned Group to Expose Cover-Up   shtfplan 

The Enduring Horror of Al Shabab   warisboring 

Before They Attacked the Kurds, Shia Militias Undermined the Campaign for Mosul   warisboring 

Commission approves yearlong test of UAS by LAPD   policeone 

Navy secretary: Resolving shipyard backlog is crucial - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Video: Baltimore cop fatally shoots robber armed with shotgun   policeone 

Video shows deputy suffered panic attack while armed, paramedic disarmed him   policeone 

How The Elite Dominate The World – Part 1: Debt As A Tool Of Enslavement   shtfplan 

Liberated From #ISIS Dogs!   battleswarmblog 

3 Characteristics of an Educated Person   artofmanliness 

This Young Boy's Patriotism Is REFRESHING - Someone Forward It To The Ungrateful NFL Whiners   clashdaily 

Dear CNN: Obama's FBI Hid Hillary's 'Russia Connection'   clashdaily 

Fugitive surrenders after cops get 1K Facebook shares of his photo   policeone 

Passenger says Delta crew stopped her from singing anthem - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

From Walter Winchell to the World, Change Never Changes   clashdaily 

"Firefly Fire Starter"   everydaycarry 

VIDEOS: Armed Robber Flees After Shootout with Store Clerk   personaldefenseworld 

Interceptor: How how to fight & survive in Phantom & Tornado   hushkit 

60+ Family Tradition Ideas   artofmanliness 

Quote of the day—Glenn Reynolds   joehuffman 

Authorities Confirm: 4 Times More People Killed with a Blade Than a Rifle   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

LAPD Selects Axon AI Research Team as Official Artificial Intelligence Partner   policemag 

'Organized Crime Permeates Society' in Honduras: Presidential Advisor   insightcrime 

Video: L.A. Police Commission Approves Use of Drones for 1-Year Program   policemag 

Russia to Donate Thousands of AKs to the Philippines - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

New Photos of The New HK416A7 - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

POTD: Spike's Snowflake Surprise - The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

3 killed, 2 wounded in Md. office park shooting   policeone 

Feisty Girl SLAPS DOWN Every Friend, Instructor And Adult Who Called Her STUPID!   clashdaily 

Sheriff's cadet uses dad's patrol car to pull over his ex    policeone 

Sizable number of @USNavy warships heading to the Western Pacific or are already in the region   stripes 

ADEX 2017: KAI pushes for additional T-50 sale to Thailand   janes 

How To Make Orange Crisco Soap by Krystal Brown   thesurvivalistblog 

Robberies Suspect Captured on Surviellance Video NR17245ml - Los Angeles Police Department   lapdonline 

Enter to win a Canik TP9SFL Pistol, Cal. 9mm Luger! - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

A. P. Lane: An Olympic Pistol Wizard @NRA_museums   nrablog 

Train For Pain - Handguns   handgunsmag 

LAPD Urges Victims of Harvey Weinstein to Come Forward   policemag 

3 SWAT Teams Selected for Haix Tactical Boot Wear Test   policemag 

This Girl's Halloween T-Shirt Has Been Deemed 'OFFENSIVE' - Would You DARE To Wear It?   clashdaily 

DEAR CNN: Did YOU Forget Hillary Called A Gold Star Mom A LIAR?   clashdaily 

The Vegas Massacre Just Got WEIRDER - The 'Security Guard' Is In The Center Of The Weirdness   clashdaily 

Those Dirty Clintons: Bribery Plot Uncovered By FBI Before Obama Administration Approved Moscow Nuclear Deal   shtfplan 

If It Was Easy – Everyone Would Lead - Law Officer   lawofficer 

Should You Use A Handgun or Long Gun for Home Defense?   usacarry 

Air Force Presses Acquisition Changes; Incentives Offered On Combat Rescue Helo   breakingdefense 

ORSIS F17 Multi-Caliber Bolt Action Rifle [Arms & Hunting 2017] - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Police: Teenager fatally stabs 2 young siblings in Colorado Springs   crimewatchdaily 

Smith & Wesson's M&P Shield M2.0 Pistol - Gun News   personaldefenseworld 

California, New Mexico Challenge White House Favors to Oil, Gas & Coal   courthousenews 

White House official says VA Sec Shulkin was "never under consideration" for HHS job   stripes 

Chicago fires 2 aviation officers in United passenger dragging case    policeone 

USS Lake Champlain captain, crew members were disciplined for May collision   stripes 

Mich. governor OKs law to ensure police misconduct is known in hiring   policeone 

Trump calls widow of soldier killed in Niger, says `he knew what he signed up for': Trump   stripes 

Naval Undersea Warfare Center Keyport civilian charged with child rape - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

US-backed forces celebrate fall of IS 'capital,' Raqqa - Middle East - Stripes   stripes 

Maryland man indicted for hate crime in new soldier’s slaying - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

The Repubs who signed this have some splainin' to do   stripes 

Weinstein Scandal Exposes Even Greater Hollywood Hypocrisy   clashdaily 

Everyday Carry - 40/M/Gdansk, Poland/Marketing Executive - Office simple EDC   everydaycarry 

Washington Post Columnist Colbert King: I Own a Gun But NO WAY I'm Going to Carry One - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

NEW: FightLite Industries RAIDER 5.56/.300BLK Pistol - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

MOLOT Introduces Four New Rifles Chambered in 9.6x53mm Lancaster [Arms & Hunting 2017] - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Some Minneapolis Candidates Say They Can Envision a City Without Police   policemag 

Armor Express Awarded Five-Year ID/IQ Hard Armor Contract from U.S. Customs and Border Protection   policemag 

Can't always fit range time into your schedule? These tools and tips help you practice at home: https   nrablog 

Special Tactics airman awarded Air Force Cross for gallantry in Afghanistan raid: On   stripes 

Everyday Carry - 40/M/Los Angeles/Systems Engineer - Auburn Updates   everydaycarry 

More Self Defense Gun Stories Not Found in Mainstream Media   ammoland 

Urban Carry REVO Modular Holster System Trial & Review   ammoland 

American woman rescued from Afghanistan rushed to hospital - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Californians head back home to altered lives, communities - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Everyday Carry - 58/M/Amsterdam/Concept draughtsman. - The bare basics   everydaycarry 


France: 10 held in probe of alleged far-right terror plot - Europe - Stripes   stripes 

Hillary's Startling Admission While Explaining Why She Can't Give Back Weinstein Money   clashdaily 

When Violent Threats Are Protected Speech - Law Officer   lawofficer 

James Comey Perjured Himself to Clear Hillary During FBI Probe [VIDEO]   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

Four New Models Added to the Ruger LCRx Revolver Lineup   personaldefenseworld 

Wounded Vets & Widows Say Big Pharma Funded Terror in Iraq   courthousenews 

Police: Maryland woman hid drugs inside her vagina   crimewatchdaily 

Rimfire Challenge To Transition From NSSF To RCSA   onlygunsandmoney 

"No One's Coming For Your Guns"   daysofourtrailers 

Making Gun Control A Cult Of Personality   onlygunsandmoney 

Serious Flaws in Kellerman   firearmsandliberty 

Open Carry at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Dallas - Bullets First   bulletsfirst 


Everyday Carry - 34/M/Russia/IT Specialist - now in my bag   everydaycarry 

United We Fall   ammoland 

ADEX 2017: Saab touts GlobalEye and Swordfish for anticipated South Korean requirements   janes 

Permanent engineer battalion sets up shop at Camp Humphreys   stripes 

Soldiers like new `pinks and greens' but aren't happy about growing wardrobe: Some soldiers   stripes 

WWII veteran, 98, honored in Rhode Island for his service - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Families of the fallen, and their presidents - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

TTAG Daily Digest: Bump Stock Giveaway, Pissing off the NRA and the Futility of Gun Control - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

SENTRY Products Group Announces the Acquisition of Hexmag   ammoland 

Jeff Gonzales: Proper Trigger Managment - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Veteran faced an unwelcome homefront of discrimination during WWII - Veterans - Stripes   stripes 

McCain blocks Defense nominees to get Afghanistan war info - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 


State Department Reveal 2,800 Govt. Documents on Weiner’s Laptop   ammoland 

Montana Wardens Seek Information on Mule Deer Poaching   ammoland 

Massachusetts: Senate Holding Informational Hearing on Bump Fire Stocks   nraila 

Deadly Overconfidence: Trump Thinks Missile Defenses Work Against North Korea, and That Should Scare You   warontherocks 

From P21's @StacyOnTheRight: Spokane Police To Use #Suppressors To Protect Hearing   nraila 

Quote of the day—Carl Bussjaeger   joehuffman 

Four military aircraft myths you shouldn’t believe   hushkit 

The Top Ten fighter aircraft: 1985   hushkit 

On Scene at the Michigan State Police Vehicle Test - Article   policemag 

The War on Guns: On In Half an Hour   waronguns 

Health Groups Can’t Intervene in Fight Over Tobacco Warning Labels   courthousenews 

Reload Your Own Ammo, If You Want To Be A Good Shot!, by Steve Collins   survivalblog 


EXCLUSIVE Video: Range Time with Smith & Wesson's M&P Shield M2.0   personaldefenseworld 

Firestorm Death Toll Rises, as Do Questions About Alerts   courthousenews 

Climate Change's Impact on Early Societies Has Parallels to Modern Day   courthousenews 

Nine States Sue Feds for Records on Immigration Crackdown   courthousenews 

White House Lawyer Mum on Mueller Before Senate Panel   courthousenews 

Detroit Concealed Carry Permit Holder Shoots Armed Robber   personaldefenseworld 

Omega Gideon Shadow UMP Pistol Atlantic Firearms Gideon Shadow UMP Pistol   thefirearmblog 

Kalashnikov Group has launched Worldwide online ordering - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Johann Fanzoj "The Great Migration" Double Rifle - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Join Gun Owners of America   gunowners 

NRAblog: Practical shooting puts defensive skills to the test in competition:   nrablog 

Ten Hunting Knives Under $100 - Get More Bang For Your Buck   ammoland 


ADEX 2017: South Korea showcases unmanned solutions   janes 

ADEX 2017: Leonardo waits on South Korean helicopter requests   janes 

They 'made us proud': Remembering 2 young soldiers killed in Fort Jackson crash - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

In Somalia, hope fades in desperate search for missing - Africa - Stripes   stripes 

Russia expands Myanmar Mi-24P repair programme   janes 

Indecent Exposure   ammoland 

New From Inland Mfg: M1 Carbine Pistol from Inland Manufacturing, manufacturers of v   thetruthaboutguns 

Trump: Drug czar nominee pulls his name from consideration - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Judge in Hawaii blocks latest version of Trump's travel ban - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

A short-term health deal by senators – with Trump's blessing - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Coast Guard opens forward operation station in Cold Bay - Coast Guard - Stripes   stripes 

FLASHBACK   backwoodshome 


South Carolina Police Officer Dies While Responding To Burglary   lawofficer 

Factors to Consider When Running Code-3: Vehicle Color - Law Officer   lawofficer 

Cowards Behind The Camera - Law Officer   lawofficer 

Gear Guide: Essential Reloading Tools for Beginners - Shooting Times   shootingtimes 

Could a Local #War in Asia Create a Superpower Showdown Between America and China?   scout 

81-Year-Old Shoots Attempted Burglar With .22 Pistol, And It's Enough To Send Him Running   concealednation 

Keep Calm and Always Carry   usacarry 

Via .@TacticalLife1 LMT Confined Space Weapon: Our `Gun of the Month' for October 2017   tactical-life 

Sheriff's Tips: The Handy Carbine   americanrifleman 

Adding Shots on Target: Wargaming Beyond the Game   warontherocks 

Carrying a Reload: Concealability vs. Accessibility   usacarry 

The U.S. needs to decide what role, if any, the old fear of 'bolts from the blue' should have in its nuclear policy   warontherocks 

An old gun with new tricks. Errr, a new trigger at least   recoilweb 

Peruvian Cocaine Best Value For Traffickers: Bolivia Police   insightcrime 

icymi, Venezuelan security forces have conducted dozens of massacres in poor neighborhoods   insightcrime