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Dassault and Airbus FCAS 6th generation Fighter Mockup Unveiled At The Paris Air Show – The Aviationist  aviationist 

Belgian C-130 Makes an Emergency Landing at the Wrocław Airport in Poland – The Aviationist   aviationist 

North Carolina Sheriffs Want to Decide if You May or May Not Carry a Gun   gunowners 

Conspiracy of silence: For some veterans, toxic exposure didn't end with atomic blasts   stripes 

AESA technology could migrate to electronic warfare equipment   janes 

AWB ’94: A reminder of how “effective” it was   zelmanpartisans 

VA GOP Wants Hearings On Serious Allegations, Dems Call It 'Games'   bearingarms 

Texas Governor Signs 10 Pro-Gun Bills Into Law – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

Weatherby Received Warm Welcome Following Exodus From California   bearingarms 

Raytheon, Northrop Will ‘Soon’ Fly Hypersonic Cruise Missile   breakingdefense 

Illegal Mining Crackdown May Push Peru's Former Miners to Coca, Timber   insightcrime 

Yet Another Democrat Promising Executive Action On Gun Control   bearingarms 

General Unveils Key New Details of Attacks in Gulf of Oman   breakingdefense 

The FEC Deep State   triggerfinger 

More on why gun control polls are BS: Quinnipiac edition   zelmanpartisans 

Ruger’s short-barreled GP 100 well suited to fast combat shooting - TheGunMag - The Official Gun Magazine of the Second Amendment Foundati   thegunmag 

Book: Medal of Honor recipient was `the deadliest man on the mountain'   stripes 

fly over #German skies during deployment to #Spangdahlem Air Base   stripes 

House votes to block military transgender ban   stripes 

Biden Vows To Mandate Smart Guns If Elected   bearingarms 

What Five Kids And Teddy Bears Tell Us About Gun Control   bearingarms 

The Turkish TF-X stealth fighter – a good idea? We ask a former British technical liaison   hushkit 

37 Conversation Rules for Gentlemen from 1875   artofmanliness 

Silent Typhoon: Advanced Typhoon concept   hushkit 

Out of the closet and on to the runway: gay pilots   hushkit 

The 2019 India-Pakistan Kashmir Air Skirmish – what actually happened?   hushkit 

Daily Bulletin: Gun Criminals Often Get Their Weapons Just Days Before They Commit a Crime   thetrace 

Quote of the dayJulie Morrison   joehuffman 

And I’m back   saysuncle 

NY Homeowner Charged With Felony, Home Seized After Killing 2 in Home Invasion -   alloutdoor 

Back - These boys suffered. He must apologise (he can't, he is a moral sick person)   courthousenews 

Swalwell: Limit Ammo Possession to 200 Rounds -   alloutdoor 

Marine Corps at the Forefront for Ground-Based Lasers   militaryspot 

Pride Month Shines A Light On Something Many In The 2A Community Have Ignored   bearingarms 

NZ Cops: No Registration Makes Rounding Up Guns Difficult   bearingarms 

Anzac-class frigate HMAS Arunta rejoins RAN fleet after AMCAP upgrade   janes 

How to Create a Lifelong Brotherhood   artofmanliness 

Border Officials Seized a Record Number of Illegal Machine Gun Kits in 2018   thetrace 

VA to expand veterans’ access to private medical care Thursday - Stripes   stripes 

Feds: Ex-CIA employee waged `information war' against US   stripes 

Rockets strike near US-linked oil installation and military bases in Iraq; three wounded - Middle East - Stripes   stripes 

USFJ commander emphasizes ‘greater number of challenges’ during visit with Japan’s defense chief   stripes 

ICE fails to give veterans special consideration before deporting them, GAO says - Stripes   stripes 

Shanahan steps down as acting defense secretary, Esper to take over - Stripes   stripes 

How to Sneak an Epic Day of Fishing into Your Summer Family Vacation   outdoorlife 

Virginia Court Clerk Charged With Carrying Firearm in a Courthouse - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Breaking Defense Relaunches: New Design, Features and Staff   breakingdefense 

Choosing a Holster Material: Leather or Not?   usacarry 

The Libraries of 15 Famous Men   artofmanliness 

General George Patton Quotes   artofmanliness 

I highly recommend It is a source of solid journalism and insightful commentary. I also recomm   warontherocks 

Russian Foreign Intel Chief: The U.S. Dollar Is "Becoming Toxic," Search For Alternatives   shtfplan 

Lockheed Martin to expand Arkansas Precision Fires production   janes 

and #JMSDF Enhance Interoperability in #SouthChinaSea   janes 

Australia progressing plans to upgrade Cocos Keeling Islands airport to support P-8A MPA operations   janes 

Evidence That The U.S. Economy Could Be Plunging Into A Very Deep Recession Is Rapidly Mounting   shtfplan 

Belarus pursues armed multirotor UAS developments   janes 

Dallas Federal Courthouse Shooting Ended By Good Guys With Guns   bearingarms 

UK sets out vision for `Intelligent Warship' technologies   janes 

Rep. Thomas Massie Proposes End To Gun Free Schools   bearingarms 

Bad day for Democrat race relations   gunfreezone 

Hipster Cuban with Middle Age Crisis spotted   gunfreezone 

AOC and her fawning media hit new heights for antisemtism   gunfreezone 

An Opinion piece that misses the target.   gunfreezone 

Former BSO Sheriff Scott Israel still trying to come back   gunfreezone 

Why I think my missing gun is malfeasance   gunfreezone 

It has to be a matter of of personality   gunfreezone 

England & The Aeroplane: An interview with historian David Edgerton   hushkit 

Hush-Kit Top Ten: The ten most powerful planes in the world   hushkit 

Flying and fighting in the Tornado   hushkit 

Dear moderate gays, get your crazies under control   gunfreezone 

And in one single picture…   gunfreezone 

Orwell’s boot come for Kyle Kashuv   gunfreezone 

Violence Never Solves Anything   gunfreezone 

SIG Sauer Celebrates US Marine Corps Adoption of M18 -The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

True confessions of a plane spotter   hushkit 

Maslow’s Hammer: How will the F-35 affect foreign policy?   hushkit 

The Killer Bee: A British technical liaison’s view of the Rutan ARES close air support aircraft   hushkit 

7 Letters to Write Before You Turn 70   artofmanliness 

Being an Introvert — Don't Let It Become an Excuse   artofmanliness 

Oman Provides Challenging Environment for British Army Exercise   defense-aerospace 

CHS: There Is No Fixing The Present System   westernrifleshooters 

Changes in GI Bill Transfer Benefits for Guard Members Coming July 12th   militaryspot 

Guardians of the Republic - Oath Keepers   oathkeepers 

First "Oath Keepers TV" Livestream Tuesday, June 18 - Oath Keepers   oathkeepers 

"Preventing Thefts of Firearms from Vehicles"   nssf 

Sometimes You Gotta 360 Spin-Shoot While Training   everydaynodaysoff 

XQ-58A UAV Completes Second Successful Flight   militaryspot 

Gun Quotations of the Founding Fathers   buckeyefirearms 

Three From Mosby via @wordpressdotcom   westernrifleshooters 

How To Shoot a Lever-Action Like a Cowboy   outdoorlife 

Reborn US 2nd Fleet runs Baltic exercise as Russia keeps a close watch   stripes 

Lawmakers ask Massachusetts governor to let transgender troops serve in National Guard - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

DOD bans the use of removable, flash-type drives on all government computers   stripes 

Sorry Mr. President, But Your Lies About America's Gun Laws Were, In Fact, Lies - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Pentagon to send another 1,000 troops to Middle East as it works to prove Iran was behind tanker attacks - Middle East - Stripes   stripes 

China's expanding war on Islam: Now they're coming for the Kazakhs - Pacific - Stripes   stripes 

New commander takes post at Tobyhanna Army Depot   stripes 

Troops happy but skeptical as US military suspends off-base curfew in S. Korea   stripes 

As Trump's defense pick withdraws, he addresses violent domestic incidents   stripes 

Utah-based F-35s fly over German skies as extended deployment starts - Stripes   stripes 

Henry Ford Wanted for Vehicle Crimes in Michigan   lawofficer 

Daily Bulletin: Police Stopped an Active Shooter in Downtown Dallas   thetrace 

MS13 Grows Extortion Empire Through Honduras Mototaxi Fleet   insightcrime 

Gun Deaths Dropped in 2018, Excluding Suicides   thetrace 

How Venezuela's Stolen Gold Ended Up in Turkey, Uganda and Beyond   insightcrime 

Sikorsky Touts CH-53K’s Ease of Flying For German Sale   breakingdefense 

A New Century Series? Will Roper Takes Air Force Back To The Future   breakingdefense 

Florida Man Tries to Kiss Cottonmouth Snake, Hospitalized after Bite   outdoorhub 

ALL our coverage in one place! Catch up and get ahead   breakingdefense 

Raytheon’s Latest Counter Drone Tech: Programmable Laser   breakingdefense 

Trump Administration Increasing Public Access to Hunting and Fishing on 1.4 Million Acres Nationwide   outdoorhub 

Miami Police Arrest Woman for 'Stomping' on Sea Turtle Nest   outdoorhub 

John Torcasio: Using an FN FAL Battle Rifle   snipershide 

Man Uses AK-47 Against 5 Home Invaders, Killing 3 And Injuring 2 – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

2019 SURVEY NOW LIVE: The Best Holster in the History of Ever – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

Two Armed People Out For Ice Cream Are Faster Than The Two Armed Robbers – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

Charter Arms' Bulldog XL and Mag Pug 41 -   alloutdoor 

Prepping Tradecraft: The Art of the Trade -   alloutdoor 

[VIDEO] 22-Year-Old Attempts Mass Shooting Today In Dallas. The Result Is Not What He Was After. – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

Self-Defense Weapons for Real Estate Agents - USA Carry   usacarry 

Is It Safe to Store Guns and Ammo in a Hot Car? - USA Carry   usacarry 

CNO: New Strategy Is To ‘Force Our Competitors to Respond’   breakingdefense 

Mark Esper, Washington Insider, Will Be Quiet Army Secretary   breakingdefense 

Congress Applauds VP Pence’s Surprise Nixing Of Truman Retirement   breakingdefense 

Concealed Carrier Fatally Shot While Trying to Defend Himself   usacarry 

Russia’s Su-25SM3 ‘deep upgrade’ programme gains pace and scope   janes 


France replaces Caracal lost in crash in 2014   janes 

NRA Mocks Swalwell's Pathetic Turnout   bearingarms 

Prepare For Cost Increases: Americans Warned Prices Will Jump Up   shtfplan 

Sweden set to test ‘Double Stirling’ AIP plant   janes 

Rebel Yell Arms An Affordable AR-10 in 6.5 Creedmoor?   americanrifleman 

Endorsing two projects that are theoretically incompatible is simply business as usual for Italian diplomacy   warontherocks 

Peel this onion @secnav76 :Navy Capt. Richard White, the TSS 2019 committee chair, said Secretary of the Navy Rich   usni 

"had planned to buy the first of its new class of large surface combatant in is looking at award   usni 

Trump Withdraws Patrick Shanahan from Consideration for SECDEF Job   usni 

The signature aspect of it, what does that do to the shaping of deckhouse hull form. I will tell you, not to predi   usni 

Some great ideas for updating US force posture & readiness in Indo-Pacific theater from @DEricSayers here   warontherocks 

Reliable advice from David Barno & @norabensahel in @WarOnTheRocks ... altho the idea that military politicization   warontherocks 


Word! The Increasingly Dangerous Politicization of the U.S. Military @WarOnTheRocks   warontherocks 

The Trump administration has made a number of strong statements about the need for the United States   warontherocks 

A structural shift is not in sight, at least not yet. Endorsing two projects theoretically incompatible is simply   warontherocks 

Jon Alterman joins the WarCast @WarOnTheRocks to discuss Iranian aims and the risks of miscalculation. Listen to po   warontherocks 

This seems conclusive. But it's hard not be a bit sceptical when US   usni 

Did you know the #MillenniumFalcon was based on the B-29 Superfortress bomber? #GeorgeLucas was inspired by all kin   aviationist 

After a fatal police shooting of an armed suspect wanted for attempted murder lead to massive rioting in Memphis, t   tactical-life 

Canada, Japan navies enhance interoperability in South China Sea   janes 

India's defence industry boosts `IP culture'   janes 

Time to once again remind @teamtrace of the politicians it represents   nraila 

Thank you !   nraila 



Viking Air, founded by Norwegian-born Canadian, is still producing Twin Otter, introduced in 1960s by the defunct d   janes 

Despite the ups and downs since the early '90s, Colt has remained an iconic brand most gun enthusiasts want to see   gunsandammo 

Gun Gear of the Week: 4 AIWB Holsters Tested   americanrifleman 

Loading this baby up with Full-metal-jacketed 7.92x57mm cartridge that makes the MG42 run like the day it was made   americanrifleman 

Superb article by friends @DWBarno76 and @norabensahel.   warontherocks 

Recent events suggest that the Hong Kong government is, in fact, at the highest levels, wholly beholden to Beijing   warontherocks 

Via @warontherocks Left unchecked, this trend may gravely endanger the military's ability to give trusted advice to   warontherocks 

The nation's elected leaders in the White House and Congress must fully trust that the advice they get from milita   warontherocks 

Give our article on this in @WarOnTheRocks   warontherocks 

Former USS Fitzgerald CO Outlines Defense in Rebuttal to SECNAV   usni 

T-AH 20 departed Naval Station Norfolk,Va., for a five-month deployment to provide medical assistance   usni 

STRATEGY   usni 


KEY. MARITIME. TERRAIN. ⁦@WWATMD⁩ ⁦@teaandtactics⁩ Concentrate the Fleet A.T.-Mahan-Style   usni 

Conform to that which the opening of war requires   usni 

Sorry but get your head out of the sand   shtfplan 

Like these upstanding anti-rights Democrats?   nraila 

If by ASuW   janes 

Shanahan out, US Army secretary tapped to head Pentagon @USArmy   janes 

Philippines seeks new LPDs optimised for assault craft operations   janes 


Colombia is still flying upgraded ex-Israeli Cub Lions, with 40 years guarantee, that intercepted Tu160 from Venezu   janes 

Feature, not a bug - NZ Cops: No Registration Makes Rounding Up Guns Difficult via @BearingArmsCom   bearingarms 

Gun Hobbyists: Make Room at the Table   americanrifleman 

Good, but does not mention the German military's penchant for formalism or tendency to find excuses for inaction.,   warontherocks 


This post from @NavalInstitute Blog raises some interesting points. And it includes a widers discussion of Mahan's   usni 

Too much lies in series:   usni 

proposes another 8% increase in defence spending   janes 

Bangladesh Navy receives final two Chinese-made Type C13B corvettes @theBDnavy   janes 

Udaloy destroyer modernised for land-attack mission   janes 

WarCast with @ALanoszka: Russia condemns the U.S. announcement of adding 1,000 U.S. troops into #Poland. Get the de   warontherocks 

Interesting long read; Explaining the Poverty of Germany's Strategic Debate @WarOnTheRocks   warontherocks 

"Only one month after signing on to China's Belt and Road Initiative, Italy welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo   warontherocks 

The next US leader will be responsible to prepare for the No1 threat facing US   warontherocks 

Read with awe the first two sentences of this editorial:   warontherocks 

The co-author, Mark Montgomery, was born in Yokosuka and commanded a Task Force here   warontherocks 

Repercussions of politicizing the military are enormous because they fundamentally threaten the future effectivenes   warontherocks 


Industrial production has already begun   janes 

deepens defence trade ties in Scandinavia   janes 

2019: Spain officially joins Franco-German FCAS/SCAF project   janes 

2019: full-scale mock-up of Turkish Fighter unveiled   janes 

"The free world knows, out of the bitter wisdom of experience, that vigilance and sacrifice are the price of libert   warontherocks 

If the U.S. makes concerted posture investments in the coming years in these three areas, it will do much to restor   warontherocks 

Interesting - US Staff Officer at German National General and Admiral Staff Officer Course - Explaining the Poverty   warontherocks 

This is an interesting article if China-US trade is your thing   warontherocks 

Very interesting article by US Army Officer on Germany's strategic debate, which holds relevance for other countrie   warontherocks 

"New imagery released by the U.S. on Monday makes the strongest case yet that sectarian Iranian forces attacked at   usni 

Is it ironic that Soros is funding much of the illegal migrant caravans invading the U.S., and also funded his Cong   shtfplan 

Russian Udaloy destroyer modernised for land-attack mission   janes 

Sweden set to test `Double Stirling' AIP plant   janes 

courtesy of janes defense   janes 

If U.S. leaders fail to articulate the benefits of the international system that has served the U.S and allies so w   warontherocks 

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