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U.S. Marine AV-8B Harrier Crashes in North Carolina, Pilot Ejects. – The Aviationist  aviationist 

The fellas love Minneapolis because white people are so nice. A new podcast from Colin Flaherty. - White Girl Bleed a Lot, Knockout Game, bl   whitegirlbleedalot 

What was the fastest ever European aircraft — and why hasn’t its record been topped in half a century?   hushkit 

Venezuela Gang Muscles Into Trinidad and Tobago, Others May Follow   insightcrime 

Space Force: It’s Not Dead, But…   breakingdefense 

The War on Guns: How About Wrangling an Answer Out of Them First?   waronguns 

FBI tried to get Papadopoulos's wife to wear a wire?   triggerfinger 

US agrees to sell $600M in air-defense missiles to Japan and S. Korea   stripes 

Man Gets 33 Months For Stealing 55 Firearms   bearingarms 

Washington State Wants To Snatch Guns For WrongThink   bearingarms 

He Testified Against His Son, But Came to Blame the Gun   thetrace 

US Navy sails a vessel near contested South China Sea shoal for second time in a week - Pacific - Stripes   stripes 

Frightening Surveillance Video Shows Moment of Fiery Chinese JH-7 Impact. – The Aviationist   aviationist 

Boeing to offer AH-6i for Australian SOF role   janes 

- Special Forces soldiers parachute over #France's Mont Saint-Michel in honor of #WWII fighters   stripes 

V-280 Passes Key Agility Test: Bell   breakingdefense 

Oryx Blog: Libya Dawn going DIY: S-125 SAMs used as surface-to-surface missiles   oryx 

An unverified application submitted as verified to the FISA court   triggerfinger 

CDR Salamander: The Story of the Afghanistan Graphs   cdrsalamander 

Tourniquets, Chest Seals, and Pressure Dressings, Oh My!   mountainguerrilla 

There were no reports of civilian casualties or property damage   stripes 

US plans new antiterrorism training centers for Southeast Asia, East Africa   stripes 

Expect Return Of Oregon Anti-Gun Measure   bearingarms 

Media Latches Onto Allegations Of NRA Meddling In Sanctuary Movement   bearingarms 

Delivery of Russia's newest SSN delayed   janes 

Damen launches first of two corvettes for Pakistan Navy   janes 

Kids today   saysuncle 

That’s not the narrative   saysuncle 

Tactical face-palm   saysuncle 

Do you have Hank’s shotgun?   saysuncle 

Quote of the dayKshama Sawant   joehuffman 

NEW SIG Sauer Pistol: The P365XL Set To Ship In JuneThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

A Beginner Takes an Advanced Class and Tells the Tale   buckeyefirearms 

Survival Cooking: How to Cook with Sticks   outdoorlife 

15 Constellations Every Man Should Know (And How to Find Them)   artofmanliness 

The Best Way to Get Dressed   artofmanliness 

Angola receives all 12 Sukhoi fighters   janes 

"Tremor Bursts": Quakes You Can't Feel Being Recorded South Of Seattle   shtfplan 

India delivers first two Mi-24 attack helicopters to Afghanistan   janes 

Pittsburgh Police Vow Not To Enforce City's Illegal Anti-Gun Laws For Now   bearingarms 

How to Survive the Journey Ahead: A Graduation Message for a Terrifying Age   shtfplan 

China targets acquisitions of Croatian shipyards   janes 

7 Health Benefits of a Cold Shower   artofmanliness 

Men Without Chests   artofmanliness 

She Thought She’d Shot A Burglar. Then She Realized It Was Her Roommate.   thetrace 

Alcohol Abuse Is a Major Predictor for Gun Crime   thetrace 

accuses US of violating sovereignty by seizing cargo ship   stripes 

Moon, Abrams meet w/ other military leaders in show of alliance strength after NKorean missile tests   stripes 

HAC Stiffs New Commerce Bureau for Satellite Regulation   breakingdefense 

Waffle House Employee Fired for Firing a Warning Shot   usacarry 

Lasers on Concealed Carry Weapons   usacarry 

Review of Avian-X Rundown Sling Pack Turkey Hunting Pack -   alloutdoor 

BAE Makes Big Bet On Small Companies: FAST Labs   breakingdefense 

Acting SecAF & Roper Likely Head To Paris Show, With F-35A   breakingdefense 

Magazine Storage - Myths, Facts, and Commentary   usacarry 

Home Defense Full-Size Pistols: Considerations, Characteristics & Examples   usacarry 

The Enlightenment Arts of Prepping -   alloutdoor 

Indian Army seeking to increase number of officers   janes 

WARNING: Widespread Facial Surveillance is an "Imminent Reality"   shtfplan 

US Department of State approves possible sale of 160 additional AIM-120C-7 AMRAAMs to Japan   janes 

We Fly In The Douglas C-47 Skytrain and Learn Why The Dakota Remains Eternal – The Aviationist   aviationist 

Siemens unveils new FLEX PM modular submarine propulsion motors   janes 

Italian government expresses wish to conserve Piaggio Aerospace   janes 

Spain's Surge In Migrant Crime Is A Textbook Case Of Political Correctness Run Amok   shtfplan 

US Navy secretary says USN will soon be using unmanned systems for logistics   janes 

Russia to acquire more Su-57s and Mi-28NMs   janes 

Embraer’s Q1 losses grow in 2019   janes 

A very brief history of German stealth   hushkit 

Kick the tyres and light the fires.. pilots and their cliches   hushkit 

Stingbat LHX stealth helicopter: would it have worked in real life?   hushkit 

Loneliness at Mach 3: Interview with a MiG-25 Foxbat pilot   hushkit 

How to Smoke Baby Back Ribs   artofmanliness 

Army-funded Research Boosts Memory of AI Systems   militaryspot 

Army to Conduct Assessment of Alternate ACFT Events   militaryspot 

The gun manufacturers and dealers already have their own gun lobby.   nssf 

Recent school shooting doesn't fit media narrative   buckeyefirearms 

Germany Becomes First Government Customer for ACJ350   defense-aerospace 

Lone Star Gun Rights Sues Texas House Speaker Bonnen For Blocking Access to His Facebook Page - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Prosecutors: Michael Cohen campaign finance probe is active - U.S. - Stripes   stripes 

National Veterans Memorial and Museum will expand educational options   stripes 

In a first, US brigadier general named deputy commander of French armored unit   stripes 

A 'miracle' nearly 75 years later: French man whose American father fought in WWII finds family   stripes 

Home Invader Stabs Himself After Being Shot by Homeowner in Daughter's Bedroom [VIDEO] - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Aurora Package of Illinois Gun Control Laws Will be Heard Tomorrow - The Truth About Guns   thetruthaboutguns 

Gun Owners of America   gunowners 

NEW PISTOL: SIG Sauer Announces The P320 XFIVE LEGIONThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Plyometrics Workout For Beginners   artofmanliness 

Laugo Arms Releases New Footage on the ALIEN -The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

AR Slings - Single Point vs Two Point -The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Build Your Own Glock Part 2, The Glockinator -The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

NEW Power-Shok, Non-Typical & Fusion 350 Legend from FederalThe Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

POTD: Colourful Afghan National Army M16A2 -The Firearm Blog   thefirearmblog 

Daily Bulletin: Trayvon Martin's Mother Is Running for Office on a Gun Reform Platform   thetrace 

Plans for 3D-Printed Guns Are Still Accessible on Twitter and YouTube   thetrace 

NRA Punishes GOP Defectors in 2018 Candidate Ratings   thetrace 

These things are real. is not bliss   insightcrime 

WHERE is your Concealed Pistol License accepted?   usacarry 

Protests, Demonstrations, and CCW   usacarry 

Will Your Magazine Spring Weaken If Kept Loaded For Long Periods Of Time? – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

The Future of the Firearms Business   usacarry 

FN 509 Compact 9mm [FIREARM REVIEW]   usacarry 

Tips and Tricks for Buying Used Guns   usacarry 

HASC Chair Smith To White House: Forget Your Space Force   breakingdefense 

Pastor And Wife Take Down Burglar Together With Multiple Guns And Multiple Rounds – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

Loud Gun Rights Bumper Sticker Prompts Vehicle Break-In – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

Irresponsible Gun Owner Charged After 8-Year-Old Finds His Gun And Shoots His Mother – Concealed Nation   concealednation 

Raytheon Non-Lethal Heat Beam Tackles New Missions   breakingdefense 

2020 BUDGET: Airpower Wins Big; ‘Multi-Domain’ Emerges   breakingdefense 

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT)   survivalblog 

NEW: The Supreme Court WON'T hear an appeal by two NYPD officers seeking to avoid liabilities for using military-gr   courthousenews 

[Courthouse News USA]" Gym Reps "   courthousenews 

License Survives #Bankruptcy   courthousenews 

That's what happens when you have an fake narrative   concealednation 

5th Migrant Child Dies After Detention By Border Patrol   courthousenews 

So, how do your fellow citizens protect themselves against folks with guns who do not know how to   concealednation 

[Courthouse News USA]" Worries of Online Gambling Crackdown Spur States to Action "   courthousenews 

Turkey has been a key supplier of the Venezuela's military-run food program   warontherocks 

Food for thought from @WarOnTheRocks about who we recognize and how. In the past, Congress has directed   warontherocks 

Fully realized, the Army's concept of multi-domain operations could mature into a doctrine for joint operations, bu   warontherocks 

Yes, there is. As well as having some drawbacks since it can be very dangerous using reloaded ammunition   usconcealedcarry 

Sikorsky makes $1.1 billion deal with Navy for new heavy-lift helicopters #warisboring   warisboring 

report is right to call for a reassessment of Bronze Stars with combat 'V'. Heroism knows no rank,   warontherocks 

I know what I want for Christmas   tactical-life 

The new lightweight ODIN Works suppressor line delivers both direct thread and quick detach models in 5.56mm and 7   tactical-life 

Auto Industry Showing Cracks: Ford Begins Final Round Of Layoffs As Unsold Cars Keep Piling Up   shtfplan 

Trade War Tariffs Will Cost Americans $2000 Per Family: There Is Going To Be A Lot Of PAIN   shtfplan 

California: Firearm Excise Tax Bill Fails to Meet Fiscal Deadline While Other Gun Control Bills Move Forward   nraila 


Tubitak Bilgem invests in continuous wave laser technology   janes 

Looks like the cat is out of the bag! Info has been released on the new Sig Sauer P365 XL. Read more about it here   impactguns 

Image via Pixabay Gun control is touted as a solution to so-called gun violence on a daily basis. Entire presidenti   bearingarms 

Is Colorado Recall Attempt Dividing State GOP?   bearingarms 

NRA NRA_Rifleman: "As long as there is evil and oppression in the world, we will need riflemen."   americanrifleman 

Via @warontherocks "This is a critical distinction that ... political geography of human rights abuses has document   warontherocks 

These ships likely won't survive a missile hit. They likely were pork barrel projects to feed some lawmaker's flagg   usni 

SgtMjr. Black to head up Enlisted Ranks of the Marine Corps. And those Jr. Grade officers dumb enough to cross his   usni 

Subcompact Pistols for Summer Concealed Carry   usconcealedcarry 

multi-domain operations should not be seen as a set of aspirations, but as an enduring characteristic of warfare,   warontherocks 

Do not be so charmed by the so-called "shale revolution."   warontherocks 

"If we accept the proposition that America's security is tied to the welfare of its allies and partners, the United   warontherocks 


The new Bombshell just dropped   warontherocks 

Sweden's Defence Commission report underscores deterrent role of navy   janes 

Can we get sme help here? @realDonaldTrump   nraila 

looking for ways to fold #AI research into expeditionary manoeuvre, air, and ground reconnaissance technolo   janes 

I was reading some old posts about the no-longer-made, mercury-filled, Harrts Recoil Reducer for pistols   defensivecarry 

Impacting WI - Littoral Combat Ship Report to Congress   usni 

Hybrid airships are not the blimps of years ago. They have the potential to transform military logistics, command-a   usni 

Today on the @NavalInstitute Blog, Quadcopters in the   usni 

A decade after commissioning Hull-1 and ... "The second phase of upgrades could include backfits of ... an eight-ce   usni 

This is not the way to go in Libya   warontherocks 

In the last two decades, there have been relatively few awards issued for heroism. Why? @DWBarno76 and   warontherocks 

Cheap and effective - #drones of #MassDestruction : Drone Swarms and the Future of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biologica   warontherocks 


"Merely staying out of one another's way does not prevent the unnecessary duplication of capabilities and does not   warontherocks 

Read the latest by Strat Profs @DWBarno76 and @norabensahel in @WarOnTheRocks "The Other Stolen Valor: Unrecognized   warontherocks 

Translation from Army/USAF to Navy speak   warontherocks 

"What is new is the recognition of space and cyberspace as domains of warfare, where they were previously enablers   warontherocks 

A series of tactical events were carried out at Pratica di Mare airbase to show the ability of the Italian military   aviationist 

Second, previously unseen @USNavy McDonnell Douglas   aviationist 

Photos taken in the U.S. emerged on Facebook early this week of a new @USNavy McDonnell Douglas   aviationist 

A General Dynamics(now @LockheedMartin) F-16C Fighting Falcon of the South Dakota @AirNatlGuard 114th FW, Sioux Fal   aviationist 

here's what we wrote in a similar incident. It pretty much says it all   aviationist 

Nice shot of an F-22 escorting Russian Tu-95 off Alaska. Four Bear bombers escorted by Su-35s were intercepted by t   aviationist 

Boom Boom!   tactical-life 

Can You Outdraw an Attacker before he gets to you?   range365 


Lockheed Martin breaks ground on new JASSM-ER production facility @LockheedMartin   janes 

Differences between the F-16 Block 70 and the F-21 will include new large area cockpit display, advanced EW system   janes 

True Patriots STANDING UP for the People's Rights and the Constitution!   bearingarms 

Going down the Rabbit Hole of Alice in Wonderland politics is a dangerous game to play. And this doesn't solve anyt   bearingarms 

All they need to do is look at the war on drugs and how all the laws have "helped". They haven't. Now the states   bearingarms 

Let us all redouble our efforts at maximizing access to and advances in 3D printing technology. 3D printed equipmen   bearingarms 

This is why I don't live by Beliefs....nothing but shifting sands. This is an excellent example of shifting sands o   bearingarms 

The Men and Guns of Pointe Du Hoc   americanrifleman 

Product Preview: Hornady Kestrel 5700 Ballistics Weather Meter by @NRA_Rifleman   americanrifleman 

Basically we spent a fuck ton of money simulating a war with Iran and got absolutely rinsed in our own   warontherocks 

Interesting piece by @JJSchroden. Bottom line: the US military's decision to stop reporting on territorial control   warontherocks 

House Approps bill w/ great example of NDS/budget mismatch @MEaglen & I wrote about.   warontherocks 


Multi-domain operations - a concept which has taken various forms since 2016 - could go in one of the three directi   warontherocks 

What was old is now new   usni 

Our latest WOTR column sharing our thoughts on the striking lack of heroism awards in our p   warontherocks 

Why has the number of U.S. military awards for valor plummeted in the recent wars   warontherocks 

This is really interesting on several levels. Worth a read. Military Pressure and Body Counts in Afghanistan    warontherocks 

The highest rank that can be achieved by a specialist will be O-4, but the pilot's salary will increase with curren   warontherocks 

Responsible for multiple shots beyond two miles, Lauren Young explores why TACOMHQ and its collection of target acq   tactical-life 

Also, politicians who accept NRA money are not civil, nor are they humane   nraila 

Show Daily site   janes 

Greece receives 70 OH-58Ds and a Chinook from United States   janes 

Have these aircraft been lost operationally or simply become inoperative?   janes 

has delivered first two of four refurbished Russian-built Mil Mi-24 'Hind' attack helicopters it had promise   janes 


The first of two 2,300 ton corvettes on order for the #PakistanNavy has been launched at the facilities of Dutch s   janes 

Anti-gunners are fighting very hard to suspend 2nd Amendment rights without due process and anti-gun organizations   bearingarms 

If you've recently arrived on the shooting-sports scene, then a better understanding of the perks and limitations o   americanrifleman 

Paul D. Williams writes: For over a decade, a dozen states and multilateral organizations have invested considerabl   warontherocks 

My latest piece w/ @FWehrey alludes to this faction: "Khaled's unit, the 106th Brigade, has received high-end forei   warontherocks 

It's going to be very sad for the US families to US marines to to lose their loved ones to a lose-lose war   usni 

LOL. How long ago did the Marines cancel the EFV/AAAV?   usni 

Only found this articles   warontherocks 

Top 4 Concealed Carry Mistakes   usconcealedcarry 

Oh yes! A monster. Just found this article on them which is worth a read.   aviationist 

Unilateral Russian ceasefire announcement likely only affords temporary delay to Syrian government offensive in Idl   janes 

Germany reports record EUR47.32 billion defence budget   janes 

Seoul advances maritime helicopter procurement   janes 

Delete USAF references insert British Army. This from   warontherocks 

Since this article ran in March we've learned:   warontherocks 

ICYMI: Lincoln Strike Group and Kearsarge ARG Exercise Together Outside Persian Gulf   usni 

withdraws frigate from #US Gulf mission   janes 

NORAD F-16A crashes in California   janes 

The United States and China are headed for a cold war lite, says Minxin Pei. What does this exactly me   warontherocks 

My short essay for ⁦⁦@WarOnTheRocks⁩ looks at why the project to build the Somali National Army #SNA🇸🇴 has delivere   warontherocks 

Report to Congress on Littoral Combat Ship Program   usni 

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