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Join Gun Owners of America  gunowners 

The Big Winner in Venezuela Elections? Organized Crime.   insightcrime 

GOA Puts Ryan on Notice; Betrayal of the 2nd Amendment Will Be Remembered On Election Day - Bullets First   bulletsfirst 

Las Vegas Massacre Survivor Abruptly Dies Just Days After Posting Eyewitness Account Of Multiple Shooters And Subsequent Cover-Up   shtfplan 

Unlucky Home Invader Shot Multiple Times In Chicago: Not All Homes Are Unarmed – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

The Vengeful Face of the Anti-gun Agenda Emerges Once Again Watch for #gunclasses availab   nraila 

Interesting Photo Shows US F-22 Raptor Landing At RAF Lakenheath With Open Missile Bay https://   aviationist 

December 17, 2004 - Rumsfeld to personally sign all condolence letters   stripes 

Someone Gave Iranian-Made Drones to Libya’s Tobruk Regime   warisboring 

Rheinmetall Rh4 - A brief look at an obscure Rheinmetall developed G3-derivative prototype.   historicalfirearms 

The Biggest Junior Rifle Program In The Smallest State In The Union #2A   nrablog 

FBI: 118 LEOs killed in line of duty in 2016   policeone 

Weinstein Doubles Down On Previous NRA Threat   bearingarms 

Former Trump Campaign Staffer Shot While Sleeping   bearingarms 

From the October issue: @MossbergCorp M590 Shockwave Review   americanrifleman 

India’s Missile Defenses Are Destabilizing the Scariest Arms Race on Earth   warisboring 

Mirage pilot, Part 1: Mirage versus Phantom   hushkit 

NRA Foundation #GivingTuesday Donations To Benefit NRA Youth Education Scholarship Fund #2A   nrablog 

108 U.S F-35s Won’t Be Combat-Capable   warisboring 

Ex-DEA Agent Blames Congress And Drug Industry For Opioid Crisis   shtfplan 

Russian, Syrian jets seen at eastern bases   janes 

Gun Control And The Southern Border   bearingarms 

The Man Obama Rescued: Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Pleads Guilty to...   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

Guess What NFL Players Are NOW Supposedly 'Protesting' - What A Crock Of Crap   clashdaily 

Massive WiFi Flaw Affects All Connected Devices: 'You Have To Wonder If It Was Corrupted On Purpose'   shtfplan 

Mogadishu Truck Bomb Kills 300, In Worst Terror Attack On Somalia   shtfplan 

10 Reasons to Oppose Ban   gunowners 

US Deploys Special Forces "Decapitation" Team To South Korea   shtfplan 

China's Plot to Deploy Army Against North Korea Could Start WW3   shtfplan 

Yellowstone Super Volcano: We May Have Far Less Advance Warning Time Than We Thought   shtfplan 

Air Force bids farewell to last active-duty C-130H cargo plane   stripes 

New AR Optics Laser Sights From Bushnell - My Gun Culture   mygunculture 

Letter from Long Island. - White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, black on white crime.   whitegirlbleedalot 

All Federal Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional - Guns in the News   gunsinthenews 

Tick Tock – Black Man With A Gun ™   blackmanwithagun 

Study Finds Gun Control Supporters Less Likely To Contact Officials   bearingarms 

Awkward: Compilation Video of Celebrities Thanking Harvey Weinstein Goes Viral [WATCH]   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

Interesting Photo Shows F-22 Raptor Landing At RAF Lakenheath With Open Missile Bay aircraft   aviationist 

Field Tested: Identilock Bio-Metric Trigger Lock   americanrifleman 

Why It's So Hard to Leave El Salvador's Gangs: An Interview With José Miguel Cruz   insightcrime 

NRAstore Product Highlight -- @NRA Defender #CCW Jacket:   nrablog 

North Korea says ‘a nuclear war may break out any moment’ - Pacific - Stripes   stripes 

Detroit Concealed Carry Permit Holder Shoots Armed Robber   personaldefenseworld 

Legal Screw-Up Hoses Indiana Rifle Hunters   bearingarms 

I have a story in the new Predator anthology. Samurai vs. Predator. – Monster Hunter Nation   monsterhunternation 

The Spiritual Disciplines: Solitude and Silence   artofmanliness 

PHOTOS: Here's PROOF Pets DO Look Like Their Owners - Please Forward To Hillary   clashdaily 

Spokane Police Adopt Rifle Suppressors to Curb Hearing Damage - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Police Corruption Scandals Hit Well-Regarded Forces in Ecuador, Chile   insightcrime 

Video: CA Deputies Rescue Disabled Woman from Wildfire   policemag 

But, I Don’t Need to Filter My City Water….   thesurvivalistblog 

Introduces 10/110 Stealth Evolution #Rifle ±   americanrifleman 

What Science Says About What You Feel When You Shoot   bearingarms 

Oil-rich Kirkuk now center of dispute among US-backed forces representing #Iraq's govt, Iraqi #Kurds   stripes 

Gold Star mother drives fallen son's truck from California to Fort Benning - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Trump Admin Declares It's Position On When 'Life Begins' - MANY Will Not Like This   clashdaily 

The Right Side of Us - TheGunMag - The Official Gun Magazine of the Second Amendment FoundationTheGunMag – The Official Gun Magazine o   thegunmag 

Al Qaeda Affiliated Group Kills 276 in Somalia   battleswarmblog 

The Resurgence of Rimfire Ammo, The World's Best Training Tool:   nrablog 

What The Harvey Weinstein Case Can Teach Us About Guns ... & Power   clashdaily 

Search resumes for body of missing NY police diver   policeone 

Girl Gets SICK Of Being Catcalled, Starts Taking Pics With Pervs, The Photos Are FRIGHTENING   clashdaily 

Army Accelerates Armor: Stryker, Trophy, MPF Race To Field   breakingdefense 

Pencil Sharpeners, Fires and innovative approaches: Weekly Review and Instructional   thesurvivalistblog 

EPA to Curb Legal Settlements With Environmentalists   courthousenews 

Now Available: Custom Brownells Glock Gen3 Drop-In Slides   personaldefenseworld 

Magpul's New MLOK Extended Cantilever Scout Mount - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

COPSS in Class - Law Officer   lawofficer 

Air Force Academy probes alleged cheating, athlete misconduct - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

America's Department of Defense Paid the NFL for What? ...   clashdaily 

Octopus skin holds promise as combat camouflage model of the future   stripes 

WONDER WOMAN: If You Think Your Month SUCKED - Look What She Went Through!   clashdaily 

Bergdahl enters guilty plea to desertion, misbehavior charges without plea deal - Stripes   stripes 

Lone NJ Man Gets Second Amendment Case To the Supreme Court, Will They Hear it?   ammoland 

BIRD details African ASIO project   janes 

STIGMERGIC LEARNING AND GLOBAL GUERRILLAS - Global Guerrillas   globalguerrillas 

Voters Accuse Georgia of Racial Gerrymandering   courthousenews 

The IMI Magal .30M1 carbine reloaded - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Uronen Precision Secondary Sight Mount for the C-More RTS2 - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Review of the Precision Rifle 1 Class at the Blue Steel Ranch – Monster Hunter Nation   monsterhunternation 

Recoil Mechanics -- How To Manage Recoil and Be Accurate:   nrablog 

FBI: Felonious Deaths of Officers Spiked 61% in 2016   policemag 

Custom Tactical ID Patches - Products   policemag 

Video: Minneapolis Police Lieutenant Sues Mayor for Defamation   policemag 

Video: TX Fast Food Worker Fired for Refusing to Serve Officers   policemag 

CHP Officer Works Overtime During Fire Disaster to Help Her Napa Neighbors   policemag 

Puerto Rico struggles with massive environmental crisis - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Slain NOPD cop used ECD on suspect, warrant says   policeone 

Okla. cop shares sandwich with homeless man   policeone 

VA proposes Choice program overhaul that eliminates 30-day/40-mile rule   stripes 

PICTURED: Bro Photoshop's Himself Into Celebs' Lives And It's HILARIOUS   clashdaily 

Charlottesville Lawsuit Claims 2nd Amendment Does Not Protect Militias?   ammoland 

SLATE & Brady Campaign Employee Argue, Two Guns Per Person Limit   ammoland 

Colin Kaepernick Claims All 32 NFL Teams are 'Conspiring Against Him'   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

Carpe Tiempo: Seize The Time - Law Officer   lawofficer 

The @SecretService has issued a RFP for a new 5.56x45mm rifle.   tactical-life 

Italy to Transfer Beretta AR70/90s to Albania - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Illinois School District, Coach Blamed for Ex-Player’s Brain Injury   courthousenews 

Here's Why You Shouldn't Be Browsing Without A VPN   crimewatchdaily 

Trial for Oklahoma daycare owner accused in death of a baby is expected to begin this week   crimewatchdaily 

BTW, he probably would thought you should STAND!   stripes 

US Sen. John McCain receives Liberty Medal from Joe Biden - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Driver of deadly immigrant smuggling run pleads guilty - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Why police officers need to fess up when they mess up   policeone 

Trump: Cuba 'is responsible' for attacks on US personnel - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Yo, 'Press Corpse' Get a Sense of Humor   clashdaily 

Anthem Protests Extend To HS Game - Look At Their 'Reasons' To Whiz On Our Flag   clashdaily 

Shooting Sports will be part of Paris 2024 Olympic Games - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

TX Chief: If Your Business Doesn’t Want Police as Customers, Let Us Know   policemag 

National Bans on Online Ammo Sales, Magazines Introduced in House   range365 

Should You Modify Your Concealed Carry Handgun?   usacarry 

Photos: One Final Hunt for Quebec Caribou   outdoorlife 

Video: Texan Calls His Shot Like 'Babe Ruth' Then Smashes Clay With a Golf Ball   outdoorhub 

Deadly Overconfidence: Trump Thinks Missile Defenses Work Against North Korea, and That Should Scare You   warontherocks 

Everyone, Not Just the Military, Has a Duty to Keep the Peace - War on the Rocks   warontherocks 

Field Staff Receives Fundraising Ammo From @DanielDefense:   nrablog 

Oath Keepers need your help in Puerto Rico!   oathkeepers 

Dear America: The FBI Has Bill & Loretta's Tarmac Docs - Here's 9 Things You NEED To Know   clashdaily 

Global War on Terrorism memorial dedicated in emotional ceremony at National Infantry Museum - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Officials: Man who died from self-inflicted gunshot wound after chase was Fort Hood soldier - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Everyday Carry - 31/M/Saint Petersburg, Russia/IT Engineer - My gentleman EDC   everydaycarry 

US says airstrikes killed "dozens" of ISIS militants in Yemen - Middle East - Stripes   stripes 

Colo. K-9s make a splash with fundraising calendar   policeone 

Hillary—The Sociopath Who Would Be President   clashdaily 

Mcusta MC-7 “Take” Damascus Knife   everydaycarry 

Everyday Carry - Brunei /Safety Coordinator - Something new. Something is forever   everydaycarry 

Iraqi forces push into disputed Kirkuk as Kurds withdraw - Middle East - Stripes   stripes 


How good crime scene photos help tell the story of the incident   policeone 

Trump voters confront climate change in wake of hurricane - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Did he or didn't he? No clarity on Catalan independence bid - Europe - Stripes   stripes 

Unintended consequences of technology in policing   policeone 

Japanese court awards residents $5.4 million over Yokota aircraft noise   stripes 

Houses spared by massive fires bring joy and sense of loss - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Watch: Al Sharpton's Epic Fails When Reading Teleprompter Will Have You Rolling With Laughter, 'The Thigh (Thai) Militarty'   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

What Should I Practice? - Law Officer   lawofficer 

Chew Out in Private - Law Officer   lawofficer 

Secret Service Seeking New Rifle - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Quarter Circle 10 - QC5 Receiver set for MP5 9 mm magazines - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Australian Glock 17A Imported to the United States - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 


No permit needed   newyorkcityguns 

We need to change their mindset and get them armed. What do you think?   keepandbeararms 

Why Bump Fire Stocks Were Approved   onlygunsandmoney 

The 2018 California Senate Race Will Be Interesting   onlygunsandmoney 

What a Difference Two Years Make   nypdconfidential 

Flake Stance on Immigration Undoes ‘Good’ Gun Voters Work   ammoland 

Bomb kills journalist who exposed Malta's ties to tax havens - Europe - Stripes   stripes 

Everyday Carry - 28/M/Canakkale, Turkey/Oceangoing Deck Officer - Ready to Ride ???   everydaycarry 

Mandalay Bay Shooting Response: Time for a Justice Department Investigation Mandalay   thetruthaboutguns 

15 attorneys general oppose Trump transgender military ban - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

NJ man convicted in NY bombing that injured 30   policeone 

Klarus XT12S Tactical Extended Reach Flashlight   everydaycarry 


Daimler to recall over 1 million cars over faulty wiring - Europe - Stripes   stripes 

Judge refuses to throw out case against Sen. Bob Menendez - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

UK said to see Brexit breakdown without EU compromise - Europe - Stripes   stripes 

Supreme Court won’t hear USS Cole case challenge to Guantanamo war court - Stripes   stripes 

Everyday Carry - 33/M/High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire/Interior fitter - Brass and green!   everydaycarry 

Democrat's Strange Bedfellows   ammoland 

Negligent Discharges During Training   usacarry 

3 Sleeper States for the Traveling Goose Hunter   outdoorlife 

The Best Gear For The Hardcore Carnivore Hunter   gunsandammo 

Shall-Issue #ConcealedCarry Coming Soon to #WashingtonDC, a huge win for the Second Amendment: #   nraila 

Defeat as Victory? How the Islamic State Will Rely on Hijrah to Claim a Win   warontherocks 

Bergdahl pleads guilty - Bring The HEAT   xbradtc 


Biker Bear says “F*** you!”   gunfreezone 

Ventura 10mm Lehigh 115gr Extreme Defense gel test and review - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Heckler & Koch successfully completes the capital increase for H&K AG - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Mnmlist Training Slings - Products   policemag 

Dove Four Ways: Recipes For Winged Game   recoilweb 

Rugo Mountable Rugged Light - Products   policemag 

New Series: The Ashley Update   recoilweb 

The War on Guns: Masters Explain Our Rights to Us   waronguns 

The War on Guns: Brady Campaign Political Corruption   waronguns 

The War on Guns: Search results for O'Reilly   waronguns 

The War on Guns: They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!   waronguns 

Traffic Stop Survival: Tips for Police Officers   bluesheepdog 


Should you carry OC spray? – Gun Nuts Media   gunnuts 

A look at Mauser's Trench Carbine submitted to the trials eventually won by the MP18,I   historicalfirearms 

Gun Review: Shooting the Versatile Ruger LCRx Revolver   personaldefenseworld 

Whales & Dolphins Have Rich, 'Human-Like' Societies, Study Finds   courthousenews 

Chelsea Bomber Convicted of September 2016 Explosions   courthousenews 

Justices Won't Review Florida Death-Penalty Cases   courthousenews 

The 21-Foot Rule: Why Is It Important?   shootingillustrated 

POTD: The Redeeming - Sci-Fi Revolver - The Firearm BlogThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Revolver Squib Loads | Active Response Training   activeresponsetraining 

Philippine military in push to defeat last Marawi fighters - Pacific - Stripes   stripes 

Video: Ariz. police fatally shoot armed suspect   policeone 

China's Xi looks to extend power at Communist Party congress - Pacific - Stripes   stripes 


Changing Demographics Add Further Evidence of Greatest Threat to Gun Owner Rights   ammoland 

U.S. Representative Ted Deutch: Why The Feds Should Ban 'High Capacity' Magazines - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Why firearms standardization puts police officers at risk   policeone 

WATCH: Donald Trump's "THE SNAKE" Video Is Going VIRAL in Europe (Guess Who HATES This?)   clashdaily 

3M Co. launches new Combat II Ballistic Helmet - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Sig Sauer Ammunition Factory, an Exclusive Look at the New AR Facility   ammoland 

NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch Moving Due to Anti-Gun Death Threats - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

The Brady Campaign Sues ATF Over 'Bad Apple' Gun Dealer Information - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

US delegation visits Turkey for talks following visa spat - Middle East - Stripes   stripes 

Pass Good Gun Laws and Prevent Bad Ones: Slow Down   ammoland 

Hunter-Conservationist Kristy Titus Nominated to Run for 2018 NRA Board of Directors   ammoland 

New Pulsar Locking QD Mount: The Best Just Got Better   ammoland 

Suspected US missiles kill 5 militants in NW Pakistan - Middle East - Stripes   stripes 

New Jersey man convicted in New York bombing that injured 30 - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

As Puerto Ricans flock to Florida, parties jockey for advantage - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

Who Are We, Good or Bad?   ammoland 

VIDEO: @USAirForce says sayonara to last active-duty #Hercules cargo plane   stripes 

Turkey could look for new partner if Russia does not transfer S-400 technology   janes 

Singer Kaya Jones Targets Hollywood Sex Abusers: "I Kept A Journal... With Timelines... There's More Than One Name"   shtfplan 

Hillary Collapses in UK   girlsjustwannahaveguns 

Investigations: The Oldest Profession - Law Officer   lawofficer 

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