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Man Who Identifies as a Woman Heads to Trial for Sexually Assaulting Little Girl in Bathroom   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

From @CamEdwards : Bad News For Universal Background Check Supporters   nraila 

After Democrat Attacks Trump, Soldier's Widow Releases Audio of Phone Call [WATCH]   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

Shooting the Madsen LMG – The First True LMG – Forgotten Weapons   forgottenweapons 

All the Times the Iranian Navy Got Its Ass Kicked   warisboring 

Giveaway: Enter to Win   everydaycarry 

Ahoy! 'Old Ironsides,' world's oldest warship, sailing again - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Manufactured around 1800 in Europe, this flintlock pistol has four rifled barrels and four flash pans   nrablog 

Julianne Moore Calls For Limits On Number Of Guns You Can Own   bearingarms 

San Jose To Require Gun Owners To Lock Up All Firearms   bearingarms 

Emails Reveal Bill Clinton Met With Vladimir Putin Just Before Uranium One Deal   shtfplan 

Veterans with 'bad paper' won't get new VA ID cards - Stripes   stripes 

Iran Is Too Much of a Mess to Acquire Russian Weaponry   warisboring 

Chicago Area Judge In Hot Water After Firing His Gun   bearingarms 

Dissident FARC Rebels Are Stirring Up Trouble   warisboring 

The War on Guns: Richmond Times-Dispatch to Ban Islamic Doctrine on Modest Dress?   waronguns 

Fake News: "Unsecured Guns" kill Kids - Bullets First   bulletsfirst 

Video: Officer Grabs Gun Instead Of Taser, Shoots Suspect   bearingarms 

Selects @TeamHornady Critical Duty   americanrifleman 

Neck Knife Nuances: Things to Think About   usconcealedcarry 

Video: Second Shooter Spotted Firing From Billboard Into The Crowd During Las Vegas Massacre?   shtfplan 

How To Stop All Future Mass Shootings   shtfplan 

John Kelly Eviscerates Frederica's Faux 'Fallen Soldier' Rage With These 26 Words.   clashdaily 

Celebrate #Ruger Day: 10/22   americanrifleman 

Suspect in New Orleans Officer's Death Declared Incompetent for Trial   policemag 

Volunteer of the Week: Scott and Ramona Lee #2A   nrablog 

Reflecting On Family, Freedom And Friends #2A   nrablog 

Boeing announces investment in UAV navigation company   janes 

Maximum Devastation Homeland Security Chief Says ISIS Is Planning To Bring Down Planes In New 9/11 Style Attack   shtfplan 

America’s Opportunity in Iraq is Ready to Be Seized   warontherocks 

Thomson Reuters CLEAR, Forensic Logic/Coplink Plan Data Alliance   policemag 

The War on Guns: A Useful Admission   waronguns 

Design a fighter aircraft, win a prize   hushkit 

Top Cop Calls NFL Whiners 'Anti-American Degenerates' - Look What Happened To Her   clashdaily 

Chick Credits 'White Privilege' For Girl's Success - Girl Takes Whiner To REALITY Town   clashdaily 

On Scene Investigator BANNED From Mandalay Bay, MGM, For Life After Uncovering Shocking Details Surrounding Las Vegas Attack   shtfplan 

Discovery Of Cave On Moon Raises Hope For Lunar Human Habitation   shtfplan 

Choosing The Best Concealed Carry Holster for Women (2017)   thesurvivalistblog 

Giveaway: Win the Ultimate Tactical EDC Gear Loadout from ASP!   everydaycarry 

Study: Body cams have no effect on police use of force   policeone 

Tolerance. There is a point where less is needed.   zelmanpartisans 

Barack Obama's Obscene Deficit Spending: 220 Years vs. 8 Years   clashdaily 

Will Axon Citizen take the chaos out of crowdsourcing?   policeone 

Bombshell: Me too and the Gimme Gimmes   warontherocks 

Saab J 29 Tunnan and JAS 39 Gripen compared: Part 2 – Time twins   hushkit 

How to kill a Raptor    hushkit 

Motorcade for Vegas Officer Killed at Concert Passes Shooting Site   policemag 

Could New Anti-Corruption App Reduce Graft in Mexico?   insightcrime 

Kustom Signals Announces Preview of New Eagle 3 Radar at IACP   policemag 

Hurst Launches New Jaws of Life Website   policemag 

An Erection Lasting Longer Than 91 Hours Could Net You A Cool 5 MILLION Dollars!   clashdaily 

The Ex-Hippy Deplorables Are Digging In, 'Questioning Authority'   clashdaily 

Ex-deputy who shot unarmed man released early from prison    policeone 

Here's 3 Reasons WHY George W. Bush Is Obama's Spirit TWIN   clashdaily 

Ala. cop killer 'defiant' before his execution   policeone 

Grim Reapers: The Machine Guns of World War I   americanrifleman 

Historical Firearms - The Belgian Chauchat Throughout the First World...   historicalfirearms 

GUN WATCH: Australian Gun Control Won't Work in the USA Part 1.   gunwatch 

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) urges Democrats to hide views on gun control because of 2018 elections - Crime Prevention Resear   crimeresearch 

Defense Technology Introduces 40mm Blunt Impact Projectile Collapsible Gel Rounds   policemag 

Spotlight on the PHLster Spotlight   recoilweb 

Report: President Trump looking To RELEASE The CIA JFK Assassination Files Despite Intelligence Community Fears   shtfplan 

When the NFL Itself 'Takes A Knee' It's Time for Fans and Advertisers To Boycott   clashdaily 

Everyday Carry - Ankara, Turkey/Electrical Engineering Student - Todays EDC   everydaycarry 

Five Times the U.S. Navy Was ‘Sunk’ in Battle   warisboring 

UK looks to replace Desert Hawk mini UAV   janes 

New hemorrhage control simulator for active shooter training to debut at IACP   policeone 

This Is The New Normal: UC Santa Cruz Liberals Declare Mainstream Republicans Nazis And A Threat To Their Safety For Simply Existing   shtfplan 

Ohio SB 219 Would Ban "Much More" Than Bump Stocks   ammoland 

German-French Cooperation on Air Transport   defense-aerospace 

How to Throw a Knife   artofmanliness 

The Famous Daily Dozen Exercises   artofmanliness 

Review: Ruger Silent-SR 10/22 Takedown ISB   gunsandammo 

High School Rejects This Request From Their Hunting-Loving Student   bearingarms 

2017 NASGW Award Winners   americanrifleman 

Transparency About the Costs of War Won’t Change Americans’ Minds   warontherocks 

Gun Statistician’s Opinion Magically Flips When She Looks at the Data – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

Broken boomerangs: Ten forward swept wing aircraft that never were   hushkit 

Lawmaker Eyes Ending Secret Settlements of Sex Claims   courthousenews 

Everyday Carry - 36/M/PNW/Product Manger - Nothing left to take away   everydaycarry 

Army Special Forces medic to receive Medal of Honor on Monday   stripes 

State trooper under fire for playing rap song over police radio   policeone 

Uganda expels North Korea military experts over UN sanctions - Africa - Stripes   stripes 

Germany and France agree on details of joint C-130J squadron   janes 

Fort Hood-based air cavalry arrives in Europe for Atlantic Resolve rotation - Stripes   stripes 

Study finds pollution is deadlier than war, disaster, hunger - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Former Marine charged in immigrant smuggling case - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

US: Laptops in checked bags pose fire, explosion risk - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Charlatan's Web   ammoland 

Can Men and Women Just Be Friends?   artofmanliness 

Ventcore holsters for the Glock Roland Special and Steyr L9-A1 - The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Eagle Imports Now Shipping the Llama Micro Max - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

FN Issues Mandatory Safety Recall of All FN M249S Rifles   policemag 

Video: California Farmer Films 'Bigfoot Family' Stealing His Pigs Under Cover of Darkness   outdoorhub 

China's Troubling Crackdown on Research   warontherocks 

Veterans Affairs picks site for new hospital in Kentucky - Veterans - Stripes   stripes 

Robbery suspect arrested after leaving his wallet at scene of crime   policeone 

Dozens killed in series of militant attacks across Afghanistan   janes 

Some Afghan troops training in US feared violence at home. So they went AWOL - Middle East - Stripes   stripes 

Somalia's death toll now at 358 as 'state of war' planned - Africa - Stripes   stripes 

Policing Matters Podcast: Are there too many specialized positions in LE?   policeone 

Coban's new dash cam uses AI to spot suspects in real-time   policeone 

Colo. K-9s make a splash with fundraising calendar   policeone 

Breaking The Silence: Suicide Prevention In Law Enforcement - Law Officer   lawofficer 

Disturbing: Grieving Husband Finds Nurse 'Maintaining Relations' with His Wife's Corpse   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

NBC Gun "Expert" Caught LYING   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

The 21 Foot Rule: Forensic Fact or Police Myth? - Law Officer   lawofficer 

Democrat Behind Slain Soldier Controversy, 'I'm a Rockstar Now' [VIDEO]   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

Interesting Antique Revolver Seized In UK Police Raid - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Sierra Announces a .264 Caliber Bullet to the MatchKing Line - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Vertebrae Fusion Bipod from Norway - The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Police: Teen killed in West Seattle park was set up, lured there by a girl   crimewatchdaily 

Times Fights to See Trump Transition Team's Log of Visitors   courthousenews 

So what can the US learn from other developed countries regarding guns and crime   johnrlott 

Top Three Epic Rap Battles Of History (Video) - Bullets First   bulletsfirst 

The Racist Roots of Gun Control   firearmsandliberty 

Here is a definition of "illegal guns" on because I know how you hate tweetin   gunlaws 

Oryx Blog: Islamic State captures Ayyash weapons depots in largest arms haul of Syrian Civil War   oryx 

Wounded veteran sees student debt forgiven but gets $62,000 tax bill - Veterans - Stripes   stripes 

Ducks Unlimited to Attend 90th Annual National FFA Convention #entrepreneur   ammoland 

Repeal the Second Amendment ~ Say It Already!   ammoland 

Group working to reopen little-known Civil War museum in Illinois - Military history - Stripes   stripes 

What will the Navy's future aircraft carriers look like? They could be much smaller - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Help Needed on Gun Control, Bad News and Good News...   ammoland 

Woman makes ‘Sorry I tried to bite you’ cake for cop   policeone 

The Obama EPA’s Crooked Prosecutors   ammoland 


FirstNet provides police with mission critical broadband access   policeone 

Presidential visits to DMZ send strong signal to North Korea   stripes 

Vievu announces new LE5 body camera, mounting system   policeone 

In the military, trusted officers became alleged assailants in sex crimes - Stripes   stripes 

Japanese defence minister urges research into how to counter North Korean EMP attack   janes 

Trump's border wall models take shape in San Diego - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Remington Arms Prepares Employees for Work Furlough Likely Through Rest of the Year   outdoorhub 

Small Aircraft Carriers: RAND Report Won’t Convince McCain   breakingdefense 

5 Viable Options for the New 5.56 Secret Service Rifle   tactical-life 

Quote of the day—Leonard Pitts   joehuffman 

Another one bites the dust   gunfreezone 

CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday   cdrsalamander 


Inland Announces a New .30 Carbine Pistol: the M30-P - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

10 Incredible Soviet Fighter Aircraft that never entered service   hushkit 

TN Deputy 'OK' After Being Dragged During Bust   policemag 

Philadelphia Officer Hurt in Vehicle Collision   policemag 

Video: Police Say Las Vegas Safer After Operation Cripples Area Gang   policemag 

How to Grieve for a Deceased Friend   artofmanliness 

The War on Guns: There's a Difference Between Cubs and Kids   waronguns 

Welcome to Our Global Censorship and Surveillance Platform - Global Guerrillas   globalguerrillas 

Roll-Back of Campus Assault Rules Spurs Challenge   courthousenews 

Mass Extinction Event Had Little Impact on Marine Ecosystems   courthousenews 

DC Circuit Clears Way for Immigrant Minor to Get Abortion   courthousenews 

How to Avoid Being a Victim   shootingillustrated 


Tough-Wedge Holster - A Screwless Vehicle Rig from Dara Holsters - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

KILN - Vitaly Bulgarov's AR-15 DEX-stock - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

WATCH: GOA's Erich Pratt explains Washington's Backdoor Gun Control Plan   gunowners 

NRA NRAblog: Get A Grip: Proper Grip Essential For Shooting Precision:   nrablog 

We’re winning the battle … for now   gunowners 

Buppert: RINO! The Grand Old Politburo and the Leviathan State   westernrifleshooters 

Stilton: Toe The Lyin’   westernrifleshooters 

Video in Policing: 2 under-discussed issues with body cameras   policeone 

Everyday Carry - M/Oregon/Entrepreneur - My daily carry   everydaycarry 

Bergdahl saga set to enter sentencing phase: Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will learn his fate   stripes 

Women, did you serve? Memorial seeking funds at 20th anniversary - Veterans - Stripes   stripes 

Minn. police officer arrested for threatening to shoot sister-in-law   policeone 


Blue Origin hotfires potential national security launch booster   janes 

Vegas shooting doesn't change opinions on guns, poll finds - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

White House defends Kelly's defense of Trump - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt Recognized Hunter Achievements   ammoland 

NATO urged to rapidly absorb AI into its command and control   janes 

FN Issues Mandatory Recall of Some FN M249S Rifles - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Upcoming DTI Firearms Training Courses for Fall 2017   ammoland 

Is Liberalism a Dying Faith?   ammoland 

Utah’s 2017 Pheasant Hunt Runs November 4 Through December 3   ammoland 

Worse Than Steroids   ammoland 

Somalia's death toll now at 358 as 'state of war' planned - Stripes   stripes 

After 6 tests, the mountain hosting North Korea’s nuclear blasts may be exhausted - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 


Trained civilian first responders can assist during active shooter events   policeone 

Drone video shows devastation in Raqqa, Syria - Middle East - Stripes   stripes 

BMD-modified SMART-L tested in ‘Formidable Shield 2017’   janes 

Localised fighting between rival militias in Libya’s capital indicates vulnerability of airport and seaport to collateral damage   janes 

Report: Deadly Calls And Fatal Encounters - Law Officer   lawofficer 

Podcast: Interview With MovNat Founder Erwan Le Corre   artofmanliness 

5 Fixed Focus Hunting Scopes, and Why You Should Consider Using One   outdoorlife 

A Shot In The Dark: Lights, Lasers Or Night Sights   usacarry 

4 Tactics for Bagging Late-Season Pheasants   outdoorlife 

An Argument for the Double-Stack as a Carry Gun   usacarry 

Deadly Overconfidence: Trump Thinks Missile Defenses Work Against North Korea, and That Should Scare You   warontherocks 

Avian-X Top Flight Mallard Duck Decoys – 12-Pack   cabelas 


Rimfire and Pistol Calibers   ar15 

TFB Innovator Friday - Kevin Brittingham and Ethan Lessard of Q - The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

How to Sleep Well At Night   artofmanliness 

NEW: FightLite Industries RAIDER 5.56/.300BLK Pistol - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

A bunch of DIY weapons seized in Brazil – Part 1 - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

The German GSG9 to setup a new Anti-terror unit in Berlin day before yesterday it wa   thefirearmblog 

@Firearmblog on Instagram - Follow And Share With Us - The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Where Does Manhood Come From?   artofmanliness 

Video: KY Deputy Uses Car Jack to Free Teen Trapped Under Vehicle   policemag 

Staffing Crisis Prompts Raises of 25 to 30 Percent for San Diego Police   policemag 

5.11 Rolls Out a New Range of Boots for this Season   policemag 

How To Build The Ultimate Gun Case:   gundigest 

Here's my article for Police Magazine on the need for respect from retired cops from current cops   policemag 

Weekly Insight: The Urbina Soto Family Fiefdom in Honduras   insightcrime 

Spanish prime minister to unveil measures to fight Catalan separatists - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

CIA boss says ISIS can attack US even after losing Raqqa - Middle East - Stripes   stripes 

Malian Air Force to procure more aircraft   janes 

NFL vs Military Shirt (MADE IN THE USA) –   clashdaily 

West Point presents Sylvanus Thayer Award to George W. Bush - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Trump drawing of Empire State Building sells for $16,000 - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Turkey carries out first test firing of Atmaca anti-ship missile   janes