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All Most Wanted - Los Angeles Police Department  lapdonline 

Check Out The Photographs Of This Belgian F-16 Sporting A Pretty Unusual, Special “Rusty” Tiger Tail – The Aviationist   aviationist 

Guatemala Presidential Candidate Solicited Sinaloa Cartel for Campaign Cash: US   insightcrime 

Internal NRA Memos Reveal Hidden Payments to Enrich Top Executives   thetrace 

Man Uses AK-47 Against 5 Home Invaders, Killing 3 And Injuring 2 – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

Gun Control Group Can Help You Find Pro-Gun Bank   bearingarms 

How A Talk With High Schoolers Revealed The Truth About Kids And Guns   bearingarms 

Opioid Epidemic: Doctors Charged In 7 States For Prescribing Big Pharma Painkillers   shtfplan 

Poll Shows Parents Think Schools Unsafe, Media Accepts No Blame   bearingarms 

Multi-Million Dollar Settlement Reached Over Negligent Gun Sales   bearingarms 

Trump tweets 'game over' as Mueller report comes out - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

It’s a Good Day For Liberty   zelmanpartisans 

The War on Guns: Fairfax Under Fire   waronguns 

7 Revelations From Our Investigation Into the NRA’s Shady Finances   thetrace 

How to Make Your Haircut Last Longer   artofmanliness 

Vote on the Top 10 aircraft of the Royal Navy   hushkit 

NRL’s LARADO Project Hopes To Track Tiny Space Debris   breakingdefense 

How to Prepare For A Red Flag Confiscation Order At Your House - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Americans Are Financially And Mentally Unstable: Crippling Debt Is Linked To Chronic Depression   shtfplan 

This Kind Of Thing Is Just Not Who We Are   westernrifleshooters 

WWII medic meets survivor he helped rescue from a train to Auschwitz   stripes 

Hill airmen take F-35s to Middle East for first time - Air Force - Stripes   stripes 

Pantsless Intruder Found in Girl's Bedroom Gets Shot Six Times - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Army Tells Shoddy Suppliers: Shape Up   breakingdefense 

National Guard Will Get Black Hawk Replacement Early: Army Vice-Chief   breakingdefense 

The power of symbols   triggerfinger 

The Obama Administration's SpyGate involvement   triggerfinger 

Outrage over Effort to Identify Former WA Bump Stock Owners - TheGunMag - The Official Gun Magazine of the Second Amendment FoundationTheGun   thegunmag 

Feeling Restless? Here's a Simple Cure   artofmanliness 

The War on Guns: What a Coincidence!   waronguns 

All about kids - TheGunMag - The Official Gun Magazine of the Second Amendment FoundationTheGunMag – The Official Gun Magazine of the   thegunmag 

On Knife Sharpening...   defensivetraininggroup 

Is it the rule of law or rule of the elite?   triggerfinger 

Key dates in the Mueller investigation - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Tennessee County Votes To Become Gun Sanctuary   bearingarms 

Solar Storm Alert: Earth To Be Bombarded By Solar Particles In A Few Days   shtfplan 

WANTED: Richards, Wayne Chin - Los Angeles Police Department   lapdonline 

Quote of the daytom‏ @itscaptainwow   joehuffman 

A civil rights victory   saysuncle 

Is the NRA in trouble?   saysuncle 

And how many bump stocks?   saysuncle 

Goose egg   saysuncle 

Choosing a Holster Material: Leather or Not?   usacarry 

On Anniversary of Columbine, FASTER Saves Lives Reaches Critical Milestone   buckeyefirearms 

TRAVELING   backwoodshome 

RETAILERS: Use this guide to determine if your FFL location is a hard target for thieves   nssf 

Aesop: Range Report I – Ruger PC9 Carbine   westernrifleshooters 

Zero Standard-Capacity Mags Surrendered To NJ State Police   westernrifleshooters 

- New legislation would recognize nine more diseases caused by Agent Orange #VietnamWar   stripes 

Tokyo eyes nearby US air base for handling flights during Olympics   stripes 

How the Navy’s top commander botched the highest-profile investigation in years - Navy - Stripes   stripes 

William Barr Doubles Down in his Support for Gun Control   gunowners 

Interview With Survivorman Les Stroud   artofmanliness 

MBDA discloses development of SPEAR variants   janes 

Podcast #296: How to Find Your Life's Purpose   artofmanliness 

Meet Captain the cat: An Air Force unit's beloved mascot and mouse fighter - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Mueller report: Trump tried repeatedly to choke Russia probe - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

VA secretary has begun planning budget cuts requested by Trump - Veterans - Stripes   stripes 

Your Brain Needs Animal Fat -   alloutdoor 

72-Year-Old Woman Shoved, Shot at, Stolen From in Home Invasion -   alloutdoor 

Field knife perfection: a review of the Case/Winkler Hambone -   alloutdoor 

The Henry Repeating Arms American Eagle Lever Action -   alloutdoor 

How to Escape and Evade a Tracker   artofmanliness 

Writer Thinks Our Rights Aren't Good Reasons To Oppose Gun Laws   bearingarms 

NZ Website Freaks Over 'Version' Of Christchurch Killer's Gun   bearingarms 

Malaysia looks to exchange palm oil for materiel   janes 

Mosin Nagant Rifle Chambered in .22lr From Keystone Sporting ArmsThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

American Handgunner Taurus Tracker 692… - American Handgunner   americanhandgunner 

Army Considers Additional Multi-Factor Authentication Measures   militaryspot 

“Gun control” for dummies   backwoodshome 

RETAILERS: Before you move closer to executing a lease for your storefront, get some professional help.   nssf 

Top New Turbofan Engine to Power China's Carrier-Based Stealth Fighters: Specialist   defense-aerospace 

China Unveils 'Marine Lizard' Amphibious Assault Drone Amid S China Sea Tensions   defense-aerospace 

Buckeye Firearms Association | Defending Your Firearm Rights   buckeyefirearms 

Hatespeech via @wordpressdotcom   westernrifleshooters 

Mother Teresa at the airport, 1984 - From the Archives - Stripes   stripes 

Damage-control training takes on new meaning after deadly collisions   stripes 

Some colleges receiving the most GI benefits spend the least on educating veterans, report says - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Why the Boeing 737 Max software fix is taking so long - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

-( for Dummies.   ammoland 

McConnell proposes raising minimum age to buy tobacco products, citing vaping epidemic - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Did the Colorado Firearms Dealer Violate Federal Law When Sol Pais Purchased a Shotgun? - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Goodbye, Jeff and Tina: Cyber Awareness Challenge ditches beloved-but-corny characters - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Here are Both Sides of the PRIME/RUAG Dispute - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

'I’m having a good day,' Trump says at wounded warrior event following release of Mueller report - Stripes   stripes 

Tours to Korean border area likely to resume soon on southern side, UNC says   stripes 

Kremlin says Kim Jong Un will visit Russia this month   stripes 

A&E Launches Reality Show Highlighting Police Owned Tattoo Shop - Law Officer   lawofficer 

Two Different Americas - Law Officer   lawofficer 

Gun Owners of America Funds Challenge to National Firearms Act in U.S. Supreme Court   gunowners 

Leather or Kydex? Picking the Right Holster -The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Citigroup CEO: We’re not attacking Second Amendment rights! - GunsAmerica Digest   gunsamerica 

YHM Modular Aluminum Rifle Chassis -The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Concealed Carry Corner: Dressing For CCW As A Young Shooter -The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

TFB Review: Smith & Wesson Performance Center 629 Competitor .44 MagThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Federal Agents Crack Down on Illegal Glock Machine Gun Kits   gunsamerica 

Smith & Wesson Sigma SW9VE - $200 Glock -The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Desert Tech .308 MDRs Now Shipping with 2019 Upgrades -The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

‘Volunteer’ Inmate Program Highlights Brazil Prison Crisis   insightcrime 

'Bad Apple' Gun Dealers Go Unpunished Due to Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act   thetrace 

I Shot Myself in the Head and Survived   thetrace 

Argentina organized crime news   insightcrime 

Opinión: Así sería un mercado legal para la cocaína   insightcrime 

10 Essential Facts About Guns and Suicide   thetrace 

Video: Bowhunter Stays Frozen While Cow Elk Gets Up Close & Personal   outdoorhub 

Neighbor Breaks Into 12-Year-Old Girl’s Room, Undresses, Then Receives Multiple Lead Deposits From The Mother’s Boyfriend –   concealednation 

Pentagon Builds Mega-Database For Spectrum & Electronic Warfare   breakingdefense 

Check Out Avian's Rundown Turkey Pack -   alloutdoor 

New CZ Scorpion Goodies from Magpul   recoilweb 

SDA’s Kennedy: Cislunar Space The Next Military Frontier   breakingdefense 

3D Print Your Own Glock Pistol   recoilweb 

Sarah Mac testing out the Magpul Bipod fully extended. Available at and a big thanks to them for send   brownells 

One In Three Democrats Support Second Amendment Repeal   bearingarms 

Albania to receive surplus US Black Hawks   janes 

Brazil eyes first MANSUP missile acquisition   janes 

Turkey advances Anka-Aksungur MALE UAV development   janes 

A CBD-Infused Burger Is Being Tested By Carl's Jr. On 4/20   shtfplan 

IAF inaugurates repair and overhaul facility for Mi-17-V5 helos   janes 

Ukraine develops new command vehicle   janes 

Turkey positions Type 209, 214 submarines for Indonesia's third Nagapasa batch   janes 

Ex-DEA Agent Blames Congress And Drug Industry For Opioid Crisis   shtfplan 

Bitcoin Will Be The "Escape Hatch" During Imminent Global Recession   shtfplan 

Saab delivers radar equipment to Pakistan Air Force   janes 

Men's Cologne: How to Buy and Wear Fragrances   artofmanliness 

New efforts mean a crash course in #Italian traffic tickets for some servicemembers   stripes 

Talks between #Afghanistan leaders and Taliban insurgents canceled   stripes 

NASA's first female astronaut candidate, Jerrie Cobb, dies   stripes 


Outgoing commanding officer says Groton sub base will have 'solid and enduring' impact on area - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Month of the Military Child 2019 - Promotion Rules - Stripes   stripes 

Grand jury dismisses assault charge against Army sergeant in road rage case - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Navy helicopter crew rescues two stranded fishermen near Guam   stripes 

Canadian troops in Bahrain bust drug runners on the 'hash highway'   stripes 

2nd ID uses updated Army Combat Fitness Test in Best Warrior Competition   stripes 

are bringing more air power than ever to annual training in #Australia   stripes 

Okinawa police: Sailor who stabbed woman in apparent slaying-suicide had a history of domestic violence - Pacific - Stripes   stripes 

Coast Guard cutter stops in Hong Kong weeks after sailing Taiwan Strait - Pacific - Stripes   stripes 

Air Force Ospreys make first-ever stopover in Vietnam   stripes 

Marines travel to Japan to earn martial-arts teaching credentials - Pacific - Stripes   stripes 

Homemade Sub-Machine Guns in Australia - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 


'Speculation [...] appears unfounded'   stripes 

Cyclone survivors in Zimbabwe burn church pews to keep warm - Africa - Stripes   stripes 

Trump set to become first world leader to greet new Japanese emperor   stripes 

Serbia seeks greater Russian role in talks with Kosovo - Europe - Stripes   stripes 

Coast Guard offloads seized drugs worth $62.5 million   stripes 

Corrections Sergeant's Daily Kit: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Great News, Great News, Great News! Check out the new announcement by   policeone 

Choate Introduces the C Mod Modular Chassis Stock for Remington Pattern Bolt Action Rifles - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Trigger Terminology 101: What's Stacking? Over-Travel? Slack? - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Sen. Graham rejects GOP Benghazi report as ‘garbage’ - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Honor Flight 'trip of your lifetime' brings St. Louis area veterans to Washington - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

airman arrested in suspected drunken-driving crash that injured two   stripes 


Military academies begin to follow military transgender ban   stripes 

Everyday Carry - 40/M/Sydney/Director - Daily Work Kit   everydaycarry 

Bipartisan Group of Senators Aims to Fully Support the Land and Water Conservation Fund, The White House Proposes Gutting the Fund   outdoorlife 

Rugged, Accurate, and Easy to Use: Leupold’s New Freedom RDS - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Pentagon confirms North Korean weapons test as Pyongyang demands Pompeo's removal from nuclear talks - Stripes   stripes 

Cuomo: NY to waive tuition for fallen servicemembers' kids - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

So sad for his family   stripes 

The Violent Left Says They Want a Civil War: Antifa Forming A 'Red Army' - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

The 10 Guns You Should Never Sell No Matter What - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Purple heart veteran accused of murder suffered brain injury in Afghanistan - Veterans - Stripes   stripes 

Kremlin says Kim Jong Un will visit Russia this month - Stripes   stripes 

Village of Deerfield Appeals Guns Save Life's Win In Blocking Gun, Magazine Ban - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 


Pentagon establishes panel to probe Defense Department’s handling of sexual assault cases - Stripes   stripes 

Former official conned NASA-funded lab into paying for trips to see prostitutes and escorts, feds say - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Iran flies domestically made fighter jets to mark Army Day - Middle East - Stripes   stripes 

Update: New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. NYCThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

POTD: Norwegian Home Guard during Joint Viking -The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

This isn't just about guns at the 2A & Americans are ignoring that part It's crazy! Its about the whole Bill Of Rig   gunsamerica 

"Constitutional carry legislation does not make it lawful for prohibited persons, including those adjudicated ment   gunsamerica 

You @QJames edit what others say   gunsamerica 

The work and books of Cal Newport are enlightening on this issue   artofmanliness 

A Place for Pleats   artofmanliness 

ACLU Backs NRA, Files Brief Condemning New York Gov. Cuomo - GunsAmerica Digest   gunsamerica 

101 Style Tips for Men   artofmanliness 


On the one hand this is a horrible invasion of privacy, but on the other hand   ar15 

To Be or To Do: John Boyd's Roll Call   artofmanliness 

Levi Strauss CEO Goes Full Anti-Gun, Paying Employees to 'Volunteer' for Gun-Control Organizations - GunsAmerica Digest   gunsamerica 

Alabama Supporters of Constitutional Carry Have ‘Mental Problems,’ Says Lawmaker - GunsAmerica Digest   gunsamerica 

Gird Up Your Loins: An Illustrated Guide   artofmanliness 

Mike Zunino is a Strong DFS Play and Yelich is One to Fade -   scout 

The Golden Age of the Bachelor   artofmanliness 

Does Coconut Fried Fish sound like a delicious dinner for your next #campingtrip? We thought so! ➡️ @Cabelas Recipe   cabelas 

I *need* a tiny cannon for tiny cannon reasons. This one shoots .50 caliber balls!   cabelas 

First came the explosion. Then the cover-up. Looking back on the USS Iowa disaster, 30 years later   taskandpurpose 

Bird droppings on your car are bad, but they're nothing compared to wet cement. Farmers® has seen a motorist learn   cwbchicago 

Gunman Ambushes Off-Duty Officer At Home With His Wife And Children   defensemaven 


Acting SecDef Shanahan on the Mueller report: US has `tremendous capability' to counter Russian hackers   taskandpurpose 

Mayor Bans Police From Attending 'Warrior-Style' Training   defensemaven 

Erik Prince's secret Seychelles trip was actually an embarrassing failure, according to the Mueller report   taskandpurpose 

AUDIO: Monique Timeless |   cwbchicago 

Green Beret dies in off-duty boating accident   taskandpurpose 

'Homeland' Considers Classifying Fetanyl as WMD...   taskandpurpose 

Man Shot After Crawling Into 12-Year-Old Girl's Bedroom And Undressing   defensemaven 

Journalist Claims She Was Profiled, Assaulted By Cops, But Bodycam Shows Truth   defensemaven 

At 2:00 AM EDT, 2 S Camp Creek [Greene Co, TN] MESONET reports NON-TSTM WND GST of M56 MPH. CAMP CREEK MESONET SITE   cwbchicago 

VIDEO: Officer Mistakenly Shoots Suspect With Gun Instead Of Taser During Fight   defensemaven 

An organization comprised of hundreds of retired general officers is once again sounding the alarm on the state of   taskandpurpose 

Generals again warn that America's youth are getting too fat or dumb to join the military   taskandpurpose 

oooh this is REALLY GOOD   cwbchicago 

A New Film Reexamines The Haditha Massacre With Troubling Conclusions For The Corps   taskandpurpose 

Alright #XboxFanFest, site is live and ready for you! Let's rollout!   cwbchicago 

Your Friday history lesson: revisiting the USS Iowa incident after 30 years   taskandpurpose 

Don't they need more immigrants then?   taskandpurpose 

How to Protect the Admin Area of your WordPress Site   cwbchicago 

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